He Makes Me Smile: 23 Signs You’re In The Right Relationship

Relationships are tricky in some way. Sometimes they are just too difficult to circumnavigate. Finding your way through a particular relationship could be a nightmare or a sweet experience.

He Makes Me Smile

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Some other times, you’ve been in one way too long to realize it’s not the right one for you – causing regrets. Sometimes you get so comfortable with unhappiness that you forget what happiness looks like, or don’t feel like you can do or deserve better.

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An abusive relationship becomes the norm and when you see a relationship without abuses and or fight, you wonder if that’s a good relationship. The deference between a good relationship and a bad one could be a tiny line.

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But when you’re in the right relationship, everything is different. The giggle the thought of him evokes, or the grin that comes up on your face is awesome. Your smiles are bigger, the sun shines brighter and even doing everyday chores becomes more enjoyable.

It’s good to have strong signs that you’re in the right relationship and it’s also good to have tasks that you can work on to improve your relationship. Don’t forget that relationships are partnership and you two must work daily to make your good relationship better – best. It should not be one-sided, else the person will be drained.

There’s nothing wrong in having thoughts like: “the man of my dreams is going to be the kind of guy who makes me smile all the time. What if he doesn’t make you smile all the time and yet he is the right one for you? How will you know he’s for you without all day smiles on your face like a puppet?

Hmm, I love to be happy, I want to be happy, and I want someone who loves life and love just as much as I do! Because of that, you imagine all possible scenarios and reasons your Mr perfect would always bring a smile to your face. It’s all good though.

For most ladies, since they’re not with the perfect guy, then they’ll keep imagining him until they find him – and that’s if they do. However, if you’re with a guy you truly care about, then here are all the things he should be doing to make you smile just by thinking about him. His body might not be that of john Rambo or John Cena of WWE. He might not have the look of Tom Cruise but he’s the right guy for a good and lasting relationship.

Either way, read on for telltale signs he’s the real deal:

So, here’s how you know you’re in a good relationship.

1. When he’s gone, he texts me.

You don’t need to know what he’s doing every second of the day.But a perfect guy would still leave a smile on your face by texting you when he’s out with the guys, at the office and or letting you know he’s thinking about you and misses you warmth presence. It’s important to let someone know they’re on your mind, especially when they’re out without you.

Trust is the most beautiful thing in the world, but gentle reminders of affection are just as beautiful and they definitely build stronger bond between partners. Texting is also important if one of your significant other love language is words of affirmation.

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2. He brings you take-out at the moment.

Moments are sweet memories enjoyed by both or either partner, but its’ best enjoyed together.If He brings you take-out without asking for it, is a good one. Especially if he knows you don’t enjoy cooking and you’ve had a long day at work, that would really make you smile.

3. He knows how to cheer you up.

Relationship is not always cozy and that’s why the right person in your life is important. You are in a relationship/partnership, hence the need to cheer each other up when the need arises. So, your perfect guy should know how to cheer you up and doing this will sure make you smile.

4. You spend time together doing what you both enjoy.

It’s awesome to do what he likes and it’s great to do what she likes. But what’s better is to find things you both like and to do them together. Some of those things you could do together includes: working out together, preparing dinner together, biking, baking for weekends, playing computer games, chess, and the list is endless. The most important thing here is to find a common ground on things you could do together and have fun while at it.

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5. He’s always there when you’re sick.

He’s sure going to make you smile when he’s willing to sacrifice his time to be there with you and make your meals when you’re sick. He doesn’t run away at the idea of a running nose or seeing you in your worse moments. He sticks around, he’s right by your side making sure you’re comfortable and ensuring you keep warm. In other words; He makes you smile because he takes good care of you when you need him the most.

6. You share a vision for your future together.

Ever met someone who just isn’t interested in settling down? If you’re dating this type of guy, you’re doing yourself no good. Except you’re into it for same reason of not ready to settle down and make your own family. In the right relationship both partners are passionate about a future together.

Though, while not everything lasts forever, it’s an established fact that partners who share a vision for their future are in a much better position than partners who don’t or worse, don’t even get to discuss the topic “future”. It’s like crossing the red sea to them or one of them.

7. Your friends and family love you together.

This point in particular is referred to as feedback. Every form of relationship needs feedback. Sometimes you might need to tell your friends and family to access him/both of you and some other times, not. But one of the easiest ways to know if you’re in the right relationship is the kind of feedback you get from friends and family. So it is important to pay rapt attention to them.

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8. He’s not afraid to make an idiot of himself/vulnerable.

Areal man can’t be stuck up. If he makes an idiot out of himself, he laughs it off and moves on fast. He doesn’t allow his errors or mistakes make him withdraw from his queen or allow his ego speak up that moment.

He’s not all about appearances and keeping up with the Kardashian or neighbors, he’s about being himself and sometimes does ridiculously stupid things. When you’re in a good relationship, your man will be vulnerable around you.

9. He’s got a sense of humor.

Any guy who’s got some sense of humor is sure to make most ladies smile. Playful teasing/joking is very important in a relationship and having a fun and happy relationship means having a good sense of humor from both parties.

10. He knows at least little details about you.

He should know the little things about you like how you like your coffee, how you like your rice cooked, what you’re allergic to, etc. Because it’s the little quirks that really make us who we are.

11. You both make each other better in some way.

His academic pursuits inspired you to further your own. Her love for workouts inspired you to start. It’s a back and forth of improving one’s self through the inspiration of the other. You make each other better, and that’s a good sign that you’re in the right relationship. No improvement spurred by your partner is a sign of lack of interest in the development of your partner.

12. He watches you when he doesn’t think you’re looking.

Your man would make you smile because he watches you when he doesn’t think you’re looking. You might be busy working or relaxing on the sofa and when you take a quick look at him, you see him smiling at you. That would definitely make any woman smile. It simply means you still fascinate him. It means you still interest him a great deal and that you’re still as important to him as ever before. This kind of love will leave a big smile on the face of any woman.

13. He’s nice to those around him.

To some ladies, being nice must be a part of your life style. There’re people who are just not nice to others. They don’t care about how people around them feel about anything. So, if you like your guy being nice, I’m sure this gesture will always make you smile.

14. You maintain self-identity.

When your partner encourages you to celebrate being you while he does the same will make you smile. And you both appreciate one another more for maintaining your self-identity. In the right relationship both partners are nurtured to continuously improve and develop their “person.”

15. You come first.

An ideal guy would put you first. You just become first in his life. Though this is not particular to the guys. Your significant other should come first if you claim to love them. Take note if your partner puts you first before their job, put your feelings into consideration before making an important decision.

This is putting your opinion into the picture realizing they’re very valid as his and trust them greatly knowing that you won’t hurt him on purpose with them. The thought of “you first” should make you smile.

16. Disagreements are handled respectfully.

The right relationship isn’t about everything being perfect. You two are definitely not going to agree on everything. It’s like “shit happens”. Partners maintaining a high level of respect when things don’t go perfectly is one of the ingredients of a good relationship.

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17. You spend time apart, doing things you enjoy doing separately.

With reference to #14, when you’re in the right relationship, your partner understands that there are things you want to do alone. Maybe he’s a dedicated soccer fan and love watching soccer alone or maybe he loves to be alone while he writes and maybe she want to be left alone while doing the house chaos or no distraction on Wednesday nights for whatever reason. Respect the time alone set aside by your partner.

We all need time to do our own thing so we don’t feel caged in the relationship. this is most essential if it’s going to give the person some breathing space cause some people need some space to function properly. Sometimes, these self alone time helps to give or make netter decision regarding any pressing issue.

18. You’re totally hooked/attracted to your partner(mind, body and spirit).

Be sure you’re attracted to your partner in several ways possible else you might cheat on them over big butt and boobs or an athletic look and beards. Funny right? Attraction is probably the first thing that motivated the pursuit of a relationship in the first place.

What about his mind? You sure can’t see his mind but you can be attracted to his mind by his attitude towards life issues and his character. Are you attracted to her spirit? Is she hurt in spirit? Is this the kind of person you could have conversations with years from now when you’re both old?

Is she the kind of person whose joy will shine through when her face shows her age? You’re sure going to smile all day if you’re attracted to your partner. The thoughts of them or what feels your mind about them will leave you smiling all day.

19. You fight productively.

With reference to #16, when you’re in the right relationship, fighting is never about winning. Having a fight with your partner with such mindset is going to leave your partner broken. It’s never about winning in a relationship fight but being productive with it for a better relationship.

You should not go into a fight with the idea of getting your point across through any means possible. Though sometimes it takes that ugly turn – winning, but it’s really not cool.

A productive fight is about understanding the other person, finding common ground, compromising were necessary and respecting each other throughout the fighting process.

Bonus points:

20. You both have your own friends and share some friends too.

With reference to #7, you both have your individual friends and share some. Some people are in relationships where they only have couple friends – it’s really your decision to decide the type of friends to keep especially when married. It doesn’t mean you should flush your single friends down the toilet. But some prefer it that way for whatever reason.

21. You keep each other’s secrets.

Do you keep her secrets? Does she keep yours? Are you diligent about protecting your partner’s privacy? This is a small, but very important issue that signifies the level of respect and value you hold for your partner. You’re in the right relationship if you do the above.

22. You work as a team.

There’s nothing greater than team work when it comes to relationships. Take any sport event that has to do with more than a person, you’ll see the great effect of good team work. If you and your partner are already making a good team, you’re in the right relationship and this should make you go to bed each night smiling.

23. You share financial goals and plan them together.

Money break up even the best of friendship/relationships. It’ll be a good start to share ideas about financial goals. For instance, how much income you need to be happy as couples and not stressed about meeting your financial responsibilities as a couple and as individual.

What you want to do about retirement, major and minor projects and don’t forget savings, etc. Couples share budgets.

Relationship audit is important to keep a healthy one. There’re many other signs to know if it’s a good relationship but these are a few to get you off the ground. Check the list above and do a relationship check to see if your relationship show signs of being the right one.

Are there areas you can improve to get yourself there? Is it time to re-evaluate the relationship you’re in? While these signs may not be universal, they are very telling.

Relationships don’t have to be complicated. It’s easy to make someone smile. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t make you smile? This is, of course, a give and take situation. You should also be putting in the effort to make your guy smile. After all, if you’ve found a great guy who makes you happy, don’t you want to make him happy too? Cheers honey!

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