Signs Your Heart Is Not In The Relationship Anymore

It's difficult to accept the signs your heart isn't in the relationship anymore when you truely love someone.


This is why once a relationship when the fun stops, we go a long time before ending it and could be really difficult. In most cases, your partner sense you've got one foot out the door, only waiting for you to speak up or help you with your emotions or what you are thinking about.

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Here are some signs your heart isn't in the relationship anymore
1. You don't think highly of them anymore.
A strong predictors of divorce is when couples roll their eyes at each other. Eyes rolling could be for fun sometimes but not when it's from severe argument.

Eyes rolling especially in public demonstrates that they've lost respect for one another. They choose to roll eyes so people won't understand they aren't on same page.

Thinking your partner isn't as smart as you, is irresponsible and detrimental.

That your significant other has the wrong values, or doesn't deserve your affections, it'll come out someway. In fact, possibly they've sensed it and feel terible about themselves but keep calm, watching you like they are dump.

You deserve someone who you feel is on your level or have same values etc, and they deserve someone who appreciates them for who they are.

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2. They've demonstrated atleast a deal-breaker.
In reference to #1, we usually know what our deal breakers are way before getting into a relationship. The truth is, once in one, we might overlook these deal breakers because everything else seems so okay. We tell ourselves maybe those deal breakers weren't so important after all. But they are.

You are later going to recent your significant other if they have qualities you don't want in a partner or when the qualities you need are abscent.

This is because you'll feel shortchanged. But if you knew what they are like and decided to continue in the relationship, you're the one shortchanging yourself and not them.

You might not think highly of them anymore if they demonstrate some of your deal breakers.

3. You make plans without them in the picture.
When we have to figure out logistics either short or long term, we're forced to face facts that we wouldn't admit to ourselves before. When you make plans, short or long term for the future and realize your partner isn't in the picture, it is obvious that your subconscious have already cut them out completely.

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4. You don't think you can do better without them.
There's this idea around that in relationships, you need to settle. This might be true. But you can't find any physical attraction or intellectual stimulant and you want to settle?

You can't find someone who isn't a little bit of a jerk. I'm sure you can.

Though higher standards could really test your patience. It could mean more time spent been single. Remember you're allowed to have whatever standards we want.

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5. Dreaming about singlehood and its' freedom.
Being single is pretty awesome hun? It takes a great relationship to give up singlehood. Even if you view commitment or compromise as a painful sacrifice, you'll consider that sacrifice worth it if you really want to be in your relationship.

Once a relationship weakens, you'll start to feel like you're missing out on your potential single lives.

6. Basic moral disagreements aggregates your fights.
It's normal for people to fight over little and probably useless things. But fights in healthy relationships ends with one person admitting they were wrong, appologizing and resolving to do things differently or with both parties realizing it was just a misunderstanding.

If your fights are summed up as one person saying 'that is morally wrong" and the other person says "no, it's not morally wrong", that's okay.

You'll never get to the point where someone admits they're wrong if they don't actually believe and agree they're wrong.

Either or both of you will feel pressure to adapt values that aren't their own or hide their disagreement for the sake of peace, which isn't healthy for your relationship.

7. Had a happier singlehood.
Let's be realistic; Why being in a relationship if it's not helping you enjoy life? I don't mean being extravagant in your relationship.

Most often in relationships, we want to continue with the kind of lifestyle we had being single and so resort to changing our partners to what we want them. Forgeting change isn't easy and you have not been part of their life for ages.

Pressurizing your significant other to change their lifestyle because you feel they don't match up can be perceived as selfish and will always lead to arguement.

Don't feel you have to force something into a predetermined formula to justify its existence.

8. You can't rekindle your love anymore.
It's okay for couples to start feeling angry or distant from one another in a long-term relationship- 'familiarity', but these feelings do pass. For instance, you've gotten less excited to see your partner since you got married, but once one of you goes out of town for some days, the excitement returns.

Note: If it stops returning, it may mean the emotional distance isn't going anywhere.

We normally know deep within our subconscious if we're hanging onto a relationship because we really want to or been too scared to take a walk. If the case is the latter, the fear won't go away; it'll only linger and foreclose better options.

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