16 Amazing Clothes That Guys Find Attractive

Someone said looking good is our business. Come to think about it; it’s really true. You’re most addressed the way you dress. Clothing plays a very important role in our daily lives including our relationships.


Sure we want to look good and impress those around us. Most often, we dress in a special for our significant other. We want to woo them by our gorgeous appearance and incautiously seek their compliments.

Imperatively, it is important you spice up your love life and become the ultimate TEMPTRESS by teasing your significant other with sexy outfits and sweep him off his feet.

The beauty of a woman is endless - smiles. Women love the fact that they have lots more clothing options compared to what guys have. Though in recent times, the male fashion industry is evolving really fast and women still have the upper hand with fashion and clothing.

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Ladies are different from one another which is why you may not feel comfortable or like some of the clothes or even styles that’ll be mentioned in this article.

There’re clothing you wear that will drive him gaga. Clothing are a powerful tool to spice up your love life or tease your man to keep him thinking about you all day. Cloths guys find attractive are numerous and what guy (1) like, guy (2) might dislike it with gross hatred.

Every man is different right? This means that some of the clothing mentioned here might not work for him. However, just seeing you dressed like that should be enough to get his attention and he might suggest some that he’d love to see on you.

Most guys daydream of their girl in certain cloths or style and lingerie top the list. Some guys even go to the extent of daydreaming about the color they’ll like on their woman. Remember that guys are moved more by what they see – red speaks for itself.

Did you know there’re certain clothes besides lingerie that drive guys wild?

Check out these pieces of clothes guys find attractive and drive your boyfriend crazy today.

1. Lingerie.


Let’s start with lingerie because it’s the most popular among guys. It’s like there’s an unseen force of attraction between guys and this dress. Also, this piece of clothing is one that most ladies wear whenever they want to seduce their partner.

Note that lingerie’s should only be seen in privacy – for your eye only.

2. Lace bra.


With reference to #1, as much as wearing lingerie may seem like the ultimate type of clothes to wear to drive your partner crazy, the ultimate type of clothing to wear that will drive your boyfriend crazy is a pretty lace bra that ganders through your shirt.

3. Lace.

nice ladies clothes

With reference to #2, there’s something about lace that make men go crazy. Men fall in love with lace like bread and butter. It’s a sexy, timeless and glamorous dress.

If you wear a see through lace shirt with a nice bralette or tank top underneath, he’ll be itching to see more.

4. High socks.

A lady on High socks

Just a pair of black or purple or multi colored high socks with a short skirt is just enough to get your man wanting more.

Look at it this way - you are hiding your legs while also giving him a little bit of skin to feed his eyes.

Men interprets high socks differently. For most men, high socks is a sexy look for the moment while for others, it’s the sexual fantasy of the school girl role they want you to play for them. Both sexes do fantasize roles they want their partner to play out for them during #moments. Some want to be cuffed, some want their partner to play the role of a uniform personnel. This is part of spicing up your love. Some even fantasize kitchen, etc for the moment.

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5. Heels.

why do men love a woman on heels?

Though uncomfortable, yet sexy, women can’t do without them. There’s a good side about heels; they make buttocks and legs look gorgeous than they already are and they also drive guys crazy. Heels give a woman more power. They build self confidence in women while making them look extra gorgeous.

Guys love seeing their lady in heels and it enhances certain parts of a woman's body.

More on heels: Did you know! The higher the heel, the sexier the shoe. There’re certain parts of the female body that men love to admire day in, day out, and that’s legs being one of them.

High heels lengthen and add definition to your legs, obviously drawing more attention to them. From experts, heels also make the butt appear 25% more rounded. So naturally, a man will definitely zero in on you if you've got a sexy pair of heels on. A sexy pair of legs leading up to a firm looking bum is sure to drive any man wild. Wink!!

6. Shorts.

woman's short looks attractive to men

Though there’re different types of shorts. Be sure to ask your man the type of short that’s pleasant to his eyes. Though any type will do to a larger extent. But note that some will do the trick better than others.

7. Skirts.

outfits guys find most attractive

Outfits guys find most attractive includes skirts (long or short). Hmmm, for most men, the shorter the better, the hotter. With shorts, your man has the opportunity to occasionally touch your legs since they’re exposed, looking pretty hot and desirable.

Bonus: the tighter the skirt, the more they imagine what’s underneath. This will make your man think about you all day.

However, some men love the idea of their girl wearing a long skirt (and it can be tight/hot/sexy as well). It all depends on the man. Either way, men love skirts because they show some skin, they’re super sexy and brings out your curves.

8. Leggings.


Leggings will drive your significant other crazy. Leggings are another layer of skin because they hug your legs/skin so close and it fits just perfectly.

Do you also know that leggings are pretty revealing? This will make his imagination go wild when he sees you in them.

Leggings are supper sexy, have a tight grip on you and at same time, very comfortable.

Moreover, leggings are cute for nights out, just ensure to pick the thick ones. Showing your undies is gross!

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9. Tank tops.

what clothes do find guys find really attractive

There’s something about tanks, no matter the type of tank you wear, he’ll definitely love it. But the more revealing the tank, the more he’ll love it – guys look to look.

You will be showing off your sexy arms, shoulders, back, and even a little bit of cleavage since most tank tops are pretty loose.

The off the shoulder piece is flirty, playful, fun and also makes a guy more attracted to you because of its laid back and simple yet cute and tasteful impression left to build up in his mind.

For whatever reason, some men are attracted to the area around the neck, shoulders and upper chest. While others could be attracted to areas around the waist line or other parts of the body.

10. Dresses, bodycon dress.

There’s something sexy about seeing your partner in a dress. No matter the type of dress there is something about it that has a feminine, sexy, classy, flirty, elegant, beautiful and dazzling look to it.

Here’s a secret to wearing a dress that’ll blow his mind: wear a tight bodycon dress that is short, and revealing so you’ll show cleavage and your sexy legs. The dress will hug every inch of your body and he’ll gasp for air.

Science shows that women with an hourglass like figure give the impression of being nurturers, as well as high fertility levels, naturally heightening a man's desire to choose you as his mate.

11. Crop tops.


Crop tops are beautiful and are also very sexy. Wearing a crop top you will have no issues driving him crazy.

Men love seeing skin and when you show him a little bit of your stomach (bellybutton), he’ll be left in awe

12. Wear his over-sized shirt.


Guys go crazy for a girl that loves his shirts on. It’s sexier when it's over-sized.

You’ll help him boost his ego when you wear his over-sized shirts/trouser. It also shows that you are relaxed and comfortable in his presence. With this, he can let loose and be himself around you (vulnerable). This is usually the indicator that you're very attracted to him too.

Women that wear their guys' t-shirt also profess that they love to get his scent in the clothes and for whatever reason, over-sized and baggy shirts are a turn on for most guys.

Note that this simple gesture is a pretty simple message to your guy letting him know that you're all his and that you're proud to be his girl.

Put on his oversized shirt when you miss him.

13. Sneakers.

look super cool on sneakers

With reference to #5, men also loves a girl with a little "boyish" edge to them as well. This means men don't mind seeing more "masculine" clothes/wears on you too just like #12.

Men have a thing with sneakers. Most guys have a collection of sneaker and its’ cool to try some on.

Some guys feel a girl with sneaker collection is definitely a keeper. If a guy looks at your sneaker collection and actually be impressed, that’s definitely a high score for you.

14. Suit - Pant suit.

woman with self-confidence

Pants suits are totally out of this world. They’re supper cool on a professional/career lady. So don't listen to guys that complain about a woman looking like she's "too bossy". Real men are attracted to ladies that can handle their business.

A woman in a pants suit gives off a professional and executive vibe. Men that aren't insecure like to sit back and watch their woman handle things themselves and look damn good doing it.

Ladies in a pantsuit appears confident, brave and that she knows what she's doing and where she's going in life. A confident and independent woman with the looks to match will always be a huge turn on for real men.

15. Jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit is one clothing men love to see on their woman

With reference to #14, jumpsuit gives off a more casual vibe than the pantsuit, although still gives off the boss-lady look in a way and any man worth your time will definitely be drawn to you for that.

Men like to know that the woman in their life or want to add to their life is confident in herself in every possible way and yet, loving and respectful.

There really is nothing like a professional and independent woman with confidence and style to go along with it. To guys, jumpsuits are like sexy power suits, and it leaves them in awe.

16. Glasses.

which clothes or outfits do guys love

So glasses aren't actually a clothing item, but they actually make you more attractive. Scientific study has linked poor eye sight to higher intelligence and IQ levels. So your glasses make you look really smart, even if you feel like you aren't exactly a genius.

A lady in frames also looks intellectual and looks like someone that can carry on a good conversation which is another important quality guys want in a woman so they don’t have boring date nights.

look amazing on glasses

A lady with good communication and can go for minutes or even hours with good chat flow is a winner for most guys. Nobody wants to spend their entire life with a boring lady.

Some of the clothes mentioned here may not be what drives your guy wild. Moreover he is different from every other guy. But, most of these should work.

If you can think of any other clothes to wear that will drive your boyfriend crazy, feel free to try them on.

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