10 Subtle Signs He Doesn't Trusts Her

We were made to understand from our previous post that trust is the cornerstone or centripetal force that binds everything together in any form of relationship. Without it, other part of the relationship will be a mirage.


Many are in relationships today but are just enduring it and not enjoying it. Relationship that lacks trust is never enjoyable. Some remain in the relationship for various reasons while some is just the fear of walking out.

Sometimes you might need to take a walk out the relationship to get yourself together. It really hurt when you know you deserve to be trusted by your partner and doesn’t see that coming any time soon.

Though, if he doesn’t trust you, you know you have a few things to work on if it’s your fault else there’s virtually little or nothing you can do to change his mind set about you.

So how to Know he doesn’t trust her?

1. He stalks her on social media
This has to come first as it is fast becoming a norm. There’s a big difference between having a social interaction and stalking. For goodness sakes, you aren’t an FBI, KJB or one of those secret CIA agents we see in the movies.

It’s really not great if he’s constantly stalking you on social media. Contrary to this, little social media stalking is to be expected especially in this present day and age where information about a person is available by the push of a button. The truth is that we want to know all about our partner at a go and one of the best way to do this is via socials and this attitude is most seen when you just started seeing each other.

But it’s a different ball game if your relationship isn’t new but he still checks into your social media to find out who you’re talking to and what you’re doing – this is the real stalking! It could mean that he doesn’t really trust you and it boils down to insecurity issues. He’s constantly looking for evidence that you’ve done something to betray him online.

2. He keeps tab on her finances
Common dude, you aren’t her financial manager and even FM don’t do that shit. It’s so wrong keeping an eye on your partners’ finances especially if they don’t spend lavishly on unnecessary items. She gets chocolate for herself: you want to know. You want to know every single thing she does with money. Dude, go get yourself busy. But hey, it’s a sign he doesn’t trust you.

Normally, keeping tab on your partner is great but not stalking their life. This in most cases indicates he has a controlling / manipulating nature and it’s going to get bad when they get married. It also point to the fact that their partner doesn’t trust them to be financially responsible for their finance, etc.

3. He doesn’t agree with most or any of her decisions
When your partner doesn’t agree with any of your decisions, it might indicate that he doesn’t trust you. This might not be about his love for you, but about trusting you to make the right decisions always. He might agree with your decision on food but not what you do with money.

Some of the reasons why he might always be arguing with you about your choices could be because he doesn’t you’ve made some poor decisions in the past, or because he’s overprotective of you.

4. He makes backup plans whenever she promises something,
Back up plans are good and very necessary in life but not at the expense of trust for you partner. Let your partner be aware of any backup plan so they won’t feel hurt.

If he is found of making other arrangements when you promise something, is a sign that he doesn’t trust you to follow through with your promise or perceives you aren’t a reliable person. Hence won’t stick to your commitment.

Note: the best excuse he’ll give for his backup plans is that he was just trying to help you out.

5. He keeps a close eye on her
With reference to #2, if your partner doesn’t trust you, he’s most likely to keep a close eye on you. Not just your finance, but all you do: where you go, who you hang out with, when you stepped out and returned etc. He might ring you frequently to know your movements and if he feels you are suspecting or discouraging him from calling, he’ll not ask you directly anymore but find ways of having a close watch on you.

This includes constantly checking your social media or having his friends report to him about you if they happen to see around. The worst of it all is when he starts sending people to watch over. He has really crossed his boundary and should be a serious concern to you.

6. He’s get irritable with her easily
Have you seen a man irritated by his partner? What do you denote from his expression?

When your boyfriend always loses his temper with you, there could be several reasons behind his actions. The odds is that he’s easily irritable because his mind always jumps to the worst conclusion once you start talking and this is most likely because he doesn’t trust you.

7. He doesn’t want to be physically close to her
A general side effect of a lack of trust in any type of relationship is when one person or both not physically wanting to be close anymore. For most people, it’s best to keep some distance from someone they don’t trust.

8. He’s by no means vulnerable around her
It’s a taboo for a man to be vulnerable in front of a woman and if peradventure they are, they’re less manly – this is what our society has taught us.

The fact is; everyone is vulnerable. Though, men are less likely to expose that softer side of them.

He trusts you if he is showing his vulnerable side.

9. He can’t stand her having opposite sex as friends
Jealousy / insecurity – the best sign that he doesn’t have trust in you is his inability to handle your male friends.

His inability to handle your male friends suggests that he thinks you’re going to get involved with one of them and end up leaving him.

He might not be direct with this by telling you not to see your male friends, but won’t be comfortable whenever they’re around you.

Note: guys with insecurity or jealousy issues will want to get you involved with something to take you away from your male friends or come up with excuses why you both need to leave the party soon.

10. He has an history
You might wonder why he doesn’t trust you despite your unconditional love for him. This has nothing to do with you in anyway but what he has been through. Peradventure people have betrayed his trust before, maybe one he trusted with high esteem, there’s a higher chance he won’t trust you.

And if your partner falls in this category, it’s possible he doesn’t want history to repeat itself.

This doesn’t mean people who have had their trust broken in relationships aren’t capable of trusting again. Though it’ll be more difficult for such people.

To get your partners trust again, you might need to sit them down and talk things through if it wasn’t your fault at first. And if it was your fault, then you have a couple of things to work on yourself.

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