9 Subtle Signs He Truly Trusts Her

There is no strong part of a relationship when trust is gone. Trust can be referred to as the foundation stone that holds everything together in a relationship. Without it, the other part of the relationship crumbles gradually.


It’s really not easy for trust to come by. This five letter word is so much important and powerful in our everyday life and yet, easily broken. Nearly everyone is careful about whom they trust because they don’t want to go through the pain of distrust and once someone breaks that trust, they don’t get it back easily.

Getting trusted again could take days and sometimes a very long time - years.

It’s joyful to know if or not our partners truly trust us. If your partner really trusts you, it automatically rules out relationship anxiety that could originate from distrust and it paves the way for the relationship to become stronger each day.

Probably you don’t have the trust of your partner, know there’re things to work on like your attitude towards others, how you relate with the opposite sex etc.

In my opinion, asking your partner if they trust you could be insignificant because they can give you the answer you want to hear which is a ‘yes’ just for them to have their peace. So why ask? It can also be viewed as being manipulative especially if the question keeps popping up every now and then when they suspect something fishy.

There’re hidden clues that point if your partner trust you or not and these clues are easier to uncover than it seems!

Between the actions and inactions of a man, you’ll know if you have his trust or not!


Here are the signs to tell if he trusts her

1. He recognizes her personal space and gives it to her
Who likes being stalked? You feel choked sometimes when you don’t have your space. It’s really needed for a healthy relationship. Give your partner some space/time to be with the boys/girls.

When your partner does trust you, they’ll give you space to be you. You’ll be free to go about your life without them keeping disturbing tab or surveillance over your affairs.

If he loves you, he won’t feel nervous when you’re not with him and suspects that you’re up to something. Hence, he’s less likely to be all over you all day checking who commented on your timeline, who liked your photos, calling to ask your friends if they’re with you cause you told him you’ll be at Vivian’s.

So if he’s giving you space to be you, it’s a good sign that he does trust you and you on the other hand shouldn’t take that for granted!

2. When your opinion is important to him
With reference to #3, it’s a good sign that he does have faith in you and your opinion is a great deal if he doesn’t only seek out your physical help but also your advice and opinions regarding his personal issues and that of the relationship.

This shows that he trusts your judgments and also he thinks you’re wise. If you don’t trust someone, you won’t value their opinion as much, and certainly wouldn’t go to the effort of asking for it, right?

It’s sweet if he always asks what you think about things that affect him directly and what you would do if you were in his circumstance. So be thankful he turns to you for your thoughts and don’t take that for granted!

3. If he seeks her out when he needs help
With reference to #2, guys rarely ask a lady for help and if he does, it’s a good sign he trusts you by asking for your advice or physical help and favors.

When a guy asks for help, it points that he sees you as a reliable person and trusts you to be there for him and lend him a hand.

On the other hand, some guys take advantage of this sign and end up using the lady. So, make sure he’s not taking advantage of you because being trusted to help is flattering!

4. If he appreciates her for being there
With reference to #3, if he shows how grateful he is that you always got his back
could be a positive sign he truly trusts you.

This also connotes that he finds you really supportive and reliable.

Reliability brings trustworthiness. Hence, when someone proves that they can be relied upon, they’re usually trustworthy people. Though he might say thank you just once or quite often, the fact remains that he think of you as trustworthy.

5. He’s never had to confront her about lies
It’s easier to win a person’s trust when you’ve got a good track record with them.

Generally, you’ve got a higher chance of earning a person’s trust if you’ve never lied to them about anything important either in the past or present.

So, if he’s had to confront you about not telling him the truth in the past, there’s a higher chance that he might expect the same behavior from you now or in the future and feel reluctant to trust you even when you tell him you’re being honest.

Though this doesn’t mean you can’t ever redeem your trust. But it’s much harder to do than if you never get caught in first place!

With reference to #5, trust is something built over time. We’re more likely to trust the faces we’ve known for longer period over the newer faces. Except the new faces are able to prove beyond doubt they could be trusted.

Note that knowing someone for a very long time doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re trustworthy and if you’ve proven to him that he can’t trust you in the past, it will probably take him a long time to get over that. So how long you’ve known him might not make much of a difference at this point.

Be trustworthy and build every relationship on trust if you truly desire something out of it.

7. If jealousy isn’t a problem in the relationship
You’ll be surprised to know there’s healthy jealousy and unhealthy one. Unhealthy jealousy is one resulting from insecurity from either partner.

Most relationships have a small amount of jealousy in them which can be said to be healthy, and this type isn’t a problem. When your partner gets harmlessly jealous, it actually shows that they care enough about you to want you to themselves.

If jealousy is causing serious problems in the relationship, then it lacks trust.

Your partner can be jealous of you at times when another man stirs at you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s an issue with jealousy in your relationship when you’ve proved beyond doubt that he can trust you.

Hence, if jealousy isn’t an issue in the relationship, there’s a good chance that they trust you.

8. He loves your friends
It’s always a good feeling to see your partner accept your friends. Not everyone is cool with their partner’s friend.

Accepting your friends is a great deal when it comes to trusting you. So accepting your friends could mean he trusts you. Guys don’t love their partner’s friends when they feel they’re having negative influence on them or as a result of negative jealousy.

Take note if he loves your friends and encourages you to spend time with them, means he trusts you and appreciates them being in your life for good.

9. He lets you see him at his most awful moments
Obviously, some people see this phase of a relationship as the end of romance whereas; it could be an all new level of romance and openness in the relationship.

So, take it as a compliment if your boyfriend allows you to see him at his most awful moments because not everyone can go this far.

This new level shows that he’s gone beyond the point of trying really hard to impress you and he trusts you to accept him the way he is else he wouldn’t have let you see him that way.

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