8 Relationship Problems and Best Solutions

Relationships are not always bed of roses, but we can make them one. Every relationship is a journey with a starting point and we must decide how well we want to arrive at the final destination.

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Just like bumps on the road, we must note there are bumps in relationships. Recognizing these bumps ahead of time will guarantee peace of mind in your relationship. 

These bumps are relationship problems and successful couples always watch out for them, proffering solution for each of them way ahead of time. Most relationship problems will result to failed marriages if not checked quickly.

Here are the 8 Relationship problems and Best Solutions

1. Communication

Communication is and will continue to be a two-way thing. It has to do with ‘call and response ‘. You are to listen and respond. Anything other than this is said not to be communication. “You can’t communicate while you’re checking your Blackberry, watching TV, or flipping through the sports section,” Elaine Fantle Shimberg, author of Blending Families”.

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Communication has been made very much easy. Ironically, less and less people actually communicate effectively. Ineffective communication will lead to several other relationship problems such as Anxiety and Depression. One of the secret to a successful relationship lies in effective communication between couples. Communication with no intimacy and respect is almost useless.

Some of the best solution  here includes the use of body language. Proper use of body language will not mean disrespect. Nod is one of the best to show you are listening and getting the message. In some instance, a wink is okay. Boundaries are necessary in relationship. From onset of your relationship, you should agree on the type of boundary to set up in your relationship. This should include language to be used when communicating so your partner will know when you are serious or not. Rules may be likened to boundary but quite different. Example of rules in relationship may include ‘  no interruption ‘.  Raising your voice is not communication and this could make matters worse by making the air tense.

Distrust has eaten deep into our society and unfortunately, relationships. Distrust will lead to failure in relationship as the relationship will lack sense of security.

Some of the best solution here includes effective communication between partners. Always keep the communication line open. Every relationship has a means of good communication. Let your partner know about your past as this will help them trust you. Apology in relationship is vital for trust. You should not be too proud to say I am sorry to your partner. it cost you nothing and will not change your status. Your partner will trust you when you introduce them to your colleagues or business partners.
Note that trust is earned.

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3. Finance

This has cause many relationship breakups. Money problem can give birth to other problems like fears and anger.

Some of the best solution here includes financial planning. Lots of newlyweds plan only for the wedding ceremony forgetting that it is just a day event and marriage is a life time. Don’t spend all your life saving a day. Plan for each penny from day one of your relationship for a better future. Don’t blame your partner for any financial woe you are experiencing as this could have been prevented if financial planning was considered. Joint savings account could help greatly as this will reduce the burden on your partner. Both partners should also decide what the money should be used for. Individual financial use should be allowed. In this case, each partner has the right to use specific amount on themself.  

4. Career Pace

It is exceptional that everything happens at the same time for any pair, which can trigger conflict among couples. It can occur that one partner is on the fast track in their profession while the other is taking things slowly. Career pace may lead to jealousy, giving birth to several other complications in the relationship.

Some of the best solution here includes the ability to adjust to the new circumstances. This may be difficult though, but sure will work. Also, make effort to include your partner in your progress so they don’t wind up and feeling inadequate. Self-development is also necessary here. As couples, you need to develop and as well individually. This will bridge the gap of feeling inadequate.

5. Priority

If you want to keep your relationship healthy, you must first make it a pivotal point in all you do. Lots of couples forget this the moment they say “I do”. When you have a focal point in your relationship, it will lose its luster.

Some best solution here includes Appreciating and complimenting one another. Before marriage we tend to appreciate and compliment every little effort of our partner. So why stop when married? Stay in touch as often as possible. Distance should not be a barrier in staying in touch. This will give your partner a sense of security and lets them know that they matter much more. Do things you do when you were dating like Date nights and make it an important appointment. Marriage does not mean no more date nights, regular dates will create more intimacy

6. Trying to change your partner

Compromises and changes are part of any serious relationship as this could be favourable. When we start dating, there is an unconscious desire to change them. People like the idea of their partner changing for them not recognizing they are the ones that need to change.

Some of the best solution here includes looking inward to see if you are the one that has changed or need to change. We easily spot the errors or changes in our partner than ours. Approach is key if the changes are necessary, the way you approach or want to implement these changes can trigger withdrawal.

Labour at home could be overwhelming sometimes especially when a partner does more than one job.

Some of the best solution here includes Fair share. Delegate who does what and at what time it should be done and be fair about it so to avoid resentment in your relationship. Take to consideration the availability of your partner and delegate home chores that suite their time. Working together is another way of getting things done at home. Create time to do the laundry or dish together and be creative.

8. Conflict

Conflict occurs occasionally in relationships as it is part of life’s journey. But it becomes toxic when it is a daily routine.

Some of the best solution here includes personal check. During conflicts check if your actions are geared towards resolving the conflict or not. It is best to put an hold to your actions in other not to trigger more issues. Take a walk when you notice the conflict is not anywhere near resolve. This will give sometime for the tension to reduce. It is tough to apologize but do it and watch the steam cool off.

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Note: All the above is achievable only if you so determine. Notwithstanding these recurrent relationship problems, lots of couples are able to work through them together emerging stronger than ever.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person” by Mignon McLaughlin”

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