15 Ways To Find Good Friends No Matter Your Age

Having good friends is somewhat an investment for the future. Trying to have a balance between your personal life, work and family can leave you with limited or no time to get out and hangout with friends or make new friends.


Making good friends as you get older can be pretty difficult. Worse still, the more it lingers, the more anxious you become about meeting new people and eventually, you let it slip.

At the same time, as it can be hard to take that first step in meeting people, once you have made the move you will usually find things fall neatly into place.

The ways to make good friends with no age boundary is listed below

These points may seem easy but could be really difficult if you are an introvert or a shy one or someone who don’t just have any reason to talk with people around you.

1. Overcoming anxiety
If you’re suffering from anxiety, then you need to get help as soon as possible. There’re both government and non-governmental institutions that can render help for anxiety patients for free. They’ll offers tips on how to deal with, and even overcome the symptoms too.

Normally, we all feel nervous and anxious when meeting unfamiliar faces, but once we get talking away, we will calm down and begin to enjoy the conversation especially when we have like minds or interest on a topic.
The most important thing in meeting people, is just taking that very first step and chatting to people. To get around this, take it up as a challenge by conditioning yourself to always take positive steps towards meeting new people no matter their age.
2. You must break out of your comfort zone
You’ve probably been in a particular place or indoor for ages. You have to break out from this lifetime habit of yours.
The time is now to try something you would normally not do. It’s time to go on that road trip you’ve planned since Adam. It could also be learning a musical instrument or perfecting your voice training, even a cooking class. You could volunteer for a job, etc.
Lifelong friendship can come out of least places.

3. Travel
I so much love travelling. It provides unending opportunities of meeting people and sure making good friends.
Plan for your next vacation, heading off on holiday, gets you around people and I mean a lot of people.

Apparently, everyone is in the same situation. All seeing new faces. You’re all in a new location and you don’t know yourselves. Hence, it’s an ideal opportunity to get talking to complete strangers like you.
Wondering where to go? Google places and you’ll discover a ton of exciting places.
4. Volunteer
With reference to #2, all it takes is a quick google search of places or organizations that are in need of volunteers. Trust me, there’re tons of organizations you could function in as volunteer. For instance: at a sporting event like motorsport races where they always need track marshals, at disaster management agencies, emergency centers etc. These are good places to find great and like minds while having fun and as well build on your curriculum vitae (CV).
5. What are your opportunities?
Making new friends could be difficult as earlier stated. You might need to create all the opportunities yourself.
It’s always best to start off from your environment. These are people you’ve probably seen walk their dogs, at the play ground with their kids, drive through or at work.

Take a step, approach your neighbors and get to know them. You could invite them over for a coffee or tea and they’ll gladly oblige. You could also take a step further at work and request your friend at work to invite his friends over at your place or somewhere for drink and get to know your friend friends. Tricky hun? But you just added to your friend list with ease.


You will easily get along with them since they know you actually invited them via a middleman who’s your friend. Wink!!
To make it much easier when attending a party, go with a close friend with an agenda to make new friends. This works like magic especially if this friend really know your need. Alternatively, at the party, take time to find someone you have something in common with, and then offer to connect on socials and build the relationship from there.

6. Frequent a choice place
Frequenting a place builds your confidence especially with the staffs. Your face becomes familiar with them and often times, they’ll start a conversation with you being a regular at their spot. You could take this up from there and also use the opportunity you meet new people.
With time, your confidence will grow.

7. Meetup hookup apps / sites
There are dozens of meetup and hookup sites or apps that can help you find people that interest you. It’s as simple as that.
8. Start a blog
Common, blogging? OMG!! Yes blogging. This involves sitting behind a computer or mobile devices. It opens the world of possibilities to you. You can find good friends from all over the world at ease. This is so true because I can attest to this. Though you might not meet them one on one for a long time especially if they’re not in your immediate environment.
There are many blogging platforms you could start blogging on like WordPress , BlogSpot, TumBir etc. Do some research before deciding on the platform to settle with and you can always switch platforms if you don’t find their services satisfying.
With their online community, within a short time, you’ll have dozens of friends with common interest.
Before starting, pick a topic you’re interested in (niche), such as movies, music, food, travel, self development, DIY etc.

9. Join a sports group or don’t
Besides using sports to keep fit, it’s pretty funny how sports are sociable occasions and you can use this to your greatest advantage.
My best sociable sport is football. You make friends at such events without even asking for friendship. All it takes is to associate yourself with a club and boom – friends everywhere. Other sports includes, tennis, cycling, cricket, etc. most often your conversations will be totally neutral, it surrounds the game and probably history of the games/clubs playing. So a little bit of knowledge of your favorite team will be an added advantage.

10. Join a social media group/page
With reference to #7, #9 and 11, there’re social groups you can join on various social media platforms and connect with like minds of various age. All it takes is to sign up on your favorite social media platform and get connected. After building trust, you could invite them to a drink in a public place and get to know each other better.

11. Join or start a book or film club
You can find plenty of such online and already set up or you can start one. It’s pretty easy to setup.
Books and films or movies are easy choice to get a tête-à-tête going, as you’ll hardly find people who hate movies.
For a test, ask someone around, it could be a family member, friend, neighbor or colleague at work what films they like and you will be off for several hours. Also ask about their favorite author and you will get same response.
12. Gaming online
Besides physical socialization, there is also what is called digital socialization and one of such best is online video games. Note that they aren’t for everyone.
There’re lots of online gaming platforms you could sign-up on. For instance: MMORPGs, it’s a role play online game and it’s a great place to start. You can connect on this platform from any part of the world as they have millions on their platform already. All it takes is an internet connection and a sign-up.

13. Late night classes
This is one of the best places to find people with same interest and probably same challenges as yours. They are likely having a tight schedule  or can’t associate with people. So you could easily learn something new and meet new people.
Go online and search for late night classes/adult training courses.

14. Use meet-friends apps
All you need do is go online right in the comfort of your living room with your mobile device and you’re good to go. Whatever information you need is at your finger tip.
There’s app for virtually everything, including the ones for making real good friends no matter the age.

For instance: Peanut, is for mothers looking to connect. Their slogan is “Meet as Mamas” as the site puts it.
Bumble BFF. This is very handy if you have found yourself in a situation where you just don’t know anybody nearby.
Huggle is an other: “Discover people who go to the places you go to”.
Stitch is for those over 50. It’s about companionship, travel, and activities and can connect you with people locally and globally.
So what are you waiting for?

15. Get a pet
Last but probably not the least, is getting a pet. Pet is a good idea because they’re great companions. But this shouldn’t stop here else it could become an issue.
So get your favorite pet: a cat, dog, a pigeon etc.  You’ll find other people have same pet as you do or just loves your choice pet and pets are great conversation started amongst pet lovers.
My choice pet is dog. As you can take dogs for walks, good bonding in talking to them and can feature in certain meet-up hookup meetings.

Your age shouldn’t stop you from meeting and making new friends.
No matter how old you are, you can still make friends and bond with others.
To begin with, just keep things simple and avoid unnecessary stresses (KIS).

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