Why Do Guys Play Girls Often

Most guys play girls to win them over and get them into bed. Some other guys play girls because they are confused about their own feelings for the girl.

why do guys enjoy playing on their partners

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While others play girls because they are afraid of getting serious or intimate with any particular girl. They are afraid to be hurt again as a result of their past experiences. They would rather keep their emotions at bay by playing hard to get than risking themselves again.

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Some guys may feel that making a girl fall for them and dumping her will make them feel good about themselves. It’s a sort of ego trip that boosts their confidence through a series of conquests – just like bullies. They boost their ego by bulling others so they can feel superior and appear bigger.

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Some guys do things to gain respect and attention from girls just because they like the feeling of being an object of desire. It’s actually a mind game.

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It’s a funny world, just like girls who go for bad boys to have someone worship them with undying love even though they know well enough that these bad boys will not commit to one girl.

Some guys would rather play than settle down because playing around is more exciting than a stable relationship. They are just plain immature and play like a game.

Some see no future with the girl they are with, so they do not want to settle down with her. Rather, they just want fun while it last.

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Don’t forget that money is also an issue for most guys. These set of immature target rich girls for various reasons like being jobless or just want someone to foot their bills for awhile before they jump to the next available rich girl. They would play you because they want your money.

These guys are just scums who should be avoided. So if you could spot such immature from a distance, avoid them as much as possible, but never give up on love because your true love could be around the corner.

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