How To Know If A Guy Is Playing You Or Not

 When a guy likes you, almost everything about you appeals to him. A lady who knows she has nothing to offer but tries hard to make herself pretty because within her, she knows the other person deserves the effort, will always get her man’s attention.

how to know if he is playing me

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I don’t advocate a lady should have nothing to offer. The more occupied a lady, the more respect she commands from her male counterpart. Beauty with brains remains the big deal.

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Okay, back to the issue at hand, there will be no second thoughts about getting intimate with you when a guy likes you. You won’t be left guessing about where your relationship stands or what it really means to him. Your relationship will be defined right from the start. You’ll get all the respect you deserve in the relationship.

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Note that when a guy doesn’t want something serious with you but still wants something from you, like your money, affection, time, body or the pleasure of your companionship.

A player won’t allow himself to get emotionally attached to you so he can easily dispose of you like trash. A player will keep his emotions hidden behind cold and indifferent behaviors that will for sure bamboozle you.

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When a guy is just playing around, the relationship can never last longer than few months because by then, he would have moved on to play another girl who interests him more than you do already or he just want to go on another adventure with another girl. She may be way less beautiful, but he’s in for a new adventure.

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This means there are so many other girls like you that this one man has only limited time to play before it’s time for him to look for something new again. It’s in the nature of such unserious men and they’re everywhere. You just have to be on the lookout for their behavioral changes and be able to see into the future from the present.

When a guy feels nothing for you but still wants your body, he will just play around with you because his main priority is simply having fun and enjoying life – that is a typical player.

Take some time out to thick if your man wants commitment or not. If he doesn’t, don’t bother waiting for a miracle to happen because you will be spending the rest of your life just to realize he is never going to commit.

You deserve better than a guy who plays with your feelings like that. Read through the lines thoroughly, take charge of your life and move on if you must, because you deserve better.

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If you wonder if the guy in your life is playing games with you, there are some signs to look out for.  If he doesn’t show up on time or is pressured into doing things that make you uncomfortable and don’t respect your decision, etc.

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It can be hard to tell whether a guy really cares about you or not, but listen closely and trust your gut because they never lie. If this sounds like something that has happened more than once, then it may just be time to move onto someone who will treat you better.

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If he is any one of these, just think about it. You might want to reconsider if he’s worth another chance or you might be better off being single. Maybe you can take your precious time alone, focus more on improving yourself and hang out with your friends to avoid the possibility of getting your heart played.

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