Things To Talk About To Keep A Healthy Relationship


things to talk about in a relationship to keep it healthy

1. Your past.

Sharing information about your past can be very helpful. Though your significant other does not need to know about every skeleton in your cabinet. You should talk about your childhood, past experiences, or obstacles you’ve overcome. You can also share how much you’ve learned and changed over the years. These information will help your partner understand you better. They will you heal were you still need healing. Note that you don’t give out vital information about yourself and family until you’re comfortable sharing with your partner.

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2. Values.

Values play very important role in building a new relationship. This will also help the relationship grow stronger. Values are like principles or guide. It is important to share your values with your partner. You need to talk about your priorities in life as an individual and as couple. It’s important for your partner to know how you feel about work, family, education, friends, and leisure. Let your partner know what types of things you value the most and what changes you may want to make to ensure that you’re living according to your values now or in the future.

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3. Your daily activities.

All of your conversations don’t have to be earth shattering like a geologist drilling for crude. Try to spend time talking about your daily activities. You can discuss about what time you woke up, what you did before breakfast or if you had no breakfast for any particular reason, you can talk about what you ate for lunch, what you discussed with a co-worker and help your partner understand what happens when you’re apart. Ideas could come when having these chat that will help improve your relationship.

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4. Money.

Talk about your budget (it could be weekly, monthly or even annual budget). Discuss your saving and spending habits. If you combine your finances, set some financial goals and discuss strategies to help you reach those goals. Discussing money or finance is critical in having a healthy relationship so your partner won’t assume you’ve got all the dollars when you got just some cent left in your account. You and your partner will be able to have a solid plan as partners when they know your financial standing. Don’t hide your financial capability from your partner. Let them know. Moreover, that’s why you’re partners.

5. Achievable goals as a Couple.

Discuss the goals you want to reach together as a couple. All healthy relationships should include shared goals for the future. Whether your goal is to volunteer at a homeless shelter together or not, save enough money for a new car, pay the mortgage together, save enough money for your next vacation, etc. Working together to reach your goal can help you stay close as a couple.

6. Your dreams.

Daydreaming together can be a great activity in any healthy relationship. Discuss dreams you had as a child, dreams you’ve let go, and dreams you still hold onto. With this, new idea could popup on how to achieve some of those goals or a new goal entirely and with the help of your significant other, they are actualized.

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7. Places you want to explore.

There is no crime starting a conversation about the places you’d like to visit. Maybe you want to travel to your grandmother’s house because this has always been one of your childhood dreams or you want to go on a cruise ship half the year, etc. A discussion about travel can spark a lot of new conversation. Ensure to include your partner in the discussion.

8. Individual goals.

With reference to #5, it is healthy to have individual goals. Maybe you want to lose weight, learn how to prepare Ghana jelof, learn how to drive, take a swimming lesson, learn how to use the computer, or learn some new or foreign languages, set some goals for yourself and discuss those goals with your partner. They will assist you in anyways possible to see you accomplish those goals of yours.

9. Emotional growth.

Share some information about your emotional growth. If you notice you’ve become wiser, less reactive, or more compassionate, share that with your partner. Point out the emotional growth you see in your partner too. It’s all about growing stronger together.

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10. Your feelings.

With reference to #9, talking about your feelings is an important part of communication. Be willing to share your joys and sorrows with your partner. Also, be willing to talk about what makes you feel angry, when you’re disappointment, and when you feel embarrassed or hurt. This gives your partner room to know you better.

11. Family.

Whether you’ve got a close relationship with your family or not, talking about family can be important. It can give your partner an inside look at what type of childhood you had as well as what type of relationship you have with your family members. Discuss how you want your family to be different from your family of origin, as well as which aspects you want to replicate. This does not mean you disrespect your family, rather it is to help you have one better than where you are coming from.

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12. Spiritual beliefs.

It is very important to talk about your spiritual beliefs while dating. This will help the person you are dating to understand your belief and determine if they want to be a part of your belief or not. Be willing to listen to your partner’s beliefs and be open to talking about the similarities and differences in your beliefs if there are any.

13. Your TV shows.

Although watching TV isn’t really an active way to grow together as a couple, but discussing what you’re watching can help you learn something new about one another. For instance, if your partner likes watching certain TV shows, it can help you understand why they reason the way they do. You could as well watch some educative and enlightening programs or shows together. This helps a lot, so that when your partner is talking right, you won’t be talking left.

14. Politics.

You don’t have to agree on politics in order to have a discussion about it. You can learn a lot about your partner if you have a conversation about politics. Any healthy relationship should allow each partner to feel respected enough to share an opinion, even if it opposes the other partner’s opinion. Respect is the key.

15. The relationship.

Discuss the aspects of your relationship that are working well and make sure to also discuss problematic areas. Talking openly about your relationship can ensure your relationship stays fresh and exciting while growing stronger. Any relationship is bound to fail when you don’t talk about it. Talk about the good, the bad and the ugly in the relationship so that you will know where more effort is needed and those aspect of the relationship you need to completely discard.

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