17 Signs He’s Playing Your Feelings

So you’ve met this new guy whom you think is incredibly cool but you don’t know if he really is. You might also be wondering what kind of relationship you two have. Has he said anything in particular? Or you are not sure if you’re still in the friend zone or not.

signs he is playing games with my emotions

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Probably that is why you decided to check this blog out or is it because you’ve never had a boyfriend before and you want to double check to make sure you’re dating the right person? Here is the list of some signs you need to look out for.

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How To Know If A Guy Is Playing With Your Feelings?

1. He only shows up when he needs you.

What kind of guy is he? If you are important to him, he won’t only turn up when he needs you.

A real man won’t do this to the one he claims to love. Instead, he will be there all the while treating you as someone special to him.

Peradventure, the guy in your life only turns up when he needs you, then it’s a clear sign he is playing with your emotions. He is not ready to take you serious and you must be careful with such individual, except you are okay with the arrangement.

2. You do things according to his time.

With reference to #1, if you notice he only gives you so little of his time, if he often cancels your plans together, if he forgets that you two have plans to hangout, etc with excuses, not only does it says that you’re not his priority, but it’s also a sign that he has better things to do than spend quality time with you.

3. Mood swings.

Mood swings is one of the easiest ways to know if something is not right. If your significant other suddenly swings mood, know that something is not just right. Take time to find out what the problem might be.

Since he suddenly has two sides to him, overly moody and overly ecstatic, he never seems to have a normal day with you anymore. There will be days when he just ignores you like you really don’t exist and gets angry over little things and there are days when he just wants to stick around you all day long like a baby, desperately needing you, you might want to check where he is heading to with his mood swings.

Note that mood swings can be used to manipulate a partner.

Before concluding on their mood swing, it is important to double check to know the cause of their mood swing and if there are no concrete reasons, know that they are playing your feelings.

4. Is he hiding you?

This is a giveaway sign he is not into you a bit. You’ve been dating for awhile but he still hasn’t introduced you to his friends. Not even a family member. Even when you’re out together and bumps into a friend/colleague of his, he doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend but just a friend.

5. He doesn’t want you to meet his friends.

With reference to #4, if he’s not open to bringing you around his family and friends, it’s obvious he doesn’t want them to know about your relationship. If he is serious about you, he will show you off to his friends. In relationships, one feels safe and special as their partner comfortably introduce them to friends and family. If this guy doesn’t want that, he doesn’t care about you.

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6. He treats other girls badly.

This is a pointer to how he’ll likely treat you, if he is not doing so already. If your man mistreats ladies, he is probably going to be a pain in the bone later in the relationship. Maybe you feel he won’t because he has not treated you like that yet. Just wait for it.

It is necessary you don’t play games with your feelings and don’t let no-one play them with yours.

7. His promises are always empty.

Take note of promises he makes and how well he keeps to them. Some guys can promise anything you want to hear just to get the job done. They can promise marriage in three months, only to change their minds after having fun with you. Waking up one morning telling you he is not ready for marriage.

8. He doesn’t show up.

With reference to #1, sometimes he does not show up on time or doesn’t show up at all. With such attitude, you should know that his actions are telling you that he’s just playing games with you. If he cared about how you feel, he won’t act this way. If for any reason he won’t be able to make it as promised, he would have informed you before hand.

9. Conversations with him are always shallow.

If your significant other avoids talking about the things you want to do with him in the future, if he prefers small talks and flirting than having one of those get to know you more conversations of future plan conversations, you might want to step on the brakes especially if you have been together for awhile. He might cut you off with ‘let’s just have fun today, alright?’ if he perceives you want to discourse future plans with him.

10. If he is not interested in your life.

This is a big sign of zero commitment. He might have asked you those basic questions like ‘where do you live’, etc on your first date but he immediately erased those answers from his mind because you’re not important taking such space in his memory.

Note if he hesitates to hang out with your family or your friends. Does he even know the flavor of ice cream you like or the kind of movies you enjoy? If he is really interested in you, he will know some basic things about you and spend time together with those close to you. With this, you two will have more opportunities to know each other better and make your relationship grow stronger.

11. He plays with your emotions.

Some guys can be so sweet to you when they want to get into your panties, but once you give in easily or not, but they’ve gotten what they want, they start treating you like nothing. They will tell you one thing today and another thing tomorrow.

Note that keeping such relationship is extremely dangerous for someone looking for a real relationship with happy ending.

12. He is a professional liar.

With reference to #11, ‘They will tell you one thing today and another thing tomorrow’. They cannot be held accountable because they lie about everything. I am sure you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with a chronic liar. It’s really a terrible life style.

13. He puts in no effort.

If your significant other does nothing for you, then he is just playing with your emotions. It takes two to make a relationship work and if he puts in no effort, there is no reason for staying in the relationship.

He probably wants to take advantage of you.

If he were really interested in pursuing something real with you, he would make time for everything, including the little details and proving himself as a good partner.

14. He makes you question your worth.

He is definitely playing games with your emotions so he can make you think terrible or bad about yourself.  He will say things to make you question whether you are good enough for him.

This kind of behavior is another way of using mind games against people to make them feel lesser than you. This attitude makes one feel worthless and totally dependent on the other person.

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A real man will respect his significant other and never tell her that she’s not good enough for him.

15. Questions about him is off limit.

A guy who is truly interested in you will always welcome the opportunity to open up to the one he cares for. However, if he is hesitant when answering your questions, then there’s something wrong.

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It’s only fun to be mysterious on the first few dates but if you two have already been hanging out for awhile but you still don’t know the smallest details about him, it’s a sign he doesn’t want you to be deeply connected with him. He might not also want you in his life and only sees you as someone he can replace when someone else comes along.

16. He doesn’t respect your decision.

In relationships, there are both collective and individual decision making. Just ensure your personal decision doesn’t hurt your partner and it is not a selfish one. He might be so good at pressuring you into doing things that you’re not ready for. He’ll likely tell you “you are no fun if you can’t do it and that he can “find some other girl who will.”

This is another subtle way of giving you the idea that if you don’t do something you’re not ready for, other girls will. He definitely cares more about how many women he can get and less about getting one good girl to treat well. If this guy doesn’t respect your decision, then he probably does not care enough for your feelings.

 17. Your gut says it all.

If something does not feel right, then it probably isn’t. If you walk around with the feeling that something is not right between the two of you, then your instincts is saying it loud. The earlier you walk out of the relationship, the better for you.

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