Dos, Don’ts And The Secrets To Know About What To Text A Girl

Texting a girl for the first time needs some guts. So in today’s post, we’re revealing the ultimate list of the do’s and don’ts for what to text a girl, especially the one you have feelings for.

what to text to a girl

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Texting is fun and it is an easy way to communicate for some of us. Texting provide room to express yourself better. You are not under certain pressure like when having a voice call. Texting is really fun if you could be a little creative.

Texting can also be hell for some people especially if they don’t know what to text a girl they are falling for or trying to flirt with.

One of the easiest ways to flirt with your partner is via texting.

It sounds easy enough right? There’s little pressure, very little I guess and for beginners, maybe a little. So why do so many guys find it difficult to make the move on their crush by texting?

Do you know that in texting so much tone and emphasis is lost as with most other forms of electronic communication? Without an actual voice on the other side of the phone, it can be difficult to detect emotion, which makes it absurdly easy for her to misread your meaning. The result of your last text is one pissed off girl who’s showing your texts to her friends and laughing at you.

Want to up your game and make your life a whole lot easier? Here are 10 dos and don’ts for what to text a girl.

Here are texting etiquette for what to text a girl that won’t result in you getting laughed at, or broadcast via social media as one of the failed army. Here are the basic dos and don’ts of texting.

First; The Dos:

1. Text her within the first 48 hours.
A survey by Dating Metrics revealed that a massive number of women said they’d like your first contact to occur within the first 48 hours of meeting. What’s more? Another 73% of women actually chose text messaging as their preferred method of contact with a new person. This is one of the reasons you need to up your texting and be creative about it. The receiver will always revisit your text if it is a nice one and gradually they start building feelings for you too.

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2. Express your feelings to her: she is not a sorceress.
Generally, women love to know that you’re thinking of them. Whether she’s romantically interested in you or not, there’s something nice about knowing someone has you on their mind. Just don’t follow up with a text describing how you’re thinking about her with a raging hard-on – you just lost your chance if she’s different.

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3. Mention her name in the text.
Everyone likes to be called by their name – fine name though, even through text. This shows you’ve taken an interest in her enough to learn her name, especially if her name is difficult to pronounce or spell. It also lets her know the message is specifically for her, and you’re not just spamming the same lame come-on to every single girl in your contact list.

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4. Send her random messages from time to time.
One of the best ways to get to a girls heart is by providing her with some anecdote. Here - learning what to text a girl has less to do with starting a conversation and more to do with giving her an anecdote. For instance if you run across a weird client at work or you witnessed something that might be of interest to her, don’t hesitate to share with her.

Texting a girl should be more of entertaining her than being too rigid. Take a mental note of hilarious moments you encounter throughout the day/week and hit her where it counts – emm, her funny-bone

5. Get to know her better.
This is actually the whole point of learning what to text a girl. Send her cute texts that are simple enough for her to answer quickly, but that have the potential to start a conversation and get to know her better.

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Second; The don’ts:

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6. Don’t text a breakup.
Breaking up with your girl via text message may be the new norm, but I think it’s totally bad to do so over text.

The new age of immediate response makes it that much quicker to dump someone out of your life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show a little respect. Forgo text, and see her in person or call instead.

Similarly, if you’re about to tell her something mind-blowing or devastating like ‘you’ve been cheating’, at least give her the courtesy of a Face Time call and see her immediate response.

7. Don’t be a nuisance if she doesn’t answer texts.
It is really annoying being harassed via text message or social media. You need to know that she’s ignoring you for a reason if she doesn’t reply your calls or texts after several hours or days.

It is a sign she’s not into you. Your assumptions were wrong, move on man.

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8. Don’t be a dumbass.
There’s a thin line between flirting and just being downright disturbing like a pain in the ***. Always take a moment to re-read your text to a girl before you hit the send button. Do this to save yourself lengthy explanation of what you intended or not. If it makes you sound like a perv or jerk odds are you should delete it and start again.

For example, don’t repeat this texting horror story of an innocent father:

My daughter-in-law is the most playful girl around. I was texting her one night, and she said she was lying in bed bored. I said ‘want to play a game?’ She said sure. I told her whatever photo I sent her she had to mimic and send back to me.

I had a picture of a silly monkey ready to send, but she began texting me back, horrified by my vague description of the game. Then she asked if I was about to send her dirty photos so she’ll send me some of her.

She furiously texted me things like, ‘You’re crossing a line! I’m your daughter-in-law!’ Ugh. That was not what I intended. Needless to say, I had a huge explanation/apology to give both her and my wife the next morning”.

9. Don’t send her unwanted dick pics.
So many men are still on the dick-pic bandwagon. I really don’t why. But let’s be honest, if she wanted you, she could probably have had you by now. Don’t you think so? So no, she doesn’t need or want to see your cock pics. If she did, you’d know about it. Dig?

Learning what to text a girl doesn’t have to be difficult. It should be effortless and enjoyable. Follow the list of do’s and don’ts and she’ll eventually learn to love you.

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