How To Deal With A Careless Partner

Time after time, women complain that their significant other is careless. He doesn’t remember dates and other important things regarding her.


Unfortunately, this is what most women feel about men. Funny enough, some women are also careless. Unlike women who are interested in remembering everything ‘birthdays, first date night, first hug, first …’ men are not so except a hand pick.

Though the reason may not be far-fetched, - interest. When your partner starts taking you for granted, they will take you lightly and everything related to you can become irrelevant.

Ways to deal with a careless partner

1. Observe the reason
It is important to know why your partner acts the way they do. Why is your partner careless towards you.
If this has not always been the case, you definitely need to find out the cause of it and deal with it. Rectify your mistakes if you’re at the wrong and find out why they neglect you, if it’s from them.

Note: Some partners could be careless in nature but truly loves and lets you know how much they love you, they’re true to you.

With reference to #1, it’s important to discuss your findings with your significant other. This is very important and effective as well.

This could be difficult though, but you must seek ways to discuss with him rather than hold back and keep hurting yourself. Most often, we become careless when our minds are preoccupied with other things. This time is misunderstood by most people thereby taking insensitive decisions that can ruin their relationship.

With #2 in focus, #3 is as important too. Your reaction will determine his willingness to change.

When you have investigated the cause, discussed, your reaction will trigger something deep within them. Peradventure, you see their negligence is not reducing; you try to react and observe. But be careful in your reactions so they don’t completely withdraw.

If they make effort to become more responsible towards you, it shows they are taking efforts to change their careless behavior.

4. Your decision.
After all said and done, you have to take a decision. If they change or tries to change, they are definitely in love with you. If not, reciprocate their negligence. Avoid them and see their reactions towards you.
If they still remain adamant, you may want to consider other options like moving on because it’s a relationship red flag.

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