How Not To Compliment A Beautiful Lady

A lot of men think giving compliments to a lady is trickier than a lady complimenting a guy. Nevertheless, the best way to compliment a lady without offending her is to be sensitive, tactful and at the same time, thoughtful.

How a woman should not be Complimented

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To understand how not to compliment a lady, follow the rules listed below:

1. Do not compliment her on her looks, unless you’ve been friends for a while.

Everyone likes being appreciated for their looks right? But it’s not what ladies want to be valued for often. Except a lady that is obsessed with her beauty. It’s perfectly fine to compliment your date on her looks, but only if you’re comfortable with each other. If not, commenting on her appearance just comes off as shallow sometimes and makes women suspicious of your intentions. Though you can still compliment a lady on her looks if you have intensions to use that as your start up line. Complimenting a lady you see the first time on her looks isn’t totally bad, but she should look great before telling her so else some could perceive it as body shaming and tag you a bully.

A lady can detect a real compliment from a fake one. So be mindful when you say ‘you look amazing’.

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2. Do not express tips to be pretty/prettier, disguised as compliments – that’s ridiculous.

 “You’re prettier when you wear red” or “You’re so beautiful when you smile” These are legitimate compliments. Though, there’s a “but”. It’s obvious that they are manipulative nudges for you to change a lady to fit your needs. And for most ladies, that’s a red flag and you just blew your chances of being her man. You just can’t tell. Be sincere with the lady you love and give her genuine compliments. If you love to see her on a red dress, simply tell her so. It will cost you nothing instead of being a naughty manipulator.

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3. Do not compare her to other girls.

Common, what’s your issue? Being unlike other girls is never a compliment. You’re from what century for goodness sake. Telling a lady she’s different from other girls seems insincere and makes a lady feel pressured to avoid getting caught up in the normal things expected of girls. What if she likes sports? Being more than or less than another girl has never being tagged a compliment. Appreciate the things she love doing and if you can’t stay with that, take a simple bow.

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4. Do not compliment any of her body parts.

Unless you’ve been together for a while and you know how she appreciates her body. It’s worse when you focus on specific body parts because these areas usually cannot be changed easily. Body dysmorphia is a prevalent and serious condition, and is always connected to a woman’s anatomical standards for her body. Your commentary might exacerbate the issue and make their self-esteem shift to the negative.

Note: Seeing a lady for the first time, you can compliment her body parts, but you must quickly take a look/study how she carries herself. You will know if she’s proud of her body by the way she showcases her physic and walk with all confidence. If this is quickly observed, then you’ll be a big shot if you compliment the part of her body she’s really proud of. But if you aren’t sure, just shoo it.

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5. Do not put a value on her paycheck.

Don’t act impressed when a lady earns more than you, and don’t patronize her by saying she’s earning “enough, anyway.” I don’t it’s bad for your woman to earn more than you, what matters the most in a healthy relationship is love, understanding and commitment to see the relationship work. Money is a sticky subject and should only be discussed if you’re sharing expenses and savings as partners only.

6. Don’t for any reason compliment a lady on her age.

It gives women a sense of looming doom, especially when another wrinkle appears on her forehead. It also denotes that she will have to stay young in order to receive your affection. Thereby putting her under tension to keep looking good and appear younger. This has caused many women to go under the knife and some have completely lost it in the process.

7. Don’t put too much emphasis on how much you like her personality overall.

Complimenting someone’s personality overall is just as bad as complimenting their looks, because you’re disregarding the hundreds of nuances found within a certain “type” of person. This may seem a safer bet than discussing a woman’s looks, but it’s best to wait to venture into these areas until you’re already close and you can provide her with more specific compliments.

8. Do not compliment her body shape.

No matter what type of girl you like, complimenting her current state and shape is not really a good idea. You do not know what kind of insecurities she’s harboring and you might end up hurting her more without realizing it. Unless you’ve been together awhile, then you can compliment her body shape and be willing to also do so whenever it changes. Most body shapes don’t remain the same after several yes. Especially with childbirth and aging.

9. Do not put an expiration date on your compliment – it’s barbaric.

Never end your compliments with “tonight,” “today,” or any other time markers. You should always compliment a woman based on how she is every day and not just for moments when she looks extraordinary or has achieved something emotionally or intellectually. Don’t say “baby, you look good today”. It simply mean she’s terribly ugly other days.

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