12 Early Signs of a Manipulative Woman You Should Not Ignore

Manipulation can be a painful experience. A victim of manipulation is always on the look out to avoid being beaten twice.


It leaves a scare in the victim. It can cause its victim to find it hard to trust anyone.

It is natural for a healthy relationship to operate under a fair give and take arrangement consciously or not. You expect your significant other to return same when you give all the love, attention, and moral support you can afford to them.

Truth be told, manipulation in relationship isn’t always easy to accept by the manipulator and can be really painful to take once realized by the victim.

There comes a time you need to take a break and reflect on the likelihood that she is manipulating you. Recognize these signs of a manipulative woman so you don’t be a victim.

Ladies aren’t everything nice. They are also competent of cruel things!!!

Early Signs of a Manipulative Woman

1. Playing nice only when she needs something from you.
This is one of the easiest signs to not of a manipulative women. They either act exceptionally sweet and friendly when they are about to make a request. And can sometimes go as far as tipping you with sxxual favors.

Note that being exceptionally nice is normal to couples at certain times. For a manipulative woman, she would treat you unemotionally most of the time but only play nice when they are about to make a request.

2. She only texts or calls if she needs your help.
With reference to #1, this is another sign many guys don’t see coming. When you don’t see a text or call from her several days and only hear from her if she needs you to buy her stuff or do some chores for her or only when the car is broken is a giveaway sign. If you truly care about someone, you want to know how they are fairing and not only to make request.

Manipulative women see communication differently. To a manipulative woman, communication is only needed to get something out of you and nothing more.

3. Sudden and over reactive emotional outbursts.
Manipulative women are good at this. Unexpected/sudden emotional burst like crying or shouting during arguments.

It’s normal for couples to sometimes argue. It’s part of relationship building but you hear both sides in order to come to a concession.
But this isn’t the case of a manipulative person. They simply play the emotional burst once they feel their argument is baseless or loosing grounds.

Manipulative people don’t mind using emotional outbursts to embarrass their partner in front of their friends or business associates to gain their sympathy.

4. She plays the victim even when wrong.
Manipulative people find it really hard to accept their faults and apologize. They look for ways to twist a situation removing themselves from the blame. They try to make it look like they are being faulted for doing nothing. They make it appear that you are the one at fault. Wanting you to take the fault for all their wrongs.

Note: If she’s manipulative, she won’t admit or apologize for her own mistake.

5. You become the worst partner in the world if you turn her down.
When your partner makes you feel like the worst partner in the world because you didn’t do what they requested for is a typical sign.

She says a lot of things to hurt your emotions. Makes you feel irrelevant and question your worth as a responsible partner.

6. She doesn’t contribute financially in the relationship.
With reference to #2, she lets you keep buying all her stuffs and paying her bills without doing the same for you.

It’s some worth a relationship tradition for guys to take a larger share of the expenses. But a well-mannered partner attempts to give their fair share of spending in the relationship because it’s all about partnership.
Manipulative women won’t consider an attempt to reach for their credit card when the bill comes.

7. Playing ignorant.
You can’t accuse someone of what they don’t know right? Hence if she doesn’t know, then she can’t be accused of any wrong. Playing ignorant of a situation is a tactic manipulative people use to avoid being answerable for their own actions.

8. She would disregard you rather than apologize.
Time after time couples argue and sometimes unconsciously lay off communication in order to clear their heads. Usually one of them ends up apologizing to the other.

A manipulative woman will never initiate an apology even when she’s at fault.

9. She cares less of your happiness.
When a woman cares less of your joy and peace of mind is a sign you don’t want to ignore too.

Manipulative woman sees a man as a tool to be used and a means to an end - sorry guys.
They are naturally selfish. They feel their needs are more important than your happiness. They careless about the effort you put in the relationship as long as they are pleased.

10. You don’t spend quality time together.
In healthy relationships, partners spend more quality time together. This involves both parties investing some amount of time, money and sure- intimacy. Hook ups are cheap and not meant for someone with some level of seriousness.

With reference to #9, as a result to their selfishness would stick with hook ups as a means to satisfy their physical needs.

11. Constant guilt-feeling/reminder.
If your significant other constantly use your emotions to make you do what they want or make you go against your rules by using negative past experience to twist you in their favor is another serious manipulators method.

12. When your problems are insignificant.
A manipulative partner will always side talk your problems. Will make them look irrelevant, less important.

Manipulative people are often selfish!!

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