17 Signs She Likes You But Hides Her Feelings From You

It’s time to find out the truth about her hidden feelings for you. Possibly you really like her but don’t know what to do about those sweet feelings you are having because you’re not sure of the signs she is hiding her feelings for you.


Love has never been as straightforward and easy as many have painted it. Other animals can easily go on a straight line than when it involves two humans.

Love isn’t a straight line. It’s like a boat on the sea, going up and down, side to side, and all you can do is stay put until you arrive at your destination.

Though there are various reasons why ladies hide their feelings from guys like “not sure if the love will be reciprocated”, “or they are shy”, or “if he is the right one for them” and I’m sure you won’t blame them. They could be vulnerable if expressed to the wrong guy, you know!

Hence, understanding the signs she is hiding her feelings for you is so important and it makes it easy for you to approach her.

Like earlier said, it’s easier for you if she does like you but you should not wait trying to figure out if they like you or not. Take a step and see if she has feelings for you.

Direct And Indirect Signs she is hiding her feelings from you

1. Her friends know way too much about you.
Obviously girls talk about guys, but talk highly of the ones they really like when with their friends and even family. This is pretty normal as the same goes for guys.

It’s possible her friends already know everything about you without meeting them. She talks about you at the slightest opportunity. They know who you are; your social media handle, follow you so they monitor who is probably a contestant – smiles.

2. When she’s always there for you-inconveniencing herself.
This is a giveaway sign. It is difficult to be there for someone you don’t care for. She’s the first to text or put a call through when you missed out on an event, or knock at your door just to check on you. Your burden becomes hers and probably cares less of herself but more for you. No matter what, she’s the first one to text you to see how the test or your day went. Bro, if she’s into you, she’ll support you all through.

With reference to #2, body languages are easy signs just if you are observant enough. It’s pretty hard to completely hide this. Body languages are sometimes unconscious, non-verbal means of communication and sometimes used as last resort.

Take note of how she smiles around you. She may play with her hair too, sit near you, or touches you when you talk and shows interest at any topic involving you. She likely won’t do any of these if she didn’t like you.

Most people find it extremely difficult to apologize when they are in the wrong.
If you notice she easily apologize to you could mean she’s in love with you. She doesn’t want to mess things up, so she’s quick to apologize. Possibly she doesn’t have to say sorry, but she can’t help than to say she’s sorry.

5. She’s nervous around you.
With reference to #4, when not at wrong but you discover anytime you are around her, she becomes nervous. This doesn’t mean she’s not confident. It’s an uncontrollable way of expressing emotions sometimes. She’s not sure of what you’d say next or she doesn’t want to say what will probably hurt your feelings for her.

6. She laughs at your jokes even when not funny.
With reference to #5, though nervous around you, yet she laughs to your every joke, including those not funny at all. We usually laugh at jokes from people we find attractive and tease friends when theirs isn’t funny.

Women remember things that they feel are important. Especially when it has to do with emotions. She can tell when there is a slight change in your hairstyle, the way you like your coffee or soup even your writing.
When she remembers your very details, the smallest of things you’ve ever showed her, it’s because those matter to her.

8. Regular eye contact.
With reference to #5, she’s nervous around you yet maintains regular eye contact. When you are talking, she looks straight in your eyes and then shies away when you look back.

Regular eye contact is another way of showing attraction.

If she’s into you, she will always listen when you talk because what you say is of interest to her. When you are in public, maybe with other friends, she’s keener to your sentences or responses and always gives a nod plus a smile to let you know you are on track.

10. She goes on a date with you without shilly-shallying.
Common guys, isn’t this obvious enough? When you ask her out in group or not, and she says: Okay without shilly-shallying, is a typical sign she likes you.

She could be pretty excited about the adventure and gets nervous or shy during your date. But if she agrees on other dates with you, then she obviously likes you on a deeper level.

11. She gets uncomfortable.
Yes, it’s normal for people to get uncomfortable sometimes when they are in front of their love. It doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in you. She’s just nervous to be around you and probably don’t know what to say because she can’t hold her feelings.

12. She’s engaging over text or phone calls.
Just like me, she may be shy in front of you, but when you text or call each other, she’s more engaging.

Some people are more relax texting or talking over phone.

13. She’s jealous of other women around you.
You won’t feel jealous for someone you didn’t like right?
If she gets jealous of other women being around you is also a sign she’s hiding her feelings from you. She might pretend she doesn’t care about them being with you.

Look closely into her eyes, you will see jealousy there. She might talk less, look more serious or want to take a walk for her not to see those women around you.

14. She follows you on social media.
Though not in all cases, she might not respond to your comments or post but follows closely by checking your photos on facebook, reads your tweets and watches your instagram stories.

15. She compote herself around you.
In contrast to #11, if you observe she’s always compote around you could also be a sign. Possibly she now understands your temperament and wants to present herself accessible and not hard to get as most guys will think.

16. She spices up her style.
If you’re used to seeing her dress every day like who cares, but recently, she’s been dressing a pretty nicer, it could be because of you. You just wouldn’t know until you take a closer look because it is also possible she met someone. But if you just met and now she’s spending more time on her looks, could mean she has feelings for you.

With reference to #11, this is a sign of nervousness. The difference is that she’ll like play with her hair only when she sees you and can’t talk with you. So she try to get your attention by playing with her hair. In most cases, it’s actually subconscious and girly.

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