11 Little Things You Do That Can End Your Relationship

Every little positive effort we put into our relationship determines how rosy it will be. But have you thought of those little things that could also make it break up?

things that could end a healthy relationship

Most often at the beginning of our relationship or while still dating, we easily understand what our partner loves and go all out to ensure we do just that to keep them happy and wanting more and we let those little foxes creep in unknowingly.
If couples will take time after time to review their relationship, they will quickly observe these little things they do or say that could lead to an abrupt end of their ones loving relationship. Most often these can be traced to familiarity and that is why healthy boundaries are needed in relationships and sometimes personal space.
Here are the 11 little things that can cause a breakup
1. Decision making
Why are you in a relationship if you cannot help your partner make decisions? Leaving your partner to take all the decisions themselves is not healthy. Soon they will start asking of your value to their lives. Relationship is partnership and when in a relationship, you should make better decisions with the help of your partner.
2. Laziness
This is really self-explanatory. Some people feel their partner is equivalent to the maid. They are unable to distinguish between their help and their partner. They want every single thing in the house done for them. What is your worth in that relationship if you can’t assist your spouse with little things that really count? Some are even lazy to have their bath.
3. Unnecessary jokes
Jokes are good. They help you ease stress sometimes but not when it has to do with your partner’s emotions. Making jokes about your partner in the presence of your family and friends could really hurt their feelings thereby making them feel insure which may lead to relationship anxiety.
4. Dates
Dates are as important as a woman’s make-over. You don’t joke with important dates if you really want to keep your relationship. You must make conscious effort to remember important dates like anniversaries and birthdays. You could use reminders if necessary.
5. Quality complements
The day you separate quality complements from your relationship, the day your relationship ended, yet you don’t know. Complements in relationships are never ending. It shows how much you cherish your partners beauty, their efforts in the home, their contribution to your life in general, for the nice food etc.
6. Unnoticed appearances/changes
If you stop acknowledging the little changes in the look of your partner, someone else will. Things like the new haircut/hair style, clean shave, a new dress or new pair of shoes. You stop noticing these could be harmful to your relationship.
7. Encouragement
We get discourage at varying times. Ensure to encourage one another else your relationship is at the verge.
8. Lack of interest in your partners hobby
No relationship stands the test of time if both partners don’t take interest in one another’s hobby. Having interest in your partner’s hobby encourages them to keep doing what they do and you love them at what they do. The day you stop this, your relationship starts crumbling.
9. Mocking comments
Mocking comments are disgusting. They are irritating and if you start giving your partner mocking comments on what they said too often means your relationship is nose diving pretty fast.
10. Complains
Yes as humans we must complain about what we don’t like. The key issue is how we complain. Do you complain with intentions of hurting your partner? They know and just waiting like time bomb to explode.
11. Kisses
If you don’t peck or kiss good morning, then you and your partner are slowly drifting away.
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