9 Early Signs of a Possessive Man You Don't Want to Overlook

It is essential to know that relationships are partnership and not ownership. In the past, men did own women like owning properties.

possessive man in relationship

Fortunately, women have come far in our freedom. Apparently, some men still don’t realize that both sexes are equal. One cannot and will not own the other like properties they acquired.

Because relationship is partnership, every decision in the relationship must be in agreement. Nothing should be imposed on the other. Both parties must communicate properly to have a healthy relationship. Nobody’s idea is inferior else you are in for serious trouble.

So, if you notice these early signs of a possessive man, it is better to get out before it gets bad.

Ever wondered why some men are possessive? Does it really count in relationship? You might have asked yourself these questions and even more. Strangely, they really count for a healthy and balanced relationship. When a man acts as if he has the right to control you or own you, he isn’t worth trying to figure out. It is possible your man has trust issues or just insanely jealous or he is afraid of abandonment due to past experiences or even background. Background includes cultural values. Does that excuse possessive behavior? A big NO.

Note that this is different from been submissive to your husband. There is a thin line between this two. Probably it will be a topic for another day.

You must be observant from the onset because guys that know they are possessive will try as much as possible to hide this trait from you at the early stage of your relationship but it won’t be long.

The early signs of a possessive man

The best way to avoid a possessive man is to know that he is one before it is too late. Knowing these signs will save you a lot of trouble and unnecessary painful heartbreaks,

It is difficult to catch a manipulative guy. They are often so good at manipulating people that you don’t realize it if careful lies or sweet talks are not taken seriously. Manipulative people will continue to be manipulative because they feel it works for them. They also employ this method in dealing with every other person they come in contact with. More signs to know he is manipulating you includes: If you questioned his trustworthiness and he turned it around and you end up apologizing is a good sign he is manipulating you. If he guilt’s you into anything he is manipulating you. If he uses his love or worry for you as a reason to keep you to himself, he is manipulating you. If he uses your age to marrying you “you don’t have time on your side”, he is manipulating you.

2. He is jealous

Jealousy is something a lot of people deal with at one point or the other in their life time. It is an unconscious inbuilt tendency that we need to consciously deal with it. Jealousy has varying levels and if you’ve been cheated on, you probably get it. A person with slight trust issue may worry about your best male friend. The difference between just a jealous guy and a possessive guy is that a possessive guy will do more than question.

A possessive guy plus jealous guy will want to check your phone records, check your social media chats, stops you from having male friends or make you block them on social media.

3. He interrupts you

Interrupting people when they are talking is rude and also annoying. If he interrupts you (in a rude way) when you’re with other people, especially opposite sex is a giveaway sign he is possessive and definitely get worse. If you’re at a party and went over to talk to some people and he hovers around you or if he pulls you away from among your friends, is also a sign that he is possessive.

The flag becomes really red (Read Red Flags In Relationship) if he does this while you are talking with your girlfriends. He is trying to shut you out of other relationships. This could lead to emotional problems.

4. He like being the first

It is necessary to have trusted friends around and hangout with them time after time. Therefore, if he keeps preventing you from hanging out with your friends, seeing your parents or siblings just to have you to himself is another silent sign he is possessive and not a love sign.

5. He wants to know who you’re with

It is sweet to check-in on our loved ones. So if he calls you when you’re not together to find out what you’re doing is okay. He’s checking in. But if he is calling too frequent and always asking who you’re with, is a sign of a possessive guy.

The feelings you get like someone is watching you is what you will always get in this kind of relationship. There will be no space to breathe at all. If he can’t reach you via your phone, it becomes an issue, not considering what led to the unavailability of your phone.
Healthy relationship is built on trust and communication.
6. No talking with the girls about your relationship
As relationship grows, meeting friends and family is important. If you are at the point of introducing one another to your friends and family but he doesn’t want to meet yours is a bug issue and should not be taken lightly. Friends are like scanning devices. They can see what you may be blind to for obvious reasons. You should run from a guy who slowly drifts you away from your good friends. If he tells you your friends are not worth your effort means he is sure possessive.
This is what many ladies are struggling with in their relationships. He always want you to prove your loyalty but he doesn’t. He might not return your calls for several hours and some even days and yet it is not a big deal. But you missed is call?...
Also, in relationship, compromises are inevitable. Both partners must compromise when necessary. But if you are the only one compromising for him or for your relationship, then you should have a rethink.
8. He wants you to be private
Some guys could be pretty funny. If you noticed he doesn’t want you hanging out with your friends, he doesn’t want you gossiping about him or your relationship to anyone. But he also wants everyone to know you are together, or that you are his is another major sign you should not ignore. One of the ways they do this is to instruct or insist you always use both of your pictures for every social media account you have so the whole world will know you are his while he does reciprocate.
9. He comes gentle
This should have been number one on this list. But notwithstanding, this is how these guys pin you down and make you susceptible. A possessive man can seem cool at first (a perfect gentleman). He may open your door, serve you tea on bed, make meals, do the dishes, insist on paying for every single purchase, and so on. They make you so comfortable and rely on them and this could make you blind to so many wrongs.
The earlier you notice these signs, the better for your emotions.
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