Best Compliments for Your Partner that Work Like Charm

Giving your partner a compliment regarding their look is always an easy way out, but some partners want more than that. You might need to dig a little deeper if you really want to impress them.


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The best compliments for your partner

Some partners are harder to get and require strategically crafted compliments but it will be worth it in the long run.

You don’t need to be a romantic hero or highly creative to use the compiled list of compliments below. But just be true about your expressions. They are well crafted and selected to catch any ones attention.

1. You are my all in all.
Everyone loves to be appreciated. We want to know we are the only one in our partners’ life. Though it sounds old but still effective. It all depends on how you use it. Telling your partner they’re everything tells them they’re exceptionally appreciated in your life. And this speaks volumes about how you feel about them.

2. I miss you.
This is a compliment that doesn’t sound like one on the surface, but these words melts every heart when said with meaning. Your partner went on a business trip or just isn’t around and you really miss them, let them know. It’s also a way to let them know you appreciate their presence in your life and that nothing can fill that void except them.

3. I wish you were here with me.
With reference to #2 above, everybody likes to feel appreciated and missed when they are not around. Perhaps, you did something that you wish they were there to either witness or you did it for them or you burnt your dinner, whatever the reason may be, telling them you wish they were there with you makes them feel important to you.

4. You make me feel comfy.
Having a partner with a comfortable presence is great. Not everyone brings a comfortable atmosphere. Some presence could be really annoying. There is so much stress and anxiety in our world today. Hence to be told that you relieve someone of that nervousness is a wonderful feeling.

5. You have an amazingly beautiful soul.
This sounds creepy, right? It’s a beautiful compliment to give your partner. It has a deeper meaning of body, soul and spirit. It speaks much more than their physical appearance or individuality. It’s everything about them.

6. I love your taste of music.
With reference with #5, music is food for the soul. Music tells a lot about your personality. The type of music you listen to says a lot about who you really are. This compliment is way deeper than the surface. It speaks to your values, style, and life experiences and this compliments also mean your partner really know you.

7. I love the way you laugh.
It’s a big deal when someone compliments the way you laugh because not everyone is confident in their laugh. This has really come to stay because it works every time.

8. You’re constantly there for me.
This sounds like thank you pal, but it’s a good compliment. This compliment means they are warm individual you would love to spend quality time with. It also means they care about other people more than themselves. This compliment makes everyone feel respected and as well appreciated.

If you make futuristic plans with someone, it means something to them if they agree with the plan. Even if it was said casually and say that it would be cool if they went with you, they still appreciates it.

If you show interest in sharing any moment with someone, they’ll be interested and want to spend more time with you.

This compliment is a pointer that you want them around for longer than this moment.

10. You’re so adorable.
This doesn’t work only for ladies but also does magic to gents. Everyone loves to be adored. It means your partner is sweet, they’re gorgeous and are really charming. In this case, your size doesn’t matter but your spirit.

11. Something just reminded me of you.
This is real and super flattering. It’s natural to be reminded of your significant other when you spend quality time together. Things begin to remind you of them.

So if you go about your daily routine and something reminds you of them, be kind enough to tell them about it. If possible that exact moment. Knowing you think about them during your busy schedule means a lot and you’re truly interested in them.

With reference to #4, we like feeling like we make our partner calm/comfortable. Since it’s difficult to open up to everyone and talk about your feelings, if you tell your partner that talking with them is effortless, they’ll feel really special and accomplished in the mission of making you talk. It sounds ridiculous though, but works like charm.

13. My friends and family like you.
Hmmm; what better compliment than this? This compliment makes your partner a winner if loved by your family and friends. 

14. You look nice.
This compliment isn’t only for ladies. It works like magic too especially when not expected. We don’t easily notice when our partner has a new hairdo or cut, or a nice shave. But when you make effort to compliment their looks, they’ll be taken by surprise because this isn’t something that they hear always.

15. You’re strong.
For ladies, not all of them like to be called cute. Chances are that they’ll like to be called strong. You could try. But everyone love to be called strong.

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