13 Surprising Bodily Traits Men Look For In A Woman

It's worth noting that there’re a few personality traits that men subconsciously seek in their women while making choices. Some of these traits are really confusing and quite interesting all together.

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A deep study at the University of Newcastle established that most men prefer women who show empathy and agree-ability because of the role women has played in social stability and alliances.

A further study on women proved that naturally or unknowingly, men prefer women who are moderately anxious because that shows that she’ll worry about the welfare of their kids and the entire family and therefore indicates they’ll be better mothers and wives.

On the general note, when a man is asked what he looks for in his future significant other, he’ll most likely say a cute lady, pretty face, nice butt, pointed nose, average to big boobs, straight legs, a well toned lady etc. scientifically, there’re several other attributes that most men are unconsciously watching out for in a woman that literally come as a surprise to both sexes when pointed out.

With this psychological insight, you’ll discover that men are far more complex than we thought and could have more desires than we could have imagined.

Here are the 9 surprising physical traits men watch out for in a woman

1. Beautiful long and shining hair
Note that there’re plenty of exceptions to this rule. You might not want a long hair for personal reasons but read on!

Studies have proven that men naturally are drawn to women with long, thick lustrous hair. That long and lustrous hair tells a lot about the vitality of a woman, which also indicates high level of fertility.

A woman’s hair is one of the physical attractiveness easily seen and appreciated by men.
one-of the-things-men-love-to-see-in-their-partner

2. High – pitched voices
In the university College London, researchers had voices of males and females prerecorded and asked participants to rate the attractiveness of the voices. After awhile changed the pitch and pitch slope of the voices and asked the same participants which voices were most attractive.

It was gathered that the men preferred high-pitched voices while the women preferred low-pitched voices.

The study further revealed that men prefer high-pitched voices, because they’re linked with higher levels of energy and are widely perceived as feminine.
It was also discovered that body size played a significant role in voice pitch. High-pitched voices suggested smaller body size, while low-pitched voices suggested bigger body size and this is why women prefer men with low-pitched voices.

If you are familiar with National Geographic wild, you’ll see that this is true in the wild. A deep roar in the wild suggest a larger animal e.g. Tiger, while a low pure or tiny/high-pitched tone like a buzz from an insect suggests a smaller size and submissiveness animal.

Could this be associated to the reason men prefer high-pitched voices?

3. More smiles
"Don't frown: You never know who is falling in love with your smile."
Smiling indicates your over all well-being and makes you look much more attractive than a frowning face.


The truth is that a smiling female is by far more approachable than a frowning one. No one likes rejection and a smile is a very inviting way for a female to indicate to a male that it is safe to approach her while a frowning face is probably a no go area except the guy wants to give it a try.

Smiling faces generally indicates friendliness and agree-ability, which is also more attractive to men when it comes to compatibility and procreation. So go ahead and smile.

4. Waist to hip ratio of 7:10 or with sight difference

Most men prefer women with wide hips. In the past, many taught it was a cultural thing but scientist have been able to prove reasons why men actually prefer women with wide hips, but it’s really not easy to determine this.

The report: According to scientists, men specifically prefer a waist to hip ratio of 7:10. They believe this ratio is the perfect one for childbearing.

On the other hand, they concluded that less than that may suggest that the female is not suited for childbirth, while bigger than that could suggest fertility issues relating to obese. This is also not easy to determine.

It will shock you that most men don’t understand this or recognize that they are specifically searching for this particular ratio. It’s in their subconscious and just like what they see and want more of it when they’re looking at Kardashian and Nicki Minaj.

5. Lesser makeup

Who doesn’t like natural beauty? Its breathtaking to see a beautiful woman with no aid from makeup kits.

Men really like significantly lesser makeup than most women would expect. This is so because it is a good indicator of what traits may be passed on to their children, how cute their offspring will look or the other way around.

To buttress this, a write up from the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, found that men and women who wore less makeup are more attractive than those wearing more makeup. The study also reveal that men and women both seemed to agree on the same amount of makeup they found attractive, despite women believing that men preferred more makeup.

This connotes that women should focus on other things instead of spending countless hours standing in front of a mirror, spending chunk of their money on makeup kits and making up while driving – lesser makeup.

6. Spine/backbone
Dr. David Lewis at Turkey's Bilkent University observes, "Men who think they like big bottoms may actually be more into spines. Men may be directing their attention to the butt and obtaining information about women's spines unknowingly to them”.

Most o the men used for the research preferred women with a curvature of 45.50, perhaps because it made their butts appear bigger.

Now we all know that men tend to have a preference for big butts, but that is not entirely true. Scientist have discovered that men prefer big bottoms that are created by spinal curve instead of fat. Bottoms from spinal curve are more favored by men because its more natural and firm to behold.

7. Red color

Do you remember “the lady in red”? By Chris de Burgh. “I have never seen you shine so bright”, “I have never seen those dress you are wearing”, “She’s dancing with me, cheek to cheek”, “I’ve never seen you so gorgeous”’ “when you turn to look at me with a smile ,you took my breath away”.

Ladies look hot on red especially dinner wear on high heels. This is strange but apparently true.

Daniela Niesta and Andrew Elliot suggest that men may be biologically predisposed to be attracted to the color red. Is this why I love red cars?

Go out and buy the sexiest red dress and heels you can find. Maybe even some red lipstick but remember to apply little with reference to #5.

8. Big eyes

Surprised right? But research reveals that men find women with larger eyes to be more attractive. Big eyes are equated to femininity and it is linked to long-term health and reproductive potential. This is because hug eyes are signs of high level of estrogen which indicates ease with conception than those with lower levels.

9. Symmetrical faces

Symmetrical faces may not be very common but guys find them more appealing since they’re rare. This has to do with natural beauty and of cause, good genes. And the better genes women have, the healthier babies they will have.

10. High energy levels

Studies have shown that men are interested in women who have characteristics that make them appear energetic.

High energy levels are related to the general health of a person; hence a female with high energy levels would be a good catch for procreation.

11. Average looks
Studies have shown that most ladies aim to be above average, unfortunately, average is exactly what men are looking for.

In searching for our soul mate, according to a psychologist at the University of Toronto “Dr Kang Lee”, "basically what our brain does is we go around in our environment, picking up people’s faces and making the average out of these faces we see on a daily basis.

Dr Kang Lee - we actually have in our head a representation of the average of the faces we’ve collected from our environment at different times. So most guys will subconsciously be attracted to women with average looks rather than the more super gorgeous ones.

Features: A study from Spain show that men prefer women with average features like her color, shapes of their face, and her size. Though there’re exceptions to this.

12. Body scent
Hmmmm, I love sniffing. I guess this should have come first.
You must have heard of pheromones. But if you probably haven’t, pheromone is a chemical signal released from our bodies. Now you know why he is sniffing your body!

The good news is that men actually use scent to choose women who have better immune systems than they do. Though other scent like body spray can interfere with this.

That’s why it's good to keep neat at all times. Do all you can to prevent body odor because that alone will put numerous guys off. The moment they perceive this offensive scent, they’ll conclude she’s not descent or lacks personal hygiene.

Note that females do exactly the same thing as guys. They indirectly put pheromones to use while getting to know their partner. “he smells good…”
Fruity scents are really inviting. Wink!!

13. If she is ovulating

In 2009, Saul Miller and Jon Maner carried out a study in which men were asked to sniff the dirty t-shirts of women in different phases of their menstrual cycle, the men who smelled the shirts of ovulating women were found to have higher testosterone levels than men who sniffed the shirts of non-ovulating women.

This is achievable by the help of pheromones which is the fluid released by the body resulting to bodily scent.

With the above information, it should come as no surprise that men are more attracted to women when they are at the peck of ovulation.

Next time you’re ovulating, take a close observation how men interact with you.

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