14 Things She is Yearning To Hear You Say

When it comes to attracting and staying connected to your partner, knowing when and what they want you to say can be really helpful.


Knowing what to specifically tell her can make your relationship stronger. You just have to be true with every word you say to her. The level of honesty in your words and can be seen in the way you tell her those things she loves to hear.

In essence, it is more than just telling your partner what she wants to hear you say. If you want a positive response, then you must be sincere about your words and use them rightly and timely.

Note that there are things women collectively want to hear their man say and you could also use these words to fit your significant other. The difference is that being genuine puts a distinctive mark on you than just saying something nice because everyone says something nice.

Remember you can say those things women generally like to hear, but you can’t joke with it. She can tell if you do and will eventually hurt her – the relationship instead of making it stronger.

Knowing your partner thoroughly is a key component here. You should focus on knowing her well enough first so you can tailor each thing ladies like to hear to meet her specifically. Every woman is different and not all of them feel the same way about a particular compliment but largely, the following are the things women like to hear their man say.

What do girls like to hear?

You can never go wrong when telling her she’s smart. You won’t tell her she’s smart if she didn’t do anything smart right? All you must put to consideration is when to and make sure it’s sincere. The best time will be the actual moment you realize what she did was smart. Don’t keep it for a latter time, else it’ll mean less to her. If you make your partner feel smart, she’ll be way happier than you can imagine and of cause, it reflects in the relationship.

2. That she’s unique.
With reference to #1, who doesn’t want to feel special in some ones life? Every woman want to feel this way in a mans life. They want to be seen as smart and unique unlike any other girl you’ve met. To make this compliment effective, it’s necessary to tell her and then go into detail about what make her unique from other women and it’ll mean much more than you can ever imagine.

3. That you care about her.
Hmmm, who doesn’t want to be smart, unique and also know her man cares about her? Most guys hardly admit they care for a woman but when you carefully study the way they relate to this particular woman, you just can’t help but conclude they seriously care for her.

Unlike #2, you absolutely don’t need to go into details about how much you care for her but your actions will prove what you say.

4. That you admire her dreams and aspirations.
Does she have dreams and aspirations? I asked because not everyone flow on this level. Hence, she must be among the category of those with dreams and aspirations before complimenting her with this else it’ll result to more conflict in the relationship.

By and large, an ambitious person loves to hear this compliment. It keeps them going and hearing this from you will have a significant effect on the relationship.

5. That you love her outlook on life.
A person with dreams and aspirations must have certain outlook on life. Do you know her outlook? If you do that’s great because this compliment is to a person’s very being/ their heart. It’s who they really are deep within and how they view life in general and not only when they’re financially stable.

This could also mean a lot to her like your compatibility when it comes to those very details about life.

6. That she’s beautiful inside out.
On the whole, you want her to know she’s beautiful on the outside and even more so, on the inside. Show appreciation of her personality and less about her body.
Why so? Because her body can change without prior warning. Then what will you love about her? Genetics is responsible for that though. Hence look for her strong personality and appreciate that.

7. That she’s precedence to you.
This compliment is extremely powerful especially when you’re trying to prove to her that you’re committed to her. Go ahead and tell her she’s a priority to you.
Every woman feels tingled when they hear they top your list of priorities. It shows how much you truly care. All it takes is for you to mean every bit of what you say.

8. That you want to support her dreams.
With reference to #4, it’s one thing to say this and it’s another to act on it. Though generally, women love to hear this and a lot of guys have taken this for granted. They say I’ll support you but do nothing about it. She needs to see the action go along with your professed support for her.

Be there for her when she needs to be motivated and help out if need be. Supporting her dreams could simply mean telling her “she can do it”, “go honey, you’re doing great”, “I love your performance today, it was amazing”, “you’ve improved greatly in your piano lessons” etc. Sometimes it could mean financial commitment, don’t shy away, just put in your little effort.

With reference to #8, the simplest way of supporting her dreams is to be there for her, especially when needed the most. Every woman wants this level commitment from their man.

This compliment will make her feel more secure and loved. She’ll also realize how much you want her in your life.

10. That you value her.
She probably does a lot for you than you know. Take time out to see for yourself. And if she does, don’t hesitate to let her know how much you value her in your life. It means a lot more when you tell her how much you value her in your life and in the relationship. Thank you is important, but telling her how much you value all she does for you is key that opens other doors.

She really loves to hear this. It’s best when it comes as a surprise. Guys are mostly carried away with work and other things leaving her with the responsibility to make plans for you both.

Walk up to her and tell her you’ve got a surprise date night for just two. She’ll be all smiles, relaxed and loved.

I just can’t stop smiling…

12. That you appreciate her best quality.
With reference to #6, appreciate her very best quality and nothing physical. Again, women cannot control what they look like but can control their orientation of life and other qualities.

This might sound funny to you, but women appreciate this. Women love to talk while their man listens. It’s in the DNA of women to talk and when you aren’t listening, could result to relationship complications.

It’s a big deal to a woman when her man gives up his time to listen to them. Telling her you’re willing to listen anytime will make her feel loved, cared for and really special.

All it takes is to be available when she wants to talk. It’s that simple.

14. That you want her counsel/advice.
This is really awesome when you tell her you seek her opinion on a matter. In general, men don’t like asking for help. They love to sought things out themselves.

But to make her feel special, seek her opinion and she’ll feel loved and valued and you just might be astonished by how much she’ll be able to help out.
It’s one thing to be attracted to a person and it’s another to stay connected to them. 

Most of the things we say will either connect us or disconnect us from our partner.

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