Daddy Kink: What It Is And How It Works

If you’re into daddy kink, how do you even get started? How do you find the right daddy for yourself? When it comes to daddy kinks, it is usually misunderstood. Many believe if you’re looking for a “daddy figure,” you have personal issues with your biological father and you’re looking for a father-type figure in your intimate relationship to help ease the pains. When it comes to daddy kinks, people have them for different reasons, it does not necessarily have anything to do with their parental relationship.


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Different things turn different people on, right? For some, the idea of calling someone “daddy” and being dominated is awesome and for some, it is totally useless.

The truth is, as long as everyone is consenting, enjoying and no one is getting hurt by whatever they feel turns them, there’s no cause for alarm with enjoying a spot of daddy kink.

You probably must have heard ladies call their men daddy. Either as a result of their tribe or not, there is also a sexual part of it.

What exactly is daddy kink?

There are so many terms floating around these days that it’s hard to keep up with what they mean.

Daddy kink is actually a sexual thing. It is when a lady enjoys being dominated by someone not necessary way older than they are. And they call him “daddy.” Again, this has nothing to do with their own relationship with their biological father or stepdad! This is completely different.

“Daddy” here can be a father to someone, or they can be without children, but in most cases, older. It also has nothing to do with fertility but everything to do with role play.

Dom stands for dominant. And in daddy kink, dominance is key. The “daddy” is a subcategory he chooses to live his life as within the dominance space. He must also enjoy being a daddy and plays the role real good.

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Note that a daddy dom isn’t someone who’s interested in incest, neither is he a pedophilia. Rather, a daddy dom is someone who likes to be called “Daddy, big daddy, etc” while his submissive is called “girl”, “little angel” or “little girl.” It’s not very often you’ll find a daddy dom who calls their submissive “daughter.”

If you’re a lady keen to trying daddy kink for yourself, you’ll first need to find yourself the right daddy for yourself.

Here are some of the characteristics to look out for in a prospective “daddy kink”.

Daddy kink is basically a dominant-submissive relationship between two consenting adults. So, what should you look for in a daddy kink?

1. He’s emotionally grown-up.

Not all grown-ups are emotionally mature. You’re looking for a daddy, not someone who throws a tantrum when their name is wrongly spelt on the register.

When looking for a daddy, talk to him. See what his experience has been like with other people, (girls/boys). Get a sense of his emotional maturity, and if it’s at a level you need it to be, tic it on your checklist.

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2. He has his life together.

A daddy kink isn’t someone who doesn’t know how to keep a job longer than a month and lives in his parent’s house. Common, a daddy kink is an independent person who has, generally, a stable life. He’s grounded, and he knows who he is and what he wants out of life. A daddy kink is a real man with a sense of daddy in him. He is a protector and a provider. He knows when to stomp his feet and when to pamper his “little girl”.

3. They’ve been around for ages.

Whatever may be the nature of your relationship, the bottom line is that they’ve been around for ages. In an ideal world, you want your daddy to have some life experiences right? If you’re in a daddy-girl relationship, your dominant should be able to share their life experiences with you and help guide you through life in general.

4. You feel in safe hands.

Whenever you’re around him, you aren’t thinking about whether or not he’s going to screw you over. You feel safe and secure in his presence. A daddy dom should be someone you see as providing you the safe space you ever need.

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5. He has experience.

You can always have a daddy who doesn’t have any much sexual experience within his specific kink. Usually, if you’re new to this, it’s best to be with someone who has this kink experience.

That way, you can learn the rules of this kink properly. A skilled dominant is always a good option in dating an older guy.

6. You’re well-matched.

Having a daddy kink is great, but you need to also ensure you’re compatible sexually. He may check off everything from your list, but when it comes to the bedroom, there’s no chemistry. Make sure you’re both on the same page with your sexual interests and needs.

7. He doesn’t over play his role.

Sometimes, daddy doms get a little too invested in their role and over play it. It’s never healthy to overplay a role in the kink community, including the daddy dom. You don’t want to form a codependent relationship with your daddy and if you notice it’s becoming too much, talk about it with them.

8. He takes care of you.

I don’t mean he pays your bills and buys you expensive clothing. But, if he does that, it’s fine. A daddy dom should be someone who cares about your general well-being. He makes sure you’re okay and is naturally a caretaker. He wants to make sure you’re out of harm's way.

9. Your conversation is great.

Yes, your daddy dom is someone who’s going to protect you, and guide you through life, but he’s also someone you can talk to. And it’s not as though the conversation is forced.

You can stay on the phone for hours or sit together on the couch discussing world events.

10. You can communicate openly.

With reference to #9, this is so important in any relationship but in a situation such as this, being able to talk openly is even more important. You need to be able to tell him when you don’t like something, when you do like something, or when you’re concerned about anything.

11. He’s trustworthy.

You want a daddy dom who’s going to be there for you when he says he will. A daddy dom is someone who will address your needs and be a rock in your life. Whenever you need something, he’ll be there for you.

12. He supports and inspires you.

Sometimes, we get tired and want to give up. It happens to the best of us; life isn’t a walk in the park. Your daddy dom should encourage you to keep going and be your support when times are rough. Else, he doesn’t fit in.

13. You see each other as besties.

Being in a daddy-girl relationship is more than just having someone to protect and care for you. Should be someone you see yourself being friends with and vice versa. You can share your personal life together and have his guidance and support all the way.

Note that anyone could be your daddy kink if they accept the role of a daddy.

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