Why Is Love So Complicated

Complicated love? Love doesn’t have to be difficult and it is not always that way.Though there are reasons why love may seem complicated and some of these reasons will surprise you, while others won’t.


To find out some reasons why love can be complicated, stick around.

Reasons why love is complicated

1. Technological advancement.
Surprise!!! Yes, technology. This is surprisingly one of the reasons why love could become complicated at times. The more aware we become technologically, the more people get attached to their devices.

So many people cannot do without their smart-phones and other intelligent devices. In fact, they value them more than physical relationship with another person as if they were attached to their devices by the hip.

You need to be careful when getting into a new relationship and if you are in one already, you really should check your use of technology because it can sometimes get in the way of your relationship.

You might be on the phone chatting with your friend while your significant other needs your attention. Your inability to put your chat on hold that moment could result to a lot of things like insecurity in the part of your partner thereby leading to complications in your relationship.

2. Age gap in-tech.
With reference with (1), difference in technology age could also result to complications in relationship. If you are well advanced in the use of various devices and your partner isn’t, it could be dangerous for your relationship. It can also result to jealousy from their part. They could misinterpret it as unfaithfulness. They feel you are on phone chatting or flirting with someone else.

It is advised to date someone who is at same level with you or a little above or below yours when it comes to the use of technology. You might think it doesn’t matter now until you are into the relationship.

3. Past experiences.
Ones past plays a significant role in how much healthy your relationship can be. Negative past experiences ranging from child molestation, rape, abusive parents or partners can make loving complicated.

Sometimes people, who had one bad relationship after another, can easily bring baggage ‘unclear thoughts and emotions’ into their next relationship.
In the advent of this, regardless of how good, loving and respected they are treated or how much they care about their significant other, due to their negative mind set or pre thoughts, they may eventually make their relationship complicated.

4. Indecision or wavering.
Some people just get things complicated themselves. They don’t really know why they complicate things, and this altitude always gets them involved in unstable relationship or makes once pleasant relationship turn upside-down.

In other words, love is complicated because a partner is frequently changing their mind. One minute they say or do what’s right and the next they don’t. Their mood can’t be predicted. They are happy this moment and the next they are something else.

5. Things move swiftly
Love can be so complicated especially when things very fast between two people.
When in love, your judgment over a thing could be clouded. You may overlook behaviors or things you shouldn’t because of the swift movement of things between you too. You may think this is not a big deal, but could be a deal breaker if deep within, you don’t want things to move at the pace they are currently moving.

Your inability to communicate this to your significant other could result to complications later in the relationship when you take all the decision to slow things down.

6. Deceit.
This is also a serious red flag you don’t want to overlook in a relationship. This has caused a lot of heart breaks recently. People claim to be in love and yet lie about so many things just to get married. Some lie about their financial status, health status etc.

The moment your significant other realizes you deceived them into the relationship, they start feeling bad and may respond with negative responses and possibly breakups.

There are few reasons why love is complicated. However, you want to guide against the above listed to have a sweet relationship.

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