7 Reasons Why Men Hate Talking On The Phone

Most ladies love long phone conversations but remember that your significant other may not always like it. You so much love speaking over the phone, unfortunately, the man in your life doesn’t dream of doing so.


You may ask: what is the real reason behind why men hate talking on the phone.

Most often ladies quickly jump to conclusion that it’s because the guy doesn’t like her, but that’s almost always not true.

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Here is the reason why men hate talking on the phone - To be quite honest it’s because of just one simple truth: WE DON’T WANT TO!

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Here are the reasons why men hate long phone talks

Now from the ladies point of view -

Hey honey, why don’t you call? Is your cell phone low on battery or you suddenly forgot I existed or you just want to ignore me on the grounds that you are busy or too tied to dial me?

whichever, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Straight up dear: he didn’t call because he didn’t want to.

Though there isn’t much difference between men and women when it comes to phone manners, we just have different mindset of its use.

From a gentleman’s point of view

Note that men love talking on the phone just that their points of view is totally different from that of a woman.

Women are wired to talk and they love talking about a lot of things and sometimes at the same time. While men usually like talking about what’s relevant to them in particular and one at a time. So we can’t really hold anyone responsible here right? As much as ladies hate the fact that men don’t like talking over the phone with them, it is paramount to let you know that men hate the fact that women go a-wire when they have a phone in their hands – especially a new phone.


1. Men lose their confidence
Do you know men easily panic over phone conversations? Most men would prefer a face on conversation than over the phone. They can easily predict your mood and determine how severe the topic is when they can see your face.

Men like being in control, they like to determine the mood and once they find themselves in a corner with talks that have no plain path, they lose their confidence. When a man loses his confidence , he just wouldn’t know what to say anymore, and that makes it even worse because you will feel you are talking to yourself.


Obviously, how much do you think a man can say when you put in plain words how hectic your day was for several minutes probably ½ an hour? To make you think you are on same page, all he will do is give a nod without thinking and eventually a out of tune sign like frequent hun? What did you say? Emm etc

2. Men are just not into phones but gadgets
Ladies have a problem trying to understand this important aspect of a man. Most men are not into using phones for long durations. They like answering short calls more often than longer ones. They easily get bored on long calls.

For example: “Hello …Hi. optimistic, meeting at Ten. Okay, got that. Yeah, I’m in. how was the negotiation, we nailed it. Excellent, thanks man.’ For a real man, few seconds call is the ideal definition of a good detailed long phone call. Dig?

3. Some are worried
Serious conversations over the phone, not “Hey, what’s up? Have you had dinner” conversations require more mental work than communicating in real-time/life. You are probably having imaginations of the person’s body language and have no face to look at. All that is at your disposal is a tiny 
voice at the other end.

Men can lose their confidence pretty fast in these challenging situations because phone conversations are entirely about what one says, rather than what one does (body language). Most men become worried that they will say something wrong and likely disappoint you, and trust me, they really don’t want to disappoint you. Would you rather be disappointed?

4. Men are bored of repetitions
Tell me this ‘how much would have changed in your life within the past few minutes or hours that require phone call’? Also, what can men chat with women on an hourly or even less than hourly basis? Virtually all phone conversations consist of series of repetitions of “Hey boo, what’s up?” “Hey honey, what are you doing right now?” Hi love, just want to say hi.

Conclusion drawn by most men is that phones should only be used when there is something really important to say else you are becoming a pain in the *** and this doesn’t mean you are not loved.

It is good to keep in touch though and a call every now and then to say “hey love, what’s up?” is very sweet, but asking your significant other to talk about something beyond that could be nightmare.

5. Some are shy
Funny but true: there are men who fall into this group. Though they may be on phone for long with their friends (guys) but when it comes to a girl who’s a dating/wife potential, they become shy and mutter words. The fact here is that most men are shy to talk to women over the phone for long periods and that doesn’t mean they don’t care.

6. He has other important things to do than a long phone call
Truth be told. Do you know what he is doing that moment you called? Don’t be surprised to hear this. A man has a lot of other things to do than just sit down and chat with a woman all day long.


Men will remain men because when men talk, they talk about the issue at hand and will rather not digress from it until a conclusion is reached.
On the other hand, when most women talk, they tend to meander and spread out the issue like chess and butter. Go straight to the point especially on phone calls because you don’t what he is doing and how important that thing is to him that moment.

Give your man some personal space ladies. He needs it.

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7. You think he doesn’t love you anymore
This is probably the least motive for a man to avoid your calls. If he doesn’t love you, he will tell you so and not by avoiding your calls.

“Men hardly hate a woman. They only dislike talking too much over the phone especially if it doesn’t add / make them productive that moment”.

Though most women think this is the reason once he doesn’t pick up, it is best you don’t ever assume that he doesn’t want to speak to you, unless you’re convinced it’s none of the other reasons mentioned above.

Is it such a big deal?

Well, unless it is the last reason #7 where he really doesn’t love you anymore, then you should not have a problem with the scarcity of his calls or his avoidance of your calls. But then, it will be hard to determine the category your significant other falls into. Reasons are, he’s not going to accept that he doesn’t like speaking with you over the phone.

Men: their phone misery

Men really want women to know they truly care, but they just can’t use lengthy calls to express their love for their woman. This could be hard for a woman to believe or understand, but here are a few men heartfelt confessions.

1. Work hours
Work hours for me is critical because any form of lost of concentration could mean disaster for the company I work. As an operator of one of the heavy duty cranes I can’t afford to pick calls during work hours. My girlfriend calls sometimes when I am busy or in an uncomfortable / noisy place where we just can’t have a conversation over the phone. Goodness, don’t women know there’s a difference between work hours and romantic hours?

2. Funny alone
I’m not really into phone calls but text. In fact, I dislike answering calls, especially when I’m playing computer games. Several times when my significant other calls me and I say “I’ll call you back in a jiffy, she just gets very angry and says I don’t love her. But what she doesn’t get is that she’ll feel bad if I’d the conversation with her that moment due to the fact that I was interrupted in the middle of something important.

3. Say something syndrome
Women can get so boring when they talk for so long and yet they don’t know it. The worst thing is that my significant other keeps talking and when she suddenly realize I am not responding, she’ll say “So say something…” “are you there?” what am I supposed to say when I have nothing to say?

Do you really need any more clues to understand your man now? I really don’t so.

To better understand your man, the next time you’re in a conversation with him face on and not over the phone, ask him if he’s a phone person or not. 

You can show him the list above to help him make a decision. This will help you get the perfect reply.

Let him know he is not been interrogated but you just want to know if he is 
a phone guy or not and if he really doesn’t love you.

Regarding phone calls, you could easily figure what’s on the mind of your significant other by following our guide above. The problem is: what are you going to do after you figure it out!!!

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