Being Taken For Granted Is Rough Enough

 If you’ve been taken for granted or are currently in a situation that seems so, then you know how rough it can get.

how rough is being taken for granted

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The roughness could include several sleepless nights, tear-filled times alone, being next to your partner but still feel completely alone and encompass by the feeling of not being appreciated. And the fear of being dumped creeps in gradually because you are not sure of your stand in the relationship anymore.

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Frankly it is totally unacceptable to be treated this way.

If you’re being taken for granted it is time to take stock of your relationship and be a bit harsh. This might include taking drastic steps or actions about your relationship in total.

Access the overall health condition of your relationship and take a stand.

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Maybe you feel the deep love and connection that’s still there underneath or you have a family with your partner and feel that you can work through your issues for the good of everyone involved and come out stronger.

Maybe there are still lessons to learn and your partner is willing to come along on a healing journey with you. Sure, that opens new perspectives and appreciation for the love you both share.

Or maybe it’s time to throw in the towel. To take a hard look at what’s been going on and be honest that you’ve been treated like trash by someone who has too many issues and illusions to truly be there for you or be your partner anymore.

Maybe it’s time to move on completely for your own good and the good of your partner. To seek new paths and new shores in which you can embrace the truest version of yourself and live your truth.

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Only you can decide, and only by getting in touch with your innermost self free of conditioning and systemic lies will you be able to have clarity and emotional absolution.

Whatever you decide, there is one thing I really want to emphasize and which I truly want you to remember and that is; the real problem doesn’t happen from being taken for granted. And I want to emphasize this.

The actual problem:

The real toxic pattern of heartbreak – happens when you believe that you deserve to be taken for granted and set your mind in that pattern without you realizing it.

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The real damage occurs when you buy into the story your partner is selling to you.

The story in which you’re a drag, you’re uninteresting, you’re annoying, you’re not hot enough, you’re negative, you’re weird, you’re dull, you’re this and that.

When you start to feel deep within that these insinuations could be true, that’s when being taken for granted goes down an even darker path in your soul.

To prevent going down emotionally and psychologically with these negative vibes from your partner, here is my simple:

1. Don’t look in the mirror and focus on your physical flaws. Note that a partner with such intentions could use your physical flaws to weigh you down just to get to you. So don’t stand in front of the mirror looking at your wrinkled face wondering if that is one of the reasons or the only reason your partner is acting the way they act.

2. Don’t believe the imaginary tale that you are unworthy, you’re dull, you’re not hot, etc. These are flimsy excuses for their negative vibes towards you. They are not telling the truth of what is really going on in their mind. It is just stories they makeup so that you will continue to nurse till you take a bow yourself.

3. Don’t obsess on all the times in life you’ve felt misunderstood or alone. Their storyline might take your mind back to instances or situations you where misunderstood and you might start to ask yourself if your partner doesn’t understand you or what could be wrong with us. Try not to dwell on the past when people misunderstood you. It has nothing to do with the negative vibes from your partner. It is possible they are tired of the relationship and don’t know how to come out straight to you and let it out.

All of the above isn’t you, that’s a story that’s been told to you and possibly reflected back to you by others who are lost and damaged in their own illusions and you fail to recognize these lesser creatures telling you what you are not.

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It’s not your truth and it no longer has lessons to teach you. You can leave the toxicity behind. You really can, only if you want to.

You’re worthy of real love and you have so much love to give and nobody else can complete you but you and yourself only.

I want you to feel the vitality deep inside you and the joy of being alive in a simple, basic way called LIFE. Just feel the air around you and appreciate life.

Though, you may feel a deep sense of pain and disappointment because of these vibes. You might feel betrayal and annoyance deep in yourself almost physically present. But you know what? EMBRACE that, too. It’s LIFE

What a event to be able to feel strongly and to experience emotions that grow and change and help us understand who we really are and come out stronger.

According to Tara Brach, “pain is not wrong. Reacting to pain as wrong initiates the trance of unworthiness. The moment we believe something is wrong, our world shrinks and we lose ourselves in the effort to fight the pain.”

When it comes to relationships and our experience in life, we’re all worth far more than any “role” and being taken for granted is not the definition of your worth or your future potential. Because your potential is unlimited, and you’re worthy to be in this moment and having this experience.

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