Best 24 Romantic Gestures To Make Him Smile

One thing that’s important to learn is what your man’s love language is. We all have our love language. Though some have not clearly defined theirs but if your man has his defined already, makes the job half done.


In the book “The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman”, knowing his love language—whether it be acts of service or spending quality time together—allows you to know exactly how to keep him to yourself. For instance, if he loves getting warm hugs and you’re giving him back rubs, he may not actually feel loved.

This does not mean he doesn’t love you but you are not touching the needed strings for internal explosion even if you’re doing everything you can to show him that.

Including regular easy little gestures in your relationship will help you ensure that he knows you love him, even when you’re at odds or things are rough because it’s easy to let those cute sweet gestures you did when you started dating fall to the wayside after marriage.

So the following gestures are reminder of little things you can do to show him how much you value him. These romantic and sweet gestures can help you to not only touch his heart but also his soul and make your relationship with your man stronger every day.

1. When he falls sick, pamper him like a baby.I once said men are big babies and that’s not changing anytime soon. Of course, you can’t see your significant sad and low and just pretend they’re alright or its non of your business. So go ahead and pamper your big baby. Don’t forget to adore him too to make him feel better like babies do when you pamper them with much love. Such gestures will relieve all his stress and make him better.

2. Touch him often.With reference to #1, touch him often and not only when he’s sick. Like women, men do respond to touch too. So whether it’s a casual grope when no one is looking or a long hug before you leave for work or one of you is stepping out, do it. Hold his hand and don’t always wait for him to initiate it. Touch his arm. Give him a foot rub or back rub.


3. Do something outside the box.With reference to #2, do something unexpected in private or in a public place. This will also send a message to other ladies to stay off – “I’m in charge here”. You could touch, kiss or tap his bum, put your hand in his pocket, wear his shirt to an event (evening walk, picnic, etc) and if you want to get nasty/wild, just lick his finger in a public place. You know what that means?

4. Surprise him with tickets to a concert or a mini-vacation.While these may not always be possible, it shows you listen. It shows you care. It shows you want to spend some quality time with him and he matters. But concert should be ruled out if he isn’t into music. Just take him to where he’ll love. Maybe to the movies or take him to watch his favorite soccer team play.

5. Bring his favorite meal to him at work.It’s sweet to see your significant other bring you lunch in a lunch pack. It makes other guys jealous. Hahaha. Just give him a surprise visit with something you think he’ll love or just package it and send it to him.

6. Walk him to his car when leaving the house.You could help carry his luggage and walk him to the car. Men really love this gesture. It leaves them smiling all through the trip knowing they left someone caring and loving at home and are looking forward to returning home instead of the club. Don’t forget to plant a peck or a kiss like someone ones said.

7. Cuddle deeper while watching a romantic movie.Watching a romantic movie together can add so many sweet memories to your relationship. Cuddles, hugs, and kisses with your significant other makes the movie more romantic. Don’t forget the next time you watch a movie with your man at night, ensure it ends in a more sensual and passionate way. You know what I mean right?

8. Don’t stay buckled up indoor.With reference to #7, don’t buckle up all day while in the house. Give him something to keep his eyes busy. It could be a skimpy dress, hot shot, bum-shot, etc. Just wear something he can feed his eyes on and don’t forget to touch him time after time. Let some sensitive part rub off him. You know how to do that right? I’m just laughing over here.


9. Try some lingerie.This might sound little bit strange for some but it could be a game changer in your night life. Try observing the lingerie he responds to and this includes the design and color. While women respond better to words and touch, men respond faster by what they see and not what they hear.

10. Wear his favorite outfit for him.With reference to #9, wear his favorite outfit for him. It’s easy to wear whatever we want when we’re in the middle of a relationship, so make an effort to dress in his favorite dress (one of those he admires on you) whether you’re going out or staying in, he’ll appreciate the effort.

11. Write him a cute little note to find later.… “stay well and be good” The act of writing notes has really fallen away - Like a deserted kingdom. It’s so easy to chat or text over social media instead. But writing a sweet note shows that you put a little more effort, thought and care into it, and hiding it so it’s a surprise later makes it all the more impactful – leaving him smiling.


12. Bring him breakfast in bed.This speaks for itself.

13. Give him a warm hug when he is leaving for office.With reference to #1 and #2, men love to be adored and pampered as much as women do. So, don’t forget to give him a very warm hug and say that you will miss him. This gesture will help him begin his day with a broad smile thereby making your bond stronger.

14. Pack his lunch for him.With reference to #5, he may have a busy schedule or in a hurry to leave the house. You can help him pack his lunch, put it in the car so he doesn’t have to worry about lunch.

15. Take something off his plate – like dough out of his doughnutMen love to do it all alone. Most don’t like to ask for help even if they’re at their zeros. As his partner, you know when he’s getting stressed or over stretched. So step in without his invitation and see if there’s a way you can help. You appreciate him, and you can easily show that by helping him when you can.

16 .Buy him something he’ll appreciate.Gifts play an important role in keeping your relationship alive. Gifts add more color and happiness to your relationship. Men love gift just as women do. Gifting your man something nice now and then show you care about him. So, if words fall short to express your emotions towards him, say it with a meaningful gift for him.

For instance: on his birthday you can surprise him by sending well wrapped birthday gifts or a nice cake for him to his office so he can share with his colleagues. This gesture will not only brighten his day but also make him feel loved – “the special one”. Gifting your man also show you pay attention to his need.

17. Do an activity he loves with him.If your man loves working out, join the gym with him even if you even if you go ones in a month, you’d be doing it together.

18. Prepare his favorite delicacy for dinner.They say “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. A delicious homemade food for your guy speaks volume and can leave a lasting smile on his face. Prepare his favorite delicacy tonight and make him forget about the hectic time he had in office. Note that the stomach might not be the only express way to a man’s heart. What about dress – sight, etc.

19. Do your hair and dress neatly.With reference to #18, every man wishes and loves to see his significant other in some particular dress and some do have styles they love on their partner too. Sometimes wearing your partners favorite color, doing your hair the way he loves and letting them know it’s for them can make your man feel special.

20. Steal kisses and hugs from him in front of others especially his friends - Flirt.Flirting with your significant other in front of people is one of the cutest gestures that can intensify the love and romance of your relationship. This gesture will show how you still fall for him and love him with all of your heart and that you’re not ashamed to show it off in public.


21. Do one of his household chores for him at least ones a month.If you know he hates cutting the grass, order a yard service to help out while he does what he love most. Make sure you don’t take away a household chore from him that he loves doing - maybe laundry.

22. Brag about him to others.Let other people know what you love and appreciate the most about your man. He’ll appreciate that you noticed and care enough to share it with others.

23. Delight him with a massage when he comes back from office.A soothing and romantic massage is what your man needs after having a hectic day. So, make him feel special, relaxed and comfortable by giving him a good body massage whenever he feels exhausted.

This will show your man how much you care about his well-being and at the same time instill more romance in your relationship.

24. Always compliment your man.Complimenting your significant other often will make him feel valued and loved. Moreover, you can’t value someone you don’t love. Try not to bury your feelings and love that you have for your man under the burden of your daily schedule. I know it’s hard but yet possible. Show your love towards your partner through compliments and genuine appreciations.

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In expressing these romantic and adorable gestures to your partner, ensure not to hold back your feelings and help your relationship go a long way. Communicate in the best possible way with him how you feel about anything.

Most often we do these sweet and little things in the beginning of our relationships, but it’s often in the middle that the little things matter the most. At this levelyou aren’t trying to impress him anymore but trying to keep your love alive and strong. So incorporate some of these romantic gestures into your relationship.

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