45 Revealing Best Friend Questions that’ll Make You Closer

There are possibly best friend questions you’ve always wanted to ask but were too shy to do ask. Even though you’ve known your friend for some time, there may be things you haven’t shared or asked them yet.


Maybe you’re shy or troubled about what they’ll make of it, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. There’s nothing wrong with asking your friend funny or sometimes awkward questions to learn more about them. Obviously, asking questions helps us become better us.

They are your best friend because they’ve seen you at your best and at your not so best times. Times you probably sobbed for things that shouldn’t make you sob, times you were filled with joy. Yet, they’re still your friends.

We all desire to have an open and honest relationship with the people we surround ourselves with. So, if you want to develop a stronger friendship/relationship, it’s time to get a little deep with the help of these questions. Even though you think you know everything about your best friend, just ask some more and you’ll realize you probably knew little or nothing about them.

It’s a waste of precious time to come up with assumptions to the questions you wished to ask your friend.

From my experience, there’re things I didn’t know about my best friends until I asked them.

Lest I forget, before setting questions, it’s imperative you consider the
environment. Certain questions don’t fit for date nights. Wink!!

Don’t look or sound like a CIA agent in interrogations. Just be cool as usual. Let your questions flow like conversation. You can chip in questions as you discuss other issues so it doesn’t sound like they’re been interrogated.

It’s time you knew the questions to ask your best friend. And their answers will help you see more clearly the color of their soul.

1. What makes you think of me? Let’s just hope they don’t say nasty things. But you have to be prepared for the worse. You could get reply like dirty socks, food they don’t like, unkempt room, rumpled shirt etc!

2. What’s your dream job? I’m sure you have a dream job. Do you know that of your best friend? Have you ever thought of asking? Or because you see them play soccer you literally assumed they want to be footballer.

Oh, she loves dogs; hmmm she’s going to be a dog rescuer. Please ask your friend their dream job.

3. If we met six years ago, would we be friends? This question always comes with a pause. Ask yourself. Would you? Sure you aren’t who you used to be six years ago. You probably would’ve been a different person.

4. Who was your crush growing up? This reflects some embarrassing memories but it’s just gigs.

5. What are the things we totally agree on? As friends, we cannot have the same opinion on everything because you are not intertwined. But there are things that you both completely agree on. It could be movie, season, boundaries etc.

6. What’s your favorite memory of us? This sound more intimate but not always so. There’s always a memory that your best friend holds close to their hearts. It helps them reach out to you with ease.

7. Was there a time you were really disappointed in me? With reference to #6, it’s a hard question to ask and even harder to hear the answer if you’re preconceived notion.

8. Describe me in three words. This is a self discovery question. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something out about yourself that you can work on for a better you.

9. What will we do when we get old? This is quite intimate and always brings laughs, thinking about when you two will be old. It sometimes leaves your friend thinking about you.

10. What’s your biggest fear? There’s something you’re scared of. You might want to share this with your friend. What is your friend scared of? What’s their biggest fear? You might help them overcome their fears. How will you know if you never asked.

11. Why do we get along so nicely? They won’t be your best friend if nothing connects you two. So, what is that thing?

12. What’s your thought on kids? Do you want to have kids? Not everyone is engrossed in having a family in the future. It’s a good question especially if you’re considering having a future with this friend.

13. Do they believe in soulmates? This could give you a sense of direction in your friendship/relationship. Are you two soulmates? Are you seeing signs you’re soulmates?

14. What are your top three peeves/irritants? People get annoyed by different things. Your best friend might be angry the way you behave and hasn’t pointed that out for reasons best known to them.

Hence asking what irritates them might give you a clue if you’re an irritant. This might include the way someone people chew their food without covering their mouths, fart, loud voice/noise or how some people cough without covering their mouths.

15. What’s your favorite holiday? We all have a favorite holiday and always look forward to having it. Is it Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or some public holiday?

16. Do you have any regrets? No friend will walk up to you and start talking about their regrets. Something must lead to another. There may be something this friend has been yearning to talk about. Why not listen and pay attention to every detail as best friends do.

17. What animal would you be if you could choose? It sounds silly right? But it could be fun and pave way for more heartfelt conversations. You should provide options for your friend to choose from like Bunny, Dog, Fish, etc.

18. What’s your perfect vacation? Hmmmm, this is an eye opener question. It tells you how beautiful your friends’ soul is. They most likely have one or two places they’ve always dreamt of exploring. You can make it a dream come through.

19. Are you a lucky person? Some people believe they’re not always lucky. They believe things always go wrong with them. Do things always happen to work out in your best friends favor? Just ask!

20. What foreign language interest you and do want to learn? Your might be curious about a language and you just won’t know until you ask them? Do you share the same passion for languages?

Note that it might not be language only. There are a million things that intrigue people. Culture, dance, food etc. for instance; I’m in love with Banga soup because of a friend. She loves Banga soup and prepares it with so much ease.

21. Are you a dog or cat person? Out of this two, there’s always one we like over the other and your friend have to pick one. This is for fun and gigs. It will also give you an insight into their pet life and help you make a choice if you want to get them a pet for Christmas.

22. What would you do with $20,000? Why imagine what they would do with all that cash? Are they going to spend it all or save some? This question will tell you if they’re financially disciplined or not. You might get inspired from their response too.

23. What’s your earliest memory? We all remember our first memory or an early experience no matter how big or small. Again, this will lead to more productive conversation and an imagination of how their early life was.

24. What’s your biggest flaw? Pretty hard a question hun? No one wants to think or talk about their flaws, but we all have flaws and could relief the memory by laughing over them with our best friend.

25. What book changed you or the type you love reading? There are people who have shared their new thought on life after reading specific book. Which book was it? Do they love adventure or romance books. Motivational or DIY books?

26. What is your favorite season? It’s difficult to see someone that loves all seasons.  So ask them. You both might love same season. This will build stronger bond and have something to look forward to.

27. Do you often watch TV? You might wonder were this is coming from. But we don’t all like watching TV. Do we? Some glance on headlines or weather report and that’s all for the day.

Peradventure you’re a TV person and this friend isn’t. Talking about TV shows or series with this person will be a complete waste of time. Your friend will be deeply bored and wished you didn’t visit. This question will help you develop topics you can converse on.

28. What program do you prefer to watch? With reference to #27, say they love watching TV. Do you know their favorite programs or shows?

Omonode Nyerhovwo loves watching TV series while I love News and Documentaries. I know this because I asked. The good part about this question is that it helps in spending time with the person. Other questions can be developed from just this one and have a longer conversation with them.

29. What’s your favorite food? Yes, what can they eat day after day without complaining? You should know, should you invite them over, you can have their favorite prepared for them.

30. Is there some concert to which you like to go? Note: you should not ask this question if your friend doesn’t love music. So you should first investigate their love for music beforehand.

31. What type of music do you love? With reference to #30, knowing the type of music your friend listens to is necessary. It’ll be wrong to invite your friend to a pop concert if they’re die-hard fan of classical music. This doesn’t mean they won’t go with you, but it’ll be easier for them to accept your invite.

32. What is your ideal car? I’m thinking about this myself. What’s my ideal car? So imagine you asked me this question. You’re sure to get the right answers. You might help bring it to reality. Wink!!

33. Which three places would you like to visit? We all dream of fantastic and tranquil places to visit and wished to remain there. Some want to visit Abu Dhabi, Disney land etc. You just might make their dreams come through.

34. Do you prefer going to the cinema or watch movies at home? Just like soccer, not every guy love watching football at home. They love the shouts and vibes in the stadium. It makes the game come alive. Like they’re really part of the game.

So also are movies. Some people like the big screen rather than their 32’ TV set at home. Ask them which they like and you could use this as a date night idea.

35. Do you like to cook? Obviously, not everyone believe in the school of thought on homemade food. If you both love cooking, then you have interesting things to talk about from food channel to restaurants.

36. Do you often visit restaurants? With reference to #35, if they don’t like cooking, then they do visit restaurants often. You could ask of their favorite restaurant and take them there for lunch breaks. They’ll love it.

37. What historical person would you like to interview or have a chat with? We have individuals or characters we love to see someday and have a chat with.
We want to ask them pressing questions concerning how they did what they did, what led to their success or failure story etc. Most of these people have impacted us one way or the other.

38. What’s your favorite color? You might guess this by the color they often wear. You can ask for better bonding.

39. Do you surf the internet often? It is necessary to ask this one question so you won’t be angry when you see them always with their gadgets. It doesn’t make sense been so close or dating someone who loves the web while you don’t. There’ll be conflict in the relationship time after time.

Don’t miss understand me: because you don’t love surfing the web doesn’t mean you two can’t be friends. But you must manage it so jealousy don’t crawl in.

You’ll be of help to your friend at crucial times when you both surf the web. They can rely on your internet skill to help them solve issues they are not clear with.

40. Can you describe your bedroom? This is a sweet question. This question show you really want to be with them but distance won’t permit you. It leaves you with an imagination though.

41. Where would you like to live? This is more of a futuristic question. It makes them see themselves in your future and it’s really intriguing.

42. Do you have a pet? With reference to #21, it’s good to know if they have a pet and if they don’t, you could present them with one for Christmas.

43. Do you dance on outings or parties? I’m laughing at myself right now. It’s good to know what to expect in your next date and if need be, go practice dancing.

44. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

45. What are your hobbies? You just might have same or closely related hobbies. This question will help you two get along with ease.

Asking these best friend questions will not only bring you closer, but it helps you understand each other better and be the perfect Best Friends you’ve always wanted.

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