How To Show Respect In A Relationship And Love One Another Better

Every successful relationship is based on partners who know how to show respect for one another. We know good communication is also needed for a successful relationship. But a relationship without respect will lack communication. Hence; respect comes first.


The place of respect cannot be overemphasized in a relationship and learning how to show respect is crucial to its long term success.

Obviously, without respect there can be no harmony among people. We all have different values and view the world differently.

Here is how to show respect in a relationship

There are moments when people get caught up with romance and forget the most basic relationship needs. In such times, try to take a step back and learn how to show respect in a relationship.

It’s good when in romance, you put yourself to check so you don’t mean any form of disrespect.

Most people see this as not been fair. They don’t see the need for their partner to have alone time.

Not giving your partner some space may seem you’re not secured. You’re trying to know every single move they make.

Everybody needs some space time after time. It may be to get their thoughts and emotions in line or to give time for activities. Your partner may require a serene environment to help them take critical decisions and your presence won’t allow that.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that we won’t need space anymore.
On the other hand, allowing personal space adds some value to the relationship.

Try as much as possible to be sensitive when your partner needs or request personal space. You may wonder why? Your partner might not request some space in other not to hurt your feelings.

So you have to be sensitive to know when they need this space and quietly give it to them. They’ll appreciate your kind gesture.

Note: Don’t envy your partner if they request for some alone time and please don’t intrude on their privacy.

Proper listening is the simplest way people show their respect or disrespect in a relationship and it’s also the most overlooked gestures.

This may be attributed to our familiarity. Familiarity sometimes causes us to become careless when our partner wants to talk. Our inability to listen can result in misunderstandings and conflict in the relationship.

It may not seem much, but to your partner, it worth a million dollar. When your partner sees that you place importance on what they communicate, they feel respected and you sure gain theirs in return.

Note: Proper listening only take a moment of silence, eye contacts, nods and some other gestures to show you’re on same page while they talk.

3. Do not dismiss their feelings
With reference to #2 and #4, it goes beyond good listening ability. Value must be added. And in so doing, you won’t for any reason dismiss their feelings.

For instance: If a person makes you feel that your emotions are not valid, how will that make you feel? I’m sure you’ll become defensive, bitter, and eventually stop interacting with them since they’ll dismiss your feelings which will definitely have a negative impact on your relationship.

4. Put value on the needs of your partner
Relationships really work under the principle of a balanced give-and-take relationship. That’s why it’s called partnership. You give effort for your partner’s well-being and expect the same effort in return.

If a partner allows selfishness crib in, the other will feel unimportant in the relationship. Selfishness is one of the major forms of disrespect in relationship.

When you start feeling your partner is getting too much of everything, you want to check on selfishness!

5. Do not dismiss their ideas
With reference to #3, if a person makes you feel that your thoughts or ideas are not valid, you’ll feel less important in the relationship. This is evident when they make decisions that involve you without actually carrying you along. They only tell you what they’ve decided.

No matter how trivial your partners idea may seem don’t look down at it. When it comes to matters involving the relationship, put aside your educational qualification and ego. Let them speak. Their idea might be what will save the day.

6. Check your criticisms
A relationship should be a source of encouragement and emotional support. Negative criticism can hurt deeply especially if it’s from your partner. It hurts the most if said without considering the facts.

It’s not possible not to criticize your significant other time after time. What matters most is how you criticize them. Do you criticize with love or with anger? Each carries different type of energy. It shows in your tone and facial expression.

When you disagree with your significant other, it is necessary to discuss it with your partner and allow them to explain their position rather than criticize them. In so doing, your partner will feel respected by having their point of view at least, heard.

Continuous negative criticism will result to low self-esteem.

7. Be on time
Generally, being on time is a gesture of respect.
We easily throw time factor out the window when in a relationship. We feel we shouldn’t be too strict on time with our significant other. Unfortunately, being late is a great sign of disrespect towards your partner.

Do you go late to work? What about meetings with your clients and interviews. So why should you be late to appointments with your partner? To date nights and the likes.

Note: When you’re late, it’s like saying you don’t care about the effort your partner gave to be on time, the energy used to prepare that sumptuous meal, etc.

8 Support your partner’s interests and hobbies
We all value our hobbies as a means to exercise our creativity aside from being a source of fun, entertainment and sometimes of financial reward. Despite being in a relationship, we still cling to our hobbies and interests.

Partners may or may not share the same passion in those hobbies and interest. It may be difficult and inconvenient at times, but people can show their love and respect if they continue to support their partner’s hobbies and interests even if they find it uninteresting or is in conflict with their own.

9. Don’t give out intimate information about your partner
You’re to observe discretion with your partners delicate information. When your partner shares sensitive and intimate information with you (such as sexual activities, family problems, or your partner’s personal issues like health etc), it is an act of trust and deep confidence.

It is therefore an act of betrayal if you let those information slip through your lips. If you want to know how to show respect in a relationship, don’t break it by letting other people know that information.

10. Learn to accept rejection
Accepting “rejection” is the ultimate form of respect. It shows your partner that you truly respect their boundaries and recognize their control over their affairs.

Accepting your partner’s no not only requires you to stop pressing the matter, it also means you shouldn’t take issue with their disapproval and that is maturity.

11. Consider their opinion when making decisions that affect them directly
With reference to #5, no individual in the world would want others to make decisions that affect them without asking their opinion first.

Hence, to do so is very disrespectful and can be perceived as manipulation. It’s
therefore important that every decision in a relationship first be discussed by both partners.

12. Speak directly to your partner instead of other people about your concerns.
Discussing problems with the person involved is a sign of respect, it’s also the best way of dealing with conflict among people. Though this could be difficult for some.

Note: Ranting your relationship problems to others is disrespectful and can cause anxiety in the relationship.

13. Honor promises and agreements
Naturally, we respect individuals who keep to their promises. The ability to honor your word is an admirable quality and earns you the respect of others.

People who break their promises or make last minute changes to pre-arranged agreements when things don’t go their way cannot be trusted and respected.

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