Things To Text Your Partner And Leave Them Passionate Toward You

The art of flirting and attraction is kinda confusing sometimes. Do you ask her out right away or take it slowly? Do you text her? Does she love texting? Does your partner laugh at your meaningless joke?

vital things to text about

Hmmm, just my thought though: The amount of energy we put into attracting the one we love could supply energy to a small town or even a city in Nigeria, I tell ya. Wink!!

These days, now that various dating sites have taken over the dating sphere, it will be a good idea to start your text with something original even if you are going to add some, you know…

Take a look at the competition you have, it’s really not going to end anytime soon. (It’s been there since creation). But don’t worry, there are tons of things to text your admirable partner.

If your phone is shaking in your hands, calm down, you’re not alone! If you’re a guy, you’re not asking her hand in marriage yet okay? Talking to girls may not be your specialty, but with these 18 things to text your partner, hmm.

1. Have a set goal.
What’s the goal of talking to someone? I mean, you got his/her number for a reason, hun? If you want to go out with this person, know that at some point, you’ll be wanting to ask them that question. Keep the goal in mind so you don’t end up talking via social media platforms for 8 years.

2. Don’t be too over-ambitious.
If you’re asking me out twice a day, I’m going to avoid it even as a guy. You’re annoying at this point. No one likes to be pushed into doing something, no!!!. That’s irresponsible. So, if you ask once and they don’t directly say yes or they cancels at the last minute, don’t ask again for a while. I mean a while. Personally, I probably won’t even ask again. But, if you want to keep trying, just pull back a bit, dig?

3. Don’t make a big deal of it.
Trust me, you’ll freak out if you pump it up to be some big event. Which, let’s be honest, it’s not a big deal.

Something always happen when you’re anxious - you say something stupid. So just think of it like you’re texting one of your regular friends (casual). Some people even write out their text and send it much later.

4. Be yourself.
With reference to #3, be yourself. Don’t try to be someone who’s super extrovert and in reality, you’re super introvert- like duh!

Be who you are. If you don’t like rap music and this person does, don’t try to pretend you know all the words to Kanye West. If they like you, great. If not, move on.

5. No nude pics.
We all want to show how beautiful or good looking we are. It’s like showing off your new ride on socials.

Dear, no one really want to see your nudes until way… In fact, let’s keep things a little mysterious by not showing it. You know.

By not sending a nude pic, you’re actually showing that you’re not simply sex-oriented. I don’t even think I should be having to tell you this. Keep that nude for some time in the future.

6. Recommend a movie or song.
Some things are better said without saying the actual word. That sounded pretentious but in reality could be genue.  You could sometimes send them new movie trailers or music. This could be a great way to see something new and opportunities for better conversations.

7. Make them laugh.
Who doesn’t  love to laugh? Everyone of cause. So, feel free to crack a couple jokes or send them something funny. Don’t be too hard on yourself with the jokes anyways. And if they don’t laugh, well, maybe Google some new jokes. A joke is one of the great things to text someone.

8. Remember the very details.
Trust me, women see the little things guys don’t see. If you remember little details, like her pet had surgery yesterday, her appointment with the dentist, her not feeling too healthy yesterday, etc, why not text her asking her how it went?

She’ll appreciate you asking and also notice the fact that you remembered. It works for both sexes. It’s all about the details and this is one of the best things to text about. It shows you care about their total wellbeing.

9. Let her text first.
With reference to #8, don’t always be the one to text her- conflicting hun? This is what I mean- if you notice that you’re the one always initiating the conversation, stop and she if she’ll initiate it. If not, it could be a red flag you don’t want to overlook. Sorry to break it to you, but, it’s the truth.

NB: If she starts the conversation, she doesn’t want you to go away and it works for both sexes.

10. Something that made you think of her.
One of the best ways to start a conversation without just saying, “hey”, “how was your day” which has become a daily routine. Do something to spice up your conversation please.

If you see something or hear someone talking about something that reminds you of her or you see someone that look just like your significant other, text them. It’ll show that you’re thinking of them and they’ll most likely appreciate it.

I don’t mean abusing your partner, instead playfully tease them. Note that their emotional state maters a lot. You don’t go tease someone who is feeling hurt, depressed or confused about the next step to take in life.

Poking could be fun if properly done. They’ll have a good laugh and you’ll also feel relax and it will be reflected in the atmosphere.

12. Make your partner feel special.
It’s very important to make your partner feel special. No one want to feel like a second option in the life of their partner - always first. So, when you chat with your partner, be present and actually have a conversation with them.

13. Keep it short, simple and sweet or (KISSS).
The truth be told: It’s not an essay competition. No one wants to read an essay on their phone. Do you? So, when you’re texting your partner, try to keep the text short, simple and sweet. Say what you want to say. They’ll thank you for KISSS.

14. Flirt with your partner.
I don’t know why some school of thought doesn’t believe in flirting with their partner. If you don’t flirt with them, someone else will.

You have to show your partner that you’re not interested in them as just a friend. “You want more”. Know you don’t have to fully say that you want more. So, instead, flirt with them.

15. Don’t always be flirty.
With reference to #14, I said that you should flirt with your partner, and you really should. But you don’t always have to be flirty. Strike up a conversation about a topic that really interests you two, or ask them questions that’ll help you get to know them better.

16. Make fun of yourself.
The best way to make your partner happy is to make fun of yourself. Text them about your silly mistake and also how you corrected it be doing right. With this kind of attitude, they’ll feel more relaxed and loved. It also show your level of anger or how well you will be able to manage anger.

17. Create a memory for both of you.
This is one of the best things to text your partner. Text them about something or a place that left an impression on you two.

You want to develop an attachment and emotional connection between you two right? Then do the above. It could be a movie that had a strong meaning for just the two of you, a pet name for each other or an inside joke that’s only for you two.

18. Get dirty.
Am I giving you too many mixed messages? So I said no nude pics, flirt with your partner and don’t always be flirty, blab la bla. But you can text them something a little riskier. Though this depends on how you two met and how the conversation has been going.

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