What To Do When You Badly Miss Your Significant Other

If you truly love someone, you’ll miss them at some point and it’s tough to sit there and do nothing. Being able to bond in some way is better than swimming in your despair.

Whatever the reason maybe that you’re not with your significant other at the moment, it’s important to also note that you can’t be with your partner all the time. The reasons vary though: probably a long distance relationship, work or your schedules are totally opposite hence can’t get together as much as you wanted. Knowing what to do when you miss your significant other can help keep your cool until you can see them.

You can’t be together 24/7. Not only is that unhealthy, but any couple spending that much time together would get sick of each other. You have to be able to spend time apart even when you’re in a relationship.

Living your own life helps make relationship healthier. You can’t be with your partner all the time. It’ll eventually have negative impact on the relationship. You should be able to spend quality time apart. Even if nothing keeps you apart, create a reason to be apart sometimes – go spend some time with friends or spend the weekend with family etc.

What to do when you miss your significant other

Here are ways you can feel better about missing your significant other. I know it can be pretty hard though. All you want is to talk and see your significant other. But these will help you feel better.

1. Look at their pictures.
This has to be #1 on this list as it’s the easiest of all. Thanks to technology too. You probably have tons of pictures of the two of you on your mobile device or hard copy. So you can’t say you don’t remember how they look or their previous hairstyle. Looking at their picture can make you feel much better. Remembering all those special moments you’ve spent together can help you feel they are right there with you: – sweet hun?

2. Get distracted with friends.
Getting distracted is one of the best ways out. Hang out with friends. It’s good to be with people that care because it’s better than being all yourself. You can actually chat on various issues. They will actively keep you busy so your thoughts won’t just keep drifting to your significant other.

3. Let them know you miss them.
When you miss your significant other, it’s good you let them know you miss them in some way. You could just send a quick message about how much you wish you could see them. Note: doing this repeatedly will have a side effect on the relationship as well and that could also be annoying. If you can, let them know you miss them and talking to them will make you feel better. You could also do this via text message. Send them a short and nice message expressing how you feel about their absence.

4. Read old messages.
With reference to #3, you could read up past messages or lengthy conversation you’ve had with them. I know you have those cute messages they sent in the past. Just open your chats and read those messages / conversations to yourself. You’ll feel much better and as though they were with you.

5. Wear or stir at their clothes.
Wearing your significant other’s clothes is a way of showing how much you like, appreciate and miss them all atones. It’s a way of being comforted knowing that a part of them is close as you could feel their body mass on you, - it’s imaginative though. As a guy you might not be able to wear her clothes, so you might want to stir at their clothes with imaginations of how she actually like on them.

6. Smell or wear their perfume.
With reference to #5, you can sniff or wear their perfume. This should be experimented first to know if it’s something you want to do some other time because it can hurt you instead of healing you. Their perfume provides more visual of them. You can spray their perfume when you have an important appointment. It gives a feeling they are right there with you all the way.

7. Send them ridiculous pictures of yourself.
Sometimes, reaching out to your partner could be all that you need. Send them something ridiculous of yourself they can look at and this could also make you feel better because they will be happy you have them in your thoughts. In most cases, the gesture will be returned.

8. Watch their favorite Tv show.
Obviously you don’t like their Tv series but you know they love it so much they could miss dinner. This can make you feel them around you and remember to tell them you watched their Tv series when possible.

9. Go to their favorite spot.
Partners always have favorite spot where they go to relax and loves having dinner there because of the serenity or whatever reason. This can help you feel much better about being far apart.

10. Follow them on their social platforms.
With reference to #1, you can follow them closely on their social platforms. They have pictures of their current location and probably what they are doing at the moment. This will give you an insight to how they are fairing. Comment nicely on their updated pictures or status, encourage them if need be and they’ll love the more and just want to return to your arm.

11. Use your imagination.
This could be a powerful tool if well harnessed. To some, it’s the best way to feel better when they miss their significant other. Use the power of imagination and just picture them with you.

12. Plan what you’ll do when you see them.
This could sound wired, but it works wonders too. Devise a plan for their arrival. One of such plans is surprise dates, work outs, visits to cinemas, spontaneous shopping and how you are going to update them on all they’ve missed on their favorite Tv show and other stuffs they’ll love to hear.

13. Get busy.
Truth be told: all you need when you miss your significant other is a positive distraction. Getting busy with something you love can help you stop thinking about them. It’ll take your mind of them while you are busy with something meaningful and ensure to have fun. Note that the more fun you have without your significant other, the easier it is to be without them when the need arises.

14. Pamper yourself; who says it’s wrong?
Missing someone is great. It’s high level of your emotions/love for that person. Though you deserve something great because you have to go through those emotions. Note that no matter the reasons for being apart, it’s always hard. Hence, give yourself a treat. Just be good to yourself. It makes you come alive deep within you. The more you enjoy yourself, the less you’ll have to miss them. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them.

Note: Missing your significant other is a normal part of relationship!!!

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