I Love You And Not Hearing It Back- How To Deal With It

Saying “I love you” is like looking for a pin in a dark room especially when said to someone you aren’t sure they love you too and not hearing it back can seriously discourage you from saying “I love you” again.

It plays a significant role in any relationship as it is one of the shortest way to express our inner thoughts. Short and simple- “I Love You”

Hence, saying “I love you” and not hearing it back could be devastating sometimes, but you can always get back on your feet.

Love is like playing chess, it’s a pretty tricky thing to navigate at the early stage. It gets worse if the other person does not know how to play chess.

Though there’s nothing you can really do about the other person’s response to your feelings, but it’s better to be prepared for the worse outcome possible.

How to deal with saying “I love you” and not hearing it back

1. Know you are not unlovable.
Just let it go. You are most loveable and an amazing person. You will find your partner in life, maybe the time isn’t right and when it’s time, it will be thrilling.

I understand saying “I love you” and not hearing it back, can make you assume you aren’t loved by anyone, but this isn’t true about you. Know there is someone out there waiting to share the best moments of love with you.

2. They might not be ready to love you.
With reference to #1, they might not say they love you too if they aren’t ready for such commitments. I’m sure you don’t want them to say “I love you” if they don’t mean it. You will detect from the way they respond if they mean it or not.

Saying I love you is pretty emotional and it’s better you don’t put them under pressure.
Because they didn’t reply with “I love you too”, doesn’t mean they’ll never say it. To some, it’s a process. They put everything into consideration before expressing how they feel. And trust me; this could take longer than expected. I’ve been there.

Give them some time and space to think things through, but remember to keep the friendship fresh. This will help them make good decision.

3. Know it’s not your fault they aren’t ready.
I understand it could be difficult accept it’s not your fault they are not ready for a relationship because you feel rejected and probably depressed.

Come to think about it; it’s nobody’s fault. If someone is not in love with you, that’s on the person.

Various reasons could be attributed to why they aren’t feeling the way you feel for them and you won’t know why they didn’t reciprocate the love if you don’t ask them.

If you feel the need to ask them, go ahead and ask. But be ready for whatever consequences that may arise from your question. Sometimes, it’s better not to ask, just let it go. They aren’t meant for you.

4. Perhaps you have different motives.
It’s strongly advised not to force a relationship with someone who obviously don’t want one.

For a healthy relationship, it’s best to have same motives, same intentions.
Do you want a serious relationship, and they aren’t ready for one? Do you want the relationship to work and they are not putting any effort?

Birds of the same feather flock together.

5. Was the timing right?
The right timing can make or mal an opportunity. It’s possible they are into you as well, but are in a situation you aren’t aware of and may confused on how to respond to your “I Love You”.

Take some time to study them in order to know their best moment. It’s best to let your “I Love You” out in a more intimate set up. It helps drives your “I Love You” home.

After saying “I Love You” and perhaps you didn’t get any reply, it’s best to give them some space. It could be a couple of days or even weeks. During this time, process what you said and the motive behind it. Also, allow them to process the information they received.

7. Do you mean what you said?
The truth is that a lot of people use “I love you” during conversations. So you have to be sure you mean what you say and the way you say it count.

Think about it in and out if you truly meant what you said because relationships are not always a bed of roses.

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