21 Signs of A Jealous Man You Don’t Want To Overlook

It is difficult to make a relationship healthy when your significant other often releases negative energy like anger and jealousy.


Jealousy is another sign of insecurity.

It’s necessary to recognize the signs that he is a jealous man early on. Relationship is partnership and it will be unwise to invest in a venture were your partner is jealous. You might want to consider another partner if you discover he exhibits a number of the under listed.

1. He stops texting suddenly.
This is one of the surest ways of letting you know he isn’t happy with you. He stops texting abruptly. If your major form of communication is via phone (texting) and he suddenly goes off the radial, could be he is trying to send a subtle message of disapproval or dissatisfaction. Probably he is scared of your friendship with other guys etc

2. He resists your constructive influences.
You should pray for your significant other and wish him well, but it’s his responsibility to fix himself.

Your desire is for him to triumph over jealousy, but he isn’t ready. When you suggest positive things to him, he takes no thought of it and acts the way he seems fit.

3. He doesn’t get in touch when you’re out with friends.
Jealous people are resentful. If he doesn’t care about your well-being when not together is a crucial sign of a jealous man. They resent the time you spend with others because you’re not with him and hence imagines what you are probably doing.

If a jealous person isn’t happy, you too shouldn’t be happy. They feel ignored when they see you doing what you love doing and seek for means to get you at their side.

4. He withholds affection when jealous.
With reference to (3), a jealous man will withhold affection. They decide not to be intimate with their partner as a way of sending their message and this could be punishing to the receiver.

5. He makes flimsy excuses for not taking you out.
If he doesn’t take you out but enjoys time he spends with his friends could be seen as been protective. But deep within him, he doesn’t want you where you’ll attract attention from others especially single men.

This is also a sign of a jealous man who feels you can’t turn left or right. Just keep straight and thinks the best way around this is not to take you out.

6. Always in control.
With reference to (2), he resists your constructive influence by wanting to be in control all the time. He will do all he can to adjust any plans just to be in control.

He wants your mood dictated by him. When he’s happy, he expects you to be too and when unhappy, he expects you to be unhappy.

7. He suddenly wants to leave the party!
With reference to (11) below, you might be on a date or a friends party and the music really sucks, but still manage to have some nice time interacting with other guests especially other guys and he suddenly insists that it is time to go, it’s another sign of an insecure and jealous man.

8.He has low self-esteem
low self-esteem could manifest in several ways. If you are having a nice time and he brings up something negative to change your mood could mean he has low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem often results to jealousy. He feels superior about himself by bringing you down.

9. He acts strangely; he says “nothing” all the time.
If he acts strangely but won’t say a thing about what is wrong when you ask him, probably because he won’t disclose he is jealous or afraid about losing you.

10. He judges you for the past.
Jealousy leads to insecurity.
If your partner is insecure, he will always use the past to judge your now and does this in front of colleagues, friends or family.

A partner who truly loves you will not use anything you have shared with them privately to embarrass you.

11. He just leaves you hanging.
Sometimes guys walk off without a word to stir you up. They do this to make you know how much what you did hurt them.

So if you’re out with him and you turn around, only to discover he had left you there without a word, you want to rethink how you probably have treated him or some other guy nicely.

12. He goes blank when a particular name is mentioned.
It is easy to detect this way if he is jealous.

If his countenance changes and probably goes blank when you mention a particular name (guy), he is probably jealous of whoever you talk about.

13. Always asking your friends what you guys are up to.
Jealousy and insecurity go side by side. The moment you are not together, he gets so worried about what you have been up to, or even who you have been hanging out with even if he knew you were with your BFF.

He pretends not to be checking on you by calling your friends relentlessly to see what they’ve been up to.

14. He stands too close from behind for comfort in public.
Behaving like a bodyguard in public instead of your partner isn’t allowed. With this attitude, he wants to ensure he is the only guy that can get close to you.

15. Intentionally makes you jealous.
It’s easy to make you feel jealous by intentionally flirting with other women.

Jealous men often use this to get at their partner.

16. When he questions your moves.
With reference to (17) below, When “how did your day went” turns into “where were you all today?” and “who were you with?” is typical of a jealous and insecure man that doesn’t trust what you have been up to.

17. He starts spying on you like a secret agent.
When your significant other start spying on you, is a sign of insecurity and jealousy. They don’t stop by your house only, they watch your social media platforms ‘who likes your comments, your photos etc’, or stalk what you do while he is not around.

18. He puts a GPS on you or your mobile devices.
With reference to (17), this is way too far. Unfortunately, guys with serious jealousy and insecurity issues can go this length.

There are mobile applications he can use on your mobile devices to find out your whereabouts. So if your mobile behaves funny or he seems to know more than he should about your whereabouts; like asking too much specific questions, you might want to check your mobile devices for any GPS applications installed without your permission.

19. He acts tough when he isn’t.
Guys act tough sometimes when they feel threatened by another guy. They act like world best fighter and ready to give a piece of their action to anyone who crosses their path.

20. He is trying to show off.
It’s true that guys think money or titles gives them power. And they use this to show off when they feel threatened by another guy.
It’s also a sign of a jealous man.

21. He walks out on you.
Jealousy clouds the mind. It prevents its victim from proper judgment. It’s like wind rush.

With ref to (11) above, if he sees you having a conversation with another guy in the restaurant and leaves the restaurant in anger without giving you a chance to explain that you are simply reconnecting with a long time friend is another typical sign of a jealous man you don’t want to overlook.

It’s human to get jealous sometimes and you could help him get out of this mood by simply showing you truly love and have no such intentions of leaving him by saying “I love you honey” with a warm hug.

All he probably needs is reassurance of your commitment. But this shouldn’t be too frequent. Else, he needs help.

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