Early Signs Of Depression Caused By Your Relationship

The odds are high that depression will creep into your emotional state when you feel powerless in your relationship.


Your financial status can result to powerless in relationship and other problems could be responsible though. Depression cause a feeling of self locked. It can also cause unusual or negative thoughts about yourself and those around you.

Hence, if you feel down-casted, sudden mood swings, frequent negative thought pattern  it could be caused by your relationship and requires you check properly and see if it’s actually it.

These signs are not the end of the road, they are to help you check and fix your relationship to help prevent it from, hitting the rock.

Note that anyone could experience depression in their relationship.

Here are 10 signs of depression that might be caused by your relationship

1. Always given orders by your significant other.
Dominant attitudes are intimidating and could be nerve-cracking. Even a gentle order like “Go get the keys for me, sweetie,” might trigger either anger, despair or depression in the receiver because no one likes being ordered around. It’s best to ask politely than give a command with a touch of plea.

2. You feel dominated or less useful.
Feeling smaller or less powerful than the person you are having a conversation with could lead to depression.

If your partner makes you feel far lesser in the relationship, it could be a serious red flag you don’t want to overlook. In love relationships between two adults, shared power is healthier.

Note that not all power differences create depression.

3. Intentional control by your significant other.
With reference to (1) and (2) above, when your partner tries to control everything about you, what to do with your time, finances, type of friends you should keep and give specific instructions on how much you can visit your family without due consultations could result to feelings of depression / relationship anxiety.

When your partner gives orders in the relationship, they ultimately take away your power to make personal decisions or choices.

They obviously don’t want your opinion on any matter and with this attitude, depression can be imminent.

4. When you feel criticized by your partner.
With reference to (3), in controlling someone intentionally, one of the mechanisms used is negative criticism instead of feedback which is used in a healthy relationship.

Criticisms are used to weaken your spirit, makes you feel terrible about an action taken. While feedback let you know in a more polite and gentle way that your action could have a negative impact someway.

5. Depressed Partner.
Depression is like flu. It is very infectious. It is like cold, it is very contagious. When someone is depressed, the person sees the entire world, not you exclusive through shady eyeglasses.

Since it is contagious, you might easily adopt your partner’s view on how the relationship should sail and you both will go under emotionally in no time.

6. Your partner is always the right one.
There is a problem when your partner is always right. It simply means there is no room for mistakes.

It’s okay to be right and have faith in your partner as long as they don’t need being right all the time. They should allow you speak your mind or have your say and work with your opinion when needed.

Refusal to accept correction could lead to depression in the receiver.

7. Your partner is bad-tempered.
Anger is associated with negative energy flow from its source. It spreads like wildfire and could also be contagious.

Bad-temper can induce depression in the receiver and can also be used to intentionally control a partner.

Anger is worrying and distasteful to on-lookers and the toxicity is even more for direct receiver.

8. Your partner doesn’t help with house chaos.
Some of the things that cause depression may seem insignificant to you but they are deal breakers to some other persons.

A partner who is actively present in the home is more preferred than one who isn’t. It’s cool for partners to be actively involved in the day to day running of the home.

A partner who does nothing in the house could be passively provocative.

9. It’s always my way.
In an ideal situation, both parties must agree on every decision. Be it what to eat, where to spend the evening etc. You will feel useless or dominated when your partner doesn’t take your opinion seriously or completely disregard whatever your thoughts are.

10. Abusive partner.
The urge to hurt someone is the direct opposite of the urge to love, nurture and be cherished.

Abuse can be expressed emotionally in a partner’s controlling attitude, verbally or physically by throwing things or hitting and can result to depression in the receiver.

Dear, if you don’t want your relationship to make you depressed, then attention must be given to the signs above and anyone noticed, discuss them with your partner and be careful when you do.

It is possible your partner feel depressed too or fight back in some cases; withdraw.

So ensure to use your best means of communication to agree on new rules or boundaries for being together. Set rules or boundaries that replace darkness with light for healthier relationship.

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