Differences Between Love And Crush You Must Know

Are you in love? Is it a crush (lust)? Lots of debates and verbal wars have been fought over love and crush/lust.

Many young and old are in a fix if they are in love or it’s just another crush. Love could become so complicated at this junction.

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What is love, and what is crush? Can you fall in love with your crush? Hun?

Here’s a list to attempt to pinpoint few distinctions between this occurring topics (love and crush/lust).

1. Crushes are transitory obsession while love is bonding. True love involves strong bonding of souls and body. You care little or not about rights and wrongs of the life of your crush but when in love, you’re part of the person’s life.

2. The feeling from a love lost, is like a part of the person is missing. While a crush lost is a crush gained, you will probably crush on someone else almost immediately. Funny hun?

3. You may have a crush on anybody / everyone but you cannot be in love with everyone. Even when there’s strong fascinating attraction between you.

4. You may or not pursue a crush because it’s a choice but with love, you have no option but to take the bull by the horn. Wink!!

5. A crush is simply an obsession over someone while love is all about commitment and positive compromises.

6. Crushes are fairy tale. Love is real.

7. You see what you like in your crush, but you like what you see in your love.

8. Your heart skips when you see your crush but when you are in love, it’s always peaceful.

9. A crush may be the beginning of love.
Yes, very possible my friend. It is possible to have a crush on someone and eventually be in love with your crush. There will be a shift in your thinking about this person if it’s going to be. And would you know when it applies to you? You sure will.

10. With reference to (9), your perceptions have to do with your crush because crushes are perfection personified. However, your love / significant other may not be the perfect person, but your willingness to compromise and learn to live with all their imperfections defines your relationship.

11. With reference to (9) and (10), love comes in all shapes and sizes, crushes come in perfect dimensions only!

Above all, love is the perfect recipe for happiness!

So, are you still mistaking your crush for your love?

Now you know if you have a crush or love for Nicki Minaj. Wink!!

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