11 Signs Someone is Jealous of Your Healthy Relationship

Admiration and jealousy is associated with success. Emotions like love and anger can easily be read from afar. Success in life has its own pros and coins.

relationship jealousy

People admire you for your achievements. Some are challenged positively by your success while some get jealous. They don’t appreciate the effort you have put in to get to that point of greatness / success.

Healthy relationships get admiration and at the same time get jealousies. The reality is that friends and family are the ones that get jealous easily. Jealousy is like poison to the one been jealous and they don’t know. Jealousy is a negative emotional signal that is most often expressed unconsciously. It might not be the intention of the person been jealous but just can’t help without been jealous of a friend or family healthy relationship.

Most people that get jealous of other relationships is as a result of their inability to achieve success too in their relationship.
Healthy relationship must have healthy boundaries to survive.

Before healthy relationships are achieved, it definitely must have passed through thin and thick and most people don’t recognize this. They become jealous of your success while they are not interested in working on theirs to attain success as well.
They are blinded with the idea of ‘are they the only ones’ you hug your spouse: they are jealous, you walk with your spouse: they hate.

Unnecessary jealousy is a sign of a sick mind.
It is normal to get jealous at a point. No one can say they have never got jealous of something but with constant growth and maturity it becomes a thing of the past. In other word, we outgrow it and channel it towards positive.

Here are the Signs to know if someone is Jealous of your Relationship

1- They always want to decide for you

Decision making is an important aspect of relationship. Jealous people will always question any decision you take with your spouse and bring their own idea / decision to the table without been asked for it. They pretend your every move is wrong. Taking to their decision could ruin your relationship because such people are not always sincere with their advice.

2- They always flash back at your past Failures

Jealous friends or colleagues are moment spoilers. They are always at the negative side. They never and will never give you any form of encouraging word. When you tell them you want to venture into a business with your partner, instead of encouraging you or giving positive ideas that will help, they will remind you of how you and your partner failed woefully in your past business. They will say you have to be very careful with these ideas putting in mind what happened the last time you set out on a business venture with your partner.

3- Insincere Compliments

Jealous people will always give insincere compliments when you tell them of your achievement. They will be the first to scream and go about informing others of the great news because they don’t want their jealous part to be seen. Later they go backbiting.

4- Imitation and Competition is their other Name

Jealous people want to have the healthy relationship you have and so always imitate your relationship style. If you go on a date with your spouse twice a month, they want to do same in their relationship too not considering if it is okay with their partner.
They are always ready for competition. They observe your relationship closely so they can build theirs with your relationship ethics and add some touches here and there so theirs will look better.

5- They are Lovers of Criticism

Jealous people love to criticize their victim. There is nothing good or bad that they won’t criticize. Criticism is good when channeled for improvement of the other person. Jealous people will criticize your every move in your relationship for its failure. They derive satisfaction from doing this.

6- They are Excited Inwardly when you fail

Jealous people might sympathize with you when you have an issue in your relationship to the extent of shedding crocodile tears but deep down their heart they are really excited and wish for more failures in your relationship.

7- They are Backstabbers

They smile when you are with them and the moment you turn away, they roll their eyes and say crappie things about you. They spread gossip about your relationship like wildfire and pretend it wasn’t from them. They are the first to tell everybody of the challenges you are facing in your relationship with the aim of pulling your relationship down the drain.

8- Jealous people are Insecure

Jealous people are characterized with insecurity. When are person feels insecure in their relationship, there is every tendency they will be jealous of a successful.

9- Too much Competitiveness

Competition is good among friends regarding their relationships. But once you notice a particular friend taking the competition to the extreme, there is every reason to conclude that the person is jealous.

10- They enjoy reducing Relationships Credibility

Jealous people love to prove superiority in their relationship when given the opportunity and they will so do it to reduce the credibility of other relationships around. If your relationship is credible, people will know. It is not done by truncating other relationships.

11- Public Humiliation

This is the highest of all the signs. A friend that can humiliate your relationship publicly is not worth your time and obviously jealous. There is respect and love when you correct or criticize your friends’ relationship privately. This means you also respect your friends stand in the relationship.

It is difficult to have five friends in their various relationships that none is a jealous one. It is like wolves in sheep clothing.
You might not spot them easily but with careful study, you will know the one with this emotional problem and manage the person carefully if they can be managed otherwise, it’s a waste of time, move on.

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