Characteristics of Healthy Boundaries in Healthy Relationships

Unlike unhealthy boundaries, Healthy boundaries are solid rocks for healthier relationships. The more functional healthy boundaries you have, the more pleasant your relationship will be. 

boundaries in relationships

Your relationship will be filled with great amount of satisfaction, love and respect.
Who wouldn’t want a secured neighborhood? We fix the best security devices or gadgets in our houses for what purpose? Definitely for security and peace of mind. So also are healthy boundaries. They secure your relationship. You feel safe even at the absence of your partner. You feel safe like you are in their arms wherever they go. You feel right there with them. It is like a connection within your spirits.

Healthy boundaries in relationships are like supernatural bond of understanding binding you and your partner even when apart. It is a great feeling indeed.

Here are Some Characteristics of Healthy Boundaries

1- Communication

This is one of the greatest healthy boundaries one can have in a relationship. The communication line should always be left open. This also means knowing the right time to open talks with your partner. we are all emotional being and as such might be emotional from time to time. But with communication, there will be no hurt since your partner will let it all out.
Communication also bridges the gap of loneliness between partners in long distance relationship. Great communication is almost all that you need for healthy relationship.

2- Understanding

Most often, communication brings understanding. When you are able to communicate properly with your partner, understanding your partner will not be difficult.
If you understand your partner, you will know when to cross a line. Understanding your partner will help understand their boundaries for healthier relationship.

3- Intimacy

Any relationship striving to be healthier must have intimacy and must be achieved with no help from alcohol or drugs. Intimacy achieved from the use of influencer is only temporal.
In achieving regular intimacy, communication and understanding is vital. When you know how best to communicate with your partner, intimacy will come by easily. There are various ways of initiating intimacy in relationships. What you need to do is to know the language your partner understands best and use it to your advantage for healthier relationship.

4- Togetherness

As seen in unhealthy boundaries, too much or too little of this is bad for relationships.
Togetherness must be balanced. When it is balanced, separateness won’t become an issue. For instance, your partner has to embark on a journey and will stay awhile, when togetherness is balanced, yes you will miss the presence of the person but will not give room to relationship anxiety.
Learn to give your partner some space from time to time. This will make togetherness balance.

5- Commitment and not Jealousy

There is a great void between commitment and jealousy. Jealousy points more towards the negative while commitment is positive. It is a desire to make something work for good.
When both partners are committed towards healthier relationship, virtually all the above listed will be part of their everyday life.
The reason why most marriages fail is as a result of lack of commitment to the relationship from one or both partner.

6- Forgiving

The ability to forgive is essential for healthy relationships. As humans at one point or the other, we hurt ourselves either intentionally or not. Your ability to say I forgive you is key. Being unforgiving will lead to mistrust which can later lead to depression in your partner.

7- Friendship

We all need family and friends in our relationship. They could be really needed sometimes. But as much as they are needed, boundaries must be put in place to check them. Friends easily cross their boundaries sometimes ad this could be attributed to familiarity and I don’t blame them. The good news is that your set boundaries will put them to check.
Set boundaries for friends.

In boundary setting, there are also varying consequences. In setting relationship boundaries, don’t say something you are not willing to follow through.
There are tons of boundaries you can set for your relationship, but also consider the consequences for each before setting them.

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