5 Stupid Questions You Should Not Ask In Relationship

Asking questions in school is very important. We are told in school that there are no stupid questions. But I noticed despite the encouragement to ask all manner of question, you still think it through and evaluate it if it sounds stupid or not.

what were you thinking

It is common sense. Oh I just remember common sense is not common any longer. A lot of people jeopardize their healthy relationship with unreasonable questions. It is necessary to ask questions in relationship but not the one that will leave your partner thinking.

There are essential questions that will make your relationship healthier while there are some that will probably put an end to your relationship abruptly. There are questions you ask in relationship that will make your partner question the actual state of your mind.

The saying ‘there are no stupid question’ is true. But then there are tons of questions you should not ask if you want a healthier relationship else they will dim the chances for healthier relationship.

It is natural to ask all manner of question when we are truly in love and really excited about it. These in some ways make us ask these questions without thinking them through. Learn to put your mind to think out a question before asking even while discussing.

All questions have different pattern and also different answers are expected.
 Just one off point question can destroy 50 on point questions asked earlier.

Here are 5 stupid questions not to ask in relationship

1- Exes Questions

Curiosity and adventure killed the cat. It might also put an end to your relationship if not handled carefully. Certain facts are needed from previous relationships if they will help protect your current relationship now and in the future. Ensure you ask questions that don’t leave your partner agitated. It is better to ask questions about your partners Exes if and only when they start the discussion about their Exes.

2- Questions of what’s your P

This type of question will make your partner defensive and sometimes makes them depressed.  This type of question sounds very rude and also tells a lot about your inner thought. What is your problem question point to anger. This question could also point that you do not trust their judgment. There are other ways of asking questions and you will not sound rude. The bottom line of asking questions is to solve problems and not to create them.

3- Questions that Compares

This is a signal of low self-esteem. Why should you compare yourself to another Person, We are wonderfully made in diverse ways. Do not ask your partner to compare you to their Exes with stupid questions like ‘Am I the best you’ve ever had?’ ‘Who dress smarter?’ ‘Who is more attractive?’
All you are doing is knocking at the door of trouble in your relationship and if you don’t stop the door will be widely opened.

4- Always, Ever or Never Questions

Using always, ever or never questions will make your partner switch mode to a defensive one. There is nobody you ask such questions that will smile with you after asking.
The question could be interpreted that you mean they are lazy and unwilling to change or do anything to help out with.
Questions like ‘why don’t you ever do this or that’ ‘you never help in the house’ ‘you are always fond of this’
The answer you will like get from such questions will not be the type you’d wished for because they will likely be 85% defensive answers. They will be answers that will tell you why they never, ever and always do or not do what they don’t do.

5- Frustrating Questions [Are You?]

Some partners could be thorn in the flesh. Asking frustrating questions will only make it worse. Questions like ‘Are you going to finally clean out the garage?’ ‘Are you going to send the documents?’

Asking questions is inevitable in our everyday life. The way we communicate our thought is where the problem is. For healthy relationships, we should communicate in the best possible and positive way with our partner.

We understand our partner better than anyone else, hence know how best to communicate with them without setting the relationship on fire.

A little spark can raise a forest to the ground. Words are powerful weapons that can be used to destroy all the efforts you have put into that relationship in a minute.

So be mindful of your words. Choose your words wisely. Handle every situation with wisdom and understanding of the situation.

Wisdom is profitable to direct!!!

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