Tolerance in Relationships

It is important to have tolerance in relationships. Conflicts can’t be 100% avoided in relationships. 


In other words, conflict exists in relationships when partners don’t tolerate one another.

Tolerance is one of the basic fundamentals for a healthy relationship.
So many people get into relationships thinking or trying to act or play out the scenes of romance movies they have watched forgetting they are in the real world. They watch fall in love with the lovely scenes in movies. For instance the movie titled ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes has so many heart felt scenes that make you fall in love immediately.

I am not condemning movies, they are great source of entertainment and we are to learn from them and not forget that in the real world, it just might not play out the same way.

Many people go into relationships without been fully equipped to handle situations. Some are not emotionally matured enough to set out on a serious relationship. This is one of the reasons many relationships are nowhere to be found today.

Developed minds and emotions are essential for tolerance in relationships. An under developed mind cannot tolerate anything in a relationship.

Per adventure you have a nagging partner, you must tolerate while trying to solve the issue of nagging.
You might not like your partner leaving the cable on all through the night; you must tolerate and put it off yourself while trying to solve the problem.
Probably one of those unimaginable things like your partner eats heavily always for no specific reason could trouble you.
There are scores of things you have to tolerate in relationships.

There are tons of things one must tolerate in relationships and try to help your partner out of them. Some probably have become habitual habits they find difficult to stop.

Tolerance is a virtue, an asset and you have to yearn for it for a more healthy relationship.
When there is tolerance in relationships, partners can easily let go.

Tolerance in relationships will drive away anger and love will thrive.
Love covers a multitude of wrongs.

practice tolerance

What then is Tolerance
The world is in need of great tolerance for peace to thrive.
Tolerance is a permissive attitude towards other people and their opinions or way of life. Tolerances also mean you treat other people / your partner decently. Treat others just the way you want them to treat you. Address people including your partner the way you want them address you too.

It can be attributed to the saying ‘Respect is Reciprocal’

When you have respect for your partner, you will tolerate their mess or attitudes. This doesn’t mean you won’t address the issue or situation but you will do it with respect and love and at the right time because timing is everything.

Tolerance in relationships also includes tolerance for other culture. There are thousands of cultures and cultural values surrounding us today, the ability to tolerate is Key to lasting peace.

To be able to tolerate in relationships, having the ability to listen will be of great benefit

From research, those who have good listening ability have higher percentage of tolerance than those who don’t.

Tolerance as a virtue can be learned but it takes time and eventually, it will be a plus to your relationship.

Every one of us must work towards tolerating one another at every level.
With tolerance in relationships, there will be no place for Anxiety and Depression.

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With Love
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  1. This is a lovely writeup. We all need tolerance

    1. We sure do. Keep spreading the word. With love.

  2. I appreciate this.


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