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Important Facts about Relationships: Relationship is vital in the human race, Relationship is the mutual understanding and sharing of life, A relationship is mutual when each party contributes to it.

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Relationship is of some sought an agreement between two or more people.  
    Man’s relationship can be viewed along lines of either Horizontal or vertical lines.

The value of our relationships with fellow humans is more of the horizontal relationship which can be described as one between husband and wife which is one of the most important types of relationships.
Other types includes
(1) Relationship between Family members (2) Relationships between members of the same community    (3) Relationship between members of the same faith  (4) Relationship between leaders and subjects (5) Relationship between teacher and student

Elements of True Relationship
1                     Love which includes care
2                     Acknowledgement of your partners work or value
3                     Understanding
4                     Openness
5                     Self disposure
6                     Ability to listen

Importance of Relationships

1                     For encouragement among partners. Relationships are not going to be smooth ride all through. So you are to be there to give encouragement at trying times.
2                     Two heads are better than one. A friend will always say two big heads are better than one. Relationships are for better achievement s of results.
3                     Relationships are for combined efforts or strength of partners
4                     Relationships are for friendship. Your partner should be your best friend ever. When your partner is your best friend, you will understand their emotions better and trust in relationship will be achieved.

5                     Relationships are the best antidote to loneliness. 

6                     It is for fellowship
7                     It is to have a shoulder to cry on. The best and compelling shoulder to cry on any day or time is that of your partner
8                     Relationship is to have counsel when at major crossroads or at a point of critical decision making.
9                     Relationships are for good companionship and company in the journey of life. Life is a journey and we all need an assistance to get to our destinations.

NOTE: Many relationships are sick!!!

Love in a relationship cannot be over emphasized.
Love is the pillar that holds the backbone of every relationship.

16 Signs of a Sick Relationship

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      1        Neglect or ill-treatment. Many relationships are suffering from neglects today and it is a serious pointer to sick relationships. Neglect in relationships leads to Depression and anxiety.
      2         Withdrawal or coldness in partners. The moment your partner starts withdrawing, don’t want to be involved as usual points to sickness in the relationship.
      3         Cruelty
      4         Rejection
      5         Greed: This is a serious issue in relationships. Some people get into relationships for their greed and when things don’t go the way they expect will lead to sickness in relationship.
      6         Frequent conflicts
      7         Misunderstanding
      8         Betrayal
      9         Envy or jealousy
      10     Meanness
      11      Ingratitude
      12     Pride
      13     Friction
      14     Treachery
      15     Malice
      16     Divorce

16 Things that Damages Understanding in Relationships

1                     Break in communication: This is one of the prominent things that damages understanding in
2                     Inadequate information about our partners
3                     Feeling of inferiority : This is mostly seen in relationships where the male partner earn less
4                     Prejudice
5                     Deception
6                     Insensitivity
7                     Unwillingness or inability to listen

8                     Personality difference
9                     Misconceptions
10                 Selfishness
11                 Lack of consideration for others
12                 Lack of trust

13                 Inability to accept one’s fault
14                 Irritability
15                 Unhealthy life style
16                 When a partner feels he or she knows more than the other

12 Things that Damages Trust in Relationships

1                     Dishonesty
2                     Inconsistency
3                     Betrayal
4                     Disloyalty
5                     Moral weakness
6                     Carelessness
7                     Moodiness
8                     Unreliability
9                     Inability to withstand pressure
10                 Inability to forgive
11                 Lack of respect for your partner
12                 Anger

What Damages Respect in Relationships

      1     Criticism: A partner that criticizes a lot will lose respect before their partner especially when you do it to prove you are better.
       2         Irresponsibility
       3         Financial inadequacy
       4         Dishonoring of one another
       5         Selfishness
       6         Domination
       7         Disregarding your partner

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  1. hi jude. so many relationships are really sick indeed and they do not know. hope people find this.

    1. Nice to hear from you Anita.
      When we recognize a sick relationship help can be administered.


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