Annoying 10 Big Habits That Guys Hate-Ladies Watch Out!

Does your significant other just want to walk? Chances are, or you’ve probably had an annoying girlfriend moment.


Guys really love their significant other (S.O) but they just can’t help but hate a few annoying / irritating habits.

Don’t want to be an annoying / irritating girlfriend?

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Here’s a list of the top things that piss all guys off pretty fast. Stay away from these habits but if you really don’t have a choice, try to be gentle about it and you will have a better relationship.

1. When you flirt with other guys living him hanging.
This could be complicated if your man is insecure. In other words, secure men have no fears if their S.O flirts with other men.
When a secured guy’s S.O flirts with other men or enjoyed her conversation with them, his thought will definitely be how much the other folks would jealous him. Hoping they’ll be lucky to have such a spirited lady.

Note: He will only have this thought and feel good feeling only if she treats him way better than all other guys especially in public.

Ladies, snubbing your S.O and or don’t treat him better while you enjoy your conversation with other guys, you could be heading for the annoying / irritating girlfriend list.

2. Men hate been locked-up.
It’s the nature of a man to feel like a man and in so doing, he might need some space. Most women get bored spending some time alone now and then. But men need this sought of space to be able to function as a real man.

Though he may not do much than to play computer games, watch his favorite football team play or work on his mini project. In all, Men need to be alone to enjoy their choice of activity and feel good doing what they do.

Hence, if you find your S.O doing something by himself you can ask if he needs assistance or a company, and if he says he want to do it alone, learn to respect his decision and leave him alone with whatever he is doing.

If you want to be listed as an annoying / irritating girlfriend, sit beside him and start a conversation.

3. Men love their peace and quiet time.
A man’s peace of mind could be seen in his surroundings. Men love serene environment and want to enjoy their quiet time even doing nothing. Most guys won’t voice out but they do value silence.

Have you caught your significant other staring at the clouds, “I mean an empty space” Or gazing at something irrelevant or even doing something ridiculous? Men love this peace and silence time after time.

When you walk into the house and talk continuously without taking note of his mood could be detrimental especially when he seems unresponsive or gives a rhythmic response, it’s a sure sign that he’s in that zone of peace within derived from the serenity he’s enjoying and your voice could piss him off.

It is strongly advised to let him be, because he want to be left with his own thoughts that very moment.

4. Talking about relationship issues with third party.
There are no relationships with no challenge. The problem lies on how we handle them. The way guys handle their relationship problems is somewhat different from how ladies handle theirs.

When a guy is having a tough time in relationship, he shuts himself up sourcing for solutions.

While when a girl is having a tough time in hers’, she’s off to the social media tweeting about it, etc. Not all girls though.
Peradventure you do, know you are on the list of annoying / irritating girlfriends.

It is good you discus your relationship problems with someone, but it should be with a person that can provide reasonable advice and not the one that will go running him down.

5. When you ask him how you look – am I fat?
This is bizarre. Can’t you answer this simple question yourself? Take a look at the mirror and you will have a sure reply to your question.

No man will answer this dreaded question with a yes if you actually look fat because his answer will probably make you insecure or depressed. Causing more damage to your health.

Many ladies ask their man this question every now and then, every time they try on a new dress or wear an old one.

It’s the kind of question where the answer just won’t change.
So if you want your man to tell you the truth about your looks, stop those habits to make you add weight then ask after awhile about your looks and see his response.

Odds are, he will be overwhelmed by your new looks, and unconsciously mention you’ve lost some weight and complement how sweet you look now. With this, you’ll know your before and after status.

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6. When you talk while he’s playing his game.
With ref to #3 and #4 above, when guys play their games, they play to win, boosting their ego.

On the contrary, women play games mostly for recreational purposes. Men play their games with adrenalin rush. If you’ve seen a guy play is game you will understand better. They just have to win and this involves some great amount of concentration.

So anytime you see your S.O chilling with some games, it’s not the time to talk about gossip, fashion, Tv show or relationship problems.
If you insist on talking to him when he’s playing, then he has divided attention and all you’re going to hear is “uhh huh… hmm…oooook”

7. When you constantly try to change him.
Men understand that women love to make pet project out of them –changing him. Changing a man that doesn’t want to change is a waste of resources. 

Trying your best to make your S.O a better man by pushing him into doing something he doesn’t like or doesn’t want to do is really unhealthy.

Don’t get me wrong, men don’t dislike the idea of being a better person, but they hate it when they’re pushed from what they like and forced into doing something they absolutely abhor. For example: Eat fruits. Don’t sleep on the couch. Don’t watch soccer - watch opera. Watch fashion Tv shows, they’re better than those stupid movies etc.

It also hurts the most when they aren’t supportive of his dreams and visions and yet criticize all they do.

8. When she’s supper clingy or too self-dependent
This may seem creepy, but true. Men don’t want their S.O to be too clingy and they don’t want them to be too self-dependent.

Men understand the need to be too clingy or way too self-dependent, it does take a bit of moderation to have a healthy and happy relationship.

9. When you don’t understand his passion.
Guys could be passionate about lot of things. Funny enough, they could range from useless/silly to very important things. But to him, it’s his passion and you should appreciate that.

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Guys so much hate it when their S.O don’t understand their drive or passion. They hate it the most when their S.O tell them to grow up. It’s an annoying girlfriend attribute when a she can’t understand what her own man loves and what he doesn’t. it’s pathetic.

To understand his drive/passion is easy. Ensure to spend some quality time with him and try to understand his passion. Odds are, you may end up loving it as well and that would make you BFF.

10. Unacknowledged little efforts
Who doesn’t like to be appreciated every now and then? Guys hate it when their very little effort go unnoticed and are not appreciated.

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