11 Easy Types Of Relationship Problems

Relationships being the main source of happiness for most people, in reality, they aren’t without their struggles and can often involve quite a bit of hard work with a focus.


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Every relationship is characterized by its type of problem. Healthy relationships today was probably a battlefield but with determination from both partners to make it work, both are enjoying their investments.

Avoiding relationships problems means great investment from couples. Lots of people believe it’s their partners’ responsibility to make the relationship healthy forgetting it is partnership business. You must be ready to invest into materials that will help you achieve your set goals in your relationship.

Note: Your relationships can be perfect, but in reality, rarely exist without their problems.

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No matter how healthy your relationship is, there will always be little problems that crop up from time to time. When you are at the look out, well-prepared to face the problems and know their signs, you will find it easy to deal with them.

Here is a list of top 10 relationship problems   

1. Jealousy and insecurity problems
Problems like these; jealousy, insecurity, possessiveness, and even anger don’t just surface when one partner is more talented, or more popular than the other. Some can be inborn in a person and could be extremely destructive. Watch out for the warning signs and get help as soon as possible.

2. Boundary problems
This cannot be overemphasized as boundaries must be put in place if you really want to achieve a healthy relationship. A big reason for problems between partners is when one person is trying to change the other and being in a relationship without doubt doesn’t mean that one person gains complete control or superiority over the other.

Hence boundaries must be functional because everyone has a set of unique qualities that they’ve developed over time, so trying to change them won’t do any good for your relationship.

Note: If your significant other is proposing a positive change, it is advised to make adjustments – Healthy Relationship.

3. Lack of trust
This is ravaging a lot of relationship as partners barely trust themselves. No relationship will stand the test of time when it lacks trust. Trust is one of the vital ingredients of a healthy relationship. Partners must endeavor to trust themselves and don’t do things that will make your significant other question your trust. It is difficult to regain trust once lost.
Lack of trust is also known as ‘The Kiss Of Death To Relationships.

4. Cheating
With reference to #3, lot of couples break up when one or both of them has been unfaithful. Cheating on partners can be attributed to several reasons, for example, when they are not contented in their relationship (beauty, neatness, lack of attention etc) or because they are not trustworthy.
Whatever the reason might be, cheating is a relationship red flag you don’t want to ignore.

5. Physical abuse
Possessive men might use physical abuse in an attempt to control the relationship. It’s pretty common for couples to have healthy arguments time after time. But when that turns into physical assault, the problem will definitely worsen as trust will be questioned.

You should control your emotions during arguments and physical abuse should tolerated for any reason.
Report physical abuse to the appropriate quarter.

6. Lack of unity
There is no team without unity. Couples must recognize that they are a team and for every successful team comes unity. This is agreement at its peak. Several factors can cause disunity amongst couples like personal ambitions, finances, jobs and even having kids, it’s important to agree on them.

7. Intimacy
Healthy relationships enjoy intimacy. It has a major role to play and when there is no intimacy amongst couples, the relationship starts going downhill.

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8. Miscommunication
This has become a frequent in relationships. We easily believe our significant other understand all about us and doesn’t need to be communicated on varying issues. The best way to avoid this is to express and seek out or provide clarification when you don’t understand a thing.

Problems arise when thoughts, feeling, and or opinions are not properly communicated or misunderstood by the other person.

9. Poor time management
It is necessary to spend quality time with your significant other / family at least during the weekend if your work/job won’t permit you enough time during the week.

Time management also mean keeping to time on your dates etc.

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10. Finance / investment
Your relationship is the first thing that gets affected when it comes to money.

Money is needed at various levels of relationships. Many relationships breakdown over financial problems everyday. The lack of money, for reasons like joblessness, insufficiency or lavish spending could result to relationship anxiety and insecurity.

11. Deceit
Many relationships are struggling to because a partner is deceptive. No relationship will strive with deception in its foundation.

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The above listed are the common types of relationship problems which faced by couples all over the world. Quick identification of the nature of your relationship problems and being proactive is a step closer to finding a solution.

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