Things To Be Grateful For You Don’t Appreciate Enough

Enjoying life to the fullest is all about the little things that matter. Many people take things or life for granted. So, you need to remember these little things to be grateful for so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

things to be grateful for in life

People go through life every day without appreciating what they have until they loose it. Frankly speaking, it is hard to sit back and be happy with what you have in life when there’s so much left to want and actualize. Most people aren’t living the lives they’ve dreamt of. But there are still things to be grateful for.

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Everyone should spend time acknowledging the great things they have rather than on those they don’t have. Even on your worst day, there’s still something to be grateful for. Overlooking those things will put you on the fast track to misery and dispel.

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Not being grateful will make you have an unhappy life

As humans, we always have wants and desires. If you don’t have wants and desires, then something is sure wrong with you. You could have something you’ve always dreamed of today, but within a week of having it, you’d want something new. It’s the norm.

Note that if you’re always looking at what you don’t have, you’ll always be unhappy.

You’ll see everything you wish you had and this puts you in a negative mindset. The more you look at what you want and the fact that you’re not getting it, the worse off your life will be.

On the flip side, if you focus on everything you have that fulfills your life and gives you happiness, you’ll be in a much better place and having a better mindset for fulfilling your dreams. Stop looking up at what you want and look around you. You’ll realize you have everything you might possibly need already. This does not mean you should not aspire for grater height, but one step at a time is the key.

Things to be grateful for that you might not appreciate as much as you should

As easy as it is to say to look at everything you have instead of what you don’t, it’s truly not that easy. We’re humans and as humans, we continue to crave for more and more each passing day.

We want a better life than what we have and while that’s not a bad thing, it can dampen our perception of how great our lives truly are.

Next time you’re feeling down about your life, remember to appreciate these things in your day-to-day life.

1. Your home.

If you have a roof over your head, consider yourself very lucky. If you have a place to sleep each night, tell me why you shouldn’t be grateful for that? You should appreciate that. There are so many homeless out there in the cold. Count yourself fortunate and be thankful.

2. Your family.

Family can be tough to appreciate right? Everyone understands that. And if you’re someone who’s lost touch with family, then be grateful for those you consider family at the moment. Not everyone is lucky enough to have their family around.

3. Your health.

If you’re in relatively good health without any major issues, be grateful. Many people aren’t as lucky to go through life with health as great as yours. Some live through life with certain medical conditions. So you need to be grateful for your health.

4. The love in your life.

With reference to #2, if you have someone special and you’re in a good relationship, count yourself very lucky. Many people out there aren’t able to be with who they want.

We often appreciate our loved ones but more people need to appreciate the fact that they are allowed to express their love. You need to be grateful if you are not in a toxic and abusive relationship. Good and healthy relationships aren’t easy to come by.

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5. A bed to sleep in.

In addition to a home to live in, you have a bed. Some people who have roofs over their heads aren’t as fortunate to be able to sleep in comfort. Some lay on mats and others bare floor. But your bed is with you every night and yet, how often have you been grateful to have it? Try having your sleep on the bare floor and tell us how it feels.

6. Clean drinking water.

There are far too many places in this world without clean drinking water for you to take it for granted. Remember all of the luxuries you have that are basic survival needs others don’t always get. Clean drinking water is a scare commodity in most parts of the world. You definitely should be grateful for this daily essential.

7. Being able to work.

Working for a living is a luxury not accessible by everyone. It seems difficult to comprehend that being able to work should be seen as a great thing. You have the freedom to work and earn a living. Cherish this. Be grateful for the opportunity you have. There are people out there yarning for this opportunity. Some are able bodied, but there’re no jobs, etc.

8. Sight.

Many people live in a world of black. All they see is total darkness. You don’t. Be grateful for this. Your life would be worlds apart if you had no vision. Just be grateful please.

9. Ability to learn.

You have access to more than you think. With the ability to learn, all you have to do is read or watch, and you obtain knowledge. This is something we all take for granted.

10. Freedom of religion.

There was a time in history when people couldn’t choose which God to worship. So, if you have freedom of religion, you are lucky to be able to choose your own spirituality.

11. Electricity.

Something that seems so insignificant literally runs your life. Make sure to appreciate that you have electricity to keep your food cold, to cook your food, to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. There are millions without electricity. Some don’t even know what it looks like. Some have epileptic power supply, yet you have electricity running all day, weeks, months and even years without a blink.

12. Safety and security.

If you live in an area where you don’t fear for your physical safety, then you are blessed. Many people don’t have that luxury and are worried for themselves and their loved ones all the time.

Security of life and property is key in every society. So if you have this life essential, count yourself lucky and ensure to be grateful for that.

13. Your friends.

Friends are an interesting part of life. Life without friends could be pretty boring. You choose these people to surround you with happiness or whatever reason you have. Be grateful for them. Appreciate them and let them know you love having them in your life. Also let them know they play an important role in your life.

14. Your pets.

What about your pets? They give you endless love and attention and do you really ever appreciate the fact that you have them? Many people in your life will never care about you the way your pet does. Appreciate those little tines.

15. Mobile phones.

If you’re too young to remember a world without mobile phones, then you don’t know how easy you have it. From GPS to texting, to social media, cell phones just make our lives so much easier. We can get in touch with the world in split seconds.

16. Food.

The fact that you get to eat day in and day out is a privilege. This is not a guarantee for many people. Remember that you’re lucky enough to eat and, for the most part, eat what you want. This will help you think of your life on happier terms.

Remember this: some have food but cannot eat, some can eat but have no food, we have food and we can eat, glory be to thee oh lord…

Just be grateful for food!

17. Being educated.

There are still a lot of countries in the world that deny their citizens education, not even a good education. They don’t have any form of education. Some people can’t read, and some governments won’t let girls go to school, just imagine! So, having an education is very fortunate.

18. Being able to read.

With reference to #17, this is another one you probably never think of. Not everyone can read and write. It’s a luxury that makes your life way better than you probably can even imagine. Be

grateful for this.

19. Breath.

We really take life for granted via the free air we breathe. Some people have a lot of breathing problems. Whether it’s COPD, asthma, or emphysema, many people routinely have to gasp for every breath they take. They don’t have the luxury of easy breathing as you do. Just take a deep breath, and realize that this is something you should be extremely grateful for.

20. Kindness.

There are a lot of good people in the world who contribute kindness to others. Be grateful for them that they are spreading positivity around. You should too.

21. Ability to laugh.

How many times in your life has laughter made everything better? Take a second and reflect on how laughter has been medicine to a situation. Probably a lot. Appreciate the moments when you can share your laughter with those that matter to you.

22. Sunsets.

The sun gives you many things but the moment before it goes away for the night is better than art. Have you ever really taken a moment to be grateful for them? If not, you should start. Staring off into the sunset can make a lot of things better. You could get inspired by how wonderful it goes down with beautiful radiance.

23. Partying of any kind.

This is something we don’t appreciate enough. We celebrate a lot of things in order to appreciate those things, but do you ever show gratitude for being able to celebrate in the first place? It’s not allowed everywhere. There’re places where you can’t dare party. In some other places, certain gender cannot go to party without being accompanied and that is if they must go. Yet you aren’t grateful for the privilege you’ve got.

24. Cars.

Would you have liked to live at a point in history when you had to ride a horse or take a carriage everywhere? Cars have given us the ability to travel long distances in short amounts of time. Cars are so helpful to humanity and we seem not to appreciate them (smiles). Life has been much easier with cars. Safety in 21st century cars are top notch, they move way faster and can carry both you and your luggages without complaining. You should be grateful if you have a car or have access to one and you can drive yourself around. Don’t forget there are still places women are not allowed to drive or drive alone, they must have someone around them. omg! I love fast cars.

25. Grocery stores.

If we didn’t have grocery stores, then most of us would have to resort back to being hunters and farmers living off the ground. That sure doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to have to kill animals just so you can have meat, etc. With technology you can even place an order for all your grocery and get them delivered to your door.

26. Medicine (Modern Medicine).

Not just medicine but Modern medicine. It has achieved great things for humanity. From organ transplants to replacing hip joints, it has made a lot of people’s lives easier. Modern Medicine has saved thousands it not millions.

27. Money in your bank account.

Most people in the world live on less than 700 US dollar per year. So, if you have money in the bank and aren’t living paycheck to paycheck (hand to mouth), then you should be extremely grateful for that. You are among the richest people in the world. Isn’t that something to be grateful for?

28. Air conditioning and heating system.

Thanks for so many inventions like the Air conditioning and heating system which has saved so many lives especially in the winter. We aren’t ever too hot or too cold in this modern day. So, you can thank heating and air conditioning and their inventors each passing day.

29. Waking up daily.

You’ve been given another day. Appreciate this so you never fail to live each day fully and switching those buttons whenever you want to all for your comfort.

30. Hearing ability.

It wouldn’t be fun to live in a world of silence and have to rely on lip-reading or sign language to communicate with other people.

31. Entertainment.

With reference to #23, there’re so many forms of entertainment out there just to keep you happy. But sometimes you don’t even think about how lucky you are to have them at your disposal. Be thankful for your Netflix, Telegram, football, baseball games. I-tunes, and other forms of entertainments. These are luxuries far too many people take for granted.

32. Great inventors.

Without inventors, we would still be living in the Stone age. Just imagine life back then. Everything new that they create has mostly made our lives easier and better.

33. Music.

With reference to #31, who doesn’t like music? It can bring back memories and put us in a better mood. Music is something that can bring great joy to everyone’s lives. Many people have gotten life breakthroughs just by listening to music.

34. Internet.

Think about all the things we can do with the internet. Just by the push of a button, we can talk in real-time on video with someone halfway around the world, in fact we can talk with someone at the other end of the world in real-time. We can do business with anyone around the world. The world has become a very small village where you can know or interact with anyone and at anytime. (it’s now a global village). The internet has opened up so many things to us, both bad and good.

35. Ability to walk.

Similar to being able to breathe, if you are able to walk on your own, then that is a gift. So many people are confined to wheelchairs because of paralysis or another disease that affects their mobility. Just be grateful for your legs.

36. Time off from work.

Think about how difficult it was for slaves in history. They got up at the crack of dawn and worked hard labor in very bad weather conditions without ever getting a day off. So, if you get time off from work, which is something to be grateful for.

37. Art.

Some of the things to be grateful for can be quite simple. However, if you think of a life without them, like art, it becomes less positive. Art shapes many different people’s lives. The car you drive, the home you live in, and most else you come into contact with during your day were built because of art.

38. Books.

Reading books is good for your brain. Having access to books is a privilege, even though it might not seem like it is. There are those who wished they can read and some can read but they don’t have access to books. Yet you have books at your disposal both in hard and soft copies. You should be grateful for that.

39. Pain.

This seems off right? But when you go through pain, you learn from it. And, you are grateful for the times when you are not in pain. It is necessary to take pain with a positive mindset. Though it is not easy to do but it could be a deal breaker in ones life.

40. Plumbing.

Would you like to go out to an outhouse in the middle of the snow in the winter or while it rain just to use the restroom? Or to walk two miles to a river to get water to drink? Of course not. You really need to be grateful for inventors. They are of great minds.

41. Wisdom from mistakes.

Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s never fun. But the good thing that comes from doing stupid things is that you can learn to never do it again. Then you can warn your children and save them the heartbreak of making them themselves. Mistakes aren’t good to learn from, it is better to learn from other people mistakes. But if you make one, get yourself up and try again.

42. A sound mind.

Many people have declining brain functionalities. Whether it’s Alzheimer’s disease or a stroke, if your brain is functioning properly, you should be grateful for that.

43. Kids,

Kids have such high spirits. They love life and laugh a lot more than adults. Their minds aren’t occupied with the worries of life. We should be happy to have them around. There are couples who are still trying to have theirs after several years of marriage.

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44. Cloths.

Imagine the world without cloths. Walking here and there with leaves as panties. It is hilarious right?

45. Technology.

Technology has brought humanity great help. Imagine the world without technology! How would it feel like? How will humans move from one place to another? Look at cars today, air and sea travel, ecological homes or green houses, cell phones, satellite, etc. humans really need to be grateful for technology.

Remember that when you’re feeling ungrateful!

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