13 Astonishing Things That Happen When You Live Your Passion

One of the most interesting things living our passion is the freedom and ease of burden that comes with it. Have you thought about how amazing life would be if you truly lived your passion each day?

What happened to those childhood dreams you always had? Did you grow up? Remember how you always wanted to be a pilot, an engineer, teacher, etc.

Something must have happened to make you forgo those beautiful dreams of yours.

Some, they grew up and felt it was a childish dream. “I can’t be this because my parents aren’t that”. Blab!!!

Why does growing up imply you must forgo your dreams and passions? Is that what growing up really mean?

Here’s what happens when you live your passion.

Grow up with your passion instead of discarding them that they’re childish.

1. Fulfillment
What drains the most is “working to live.” At some point, you’ll feel stuck because you have bills to pay and your job does that.

You cannot underestimate the value of loving what you do. Yes, there might be a bit of doubt surrounding your passion, but it’s nothing greater than loving what you do. #fulfillment.

By diligently pursuing your passion, you’ll feel fulfilled at what you do. You’ll have the joy of living your passion.

There is nothing more rewarding than doing what you were called to do. So take a bold step and start working on those amazing passions. Take a moment and think it through.

Probably you’re not thinking about your passion and that’s why you’re not meeting the right people.

Sometimes, our passion connects us to those that matter or have experience in our area of interest, helps us study the right course in school, know what professional training to go for, etc.

With reference to #1, do you know your self-confidence triples when you live your passion? 

You speak with more confidence when you live your passion. Are you a mechanic? When you live your passion, you’ll live and speak as one with great confidence when called for a job. Are you an artist? When you live your passion, you’ll live and speak as one.

Imagine two lawyers; one living their passion as a lawyer and the other not. Who do you think will always have victory in court cases?

When you pay no attention to the opinions of others and live your passion, you’ll be comfortable expressing yourself to anybody.

Your self-confidence will suffer when you give-in to the pressures of society, your friends, and family – they’ll always be there.

This will mean you’re forcing yourself to do something that is of little interest to you and one of the ways to know this is when you’re not working within your strengths and sure, your performance will be lower than expected.

3. Lower stress
With reference to #1 and #2, living your passion can reduce your stress level greatly.
From research, job stress is the major cause of stress for most adults. This is linked to increased rates of heart attack, hypertension, depression and many other disorders.

Important fact about stress – No stress is bad.
We all encounter stress someway. The difference is in the kind of stress you come across. Those who follow their passions and those who don’t will both encounter stress.

What does stress do to you?

Do you know that those who live their passion have an internal drive or some sought of motivation that helps bring balance to their situations? Hence, they’ll most likely have less stressful days or situations.

While those that don’t live their passion are usually not enjoying their work and find it stressful each day.

They’re scared of Mondays. In fact: you see their face change at the mention of Monday. Their attitude becomes hypertensive when you say ”so tomorrow is Monday”.

Some, while waking up, getting up from bed, to the shower, putting their clothes on, having breakfast, and driving into work stresses them already.
So wonder how their day will be!

4. Add to your comfort zone
You don’t need to give up everything to start afresh or pursue your passion. So don’t fall into the trap or school of taught that believe you have to give everything up to follow your passion.

This belief has kept most people from starting their journey to their passion.
Fulfilling your dream is a gradual process. Allow yourself to slowly add to your comfort zone and try new things. You can continue doing what you do at the moment, but with a change of mindset while pursuing your dreams, purpose/passion along side.

As you continue growing and comfortable in your ability to live your dream/passion, you can gradually allocate more time towards it and before long, you will be all-in and living your life to the fullest.

5. Positive magnetism
With reference to #4, in adding to you comfort zone is attracting the positives. Unique and successful people attract people to themselves with little or no effort.

We are often afraid our passion won’t be received well by others and as such, do nothing about them.

Whereas in living your life and follow through with your passions, you are going to attract like-minded people. It’s a natural law. Like-minds will always attract like-minds.

A footballer will always have footballers as friends and those that love what they do for whatever reason they have. So it is in every sphere of life.

The fact of life is that you’re probably going to rub some people the wrong way when you are pursuing your passion. Some people will rise against your passion because they don’t like change. So take note: “When you change, it could change your relationships”.

But if you really want to follow through with your passion, change is inevitable. Your growth is tied to your willingness to pursue what you believe.

6. Be thankful for life
Take a close look and see if there’s something to be thankful for. I’m sure you’ll find something.

Decide within yourself to be thankful for something each day. There’s something to be thankful for always.

Probably you got a flat tire on your way to work - at least you’ve a vehicle. You got rubbed of your possessions – at least you’ve got life.

You’ve got a job right? Are you thankful for that? It might not be your dream job – but you’ve 
got one.

Though there’s every tendency that you’ll feel more grateful if you are doing something you’re truly passionate about because you’ll wake up each day knowing it is another day to fulfill your life’s purpose.

7. Personal development
Most people don’t live their passion because of the doubt surrounding their passion and it’s really not their fault. People have doubt time after time. You may have doubts regarding financial success, profession, or even emotionally which in turn reflect on your relationships.

This does not mean you should accept this and do nothing about your doubts. The more you give thought a chance, the farther you go from realizing your passion. Instead, spend some time developing yourself.

Develop the skill needed to accomplish your passion. If you need to take a course related to your passion, take it. If it means getting a mentor to guide you, get one and I’ll advice one you can gain access to easily.

Personal development also includes getting the right materials, keeping the right relationships, staying happy, the list goes on and on.
Start with mapping out the necessary skill you need to develop to live your passion then take a bold step with determination and of cause focus.

8. You’ll be a kinder person
Have you noticed this awesome trend in the lives of those that live their passion? You’ll see some kind of inner peace and joy within them. Sure, it’ll rub off on their interactions with others.

When you diligently pursue your passion, you’ll be satisfied and will be at peace with the world and also you’ll be a kinder person.

9. Be creative
When you start living your passion, you must be creative in other to succeed. Living your passion in most cases, you’re venturing into unfamiliar waters and this could be really intimidating especially when you just launched out. The real deal is that this is where the magic happens.

10. Change the story-line
There’s always an inner you telling you who you truly are, what you can do, and what you truly deserve.

At some point, we all have split feelings about pursuing our passion. Sometimes you hear a voice saying you aren’t good enough etc.

To change this negative inner voice, first you must understand the limiting story-lineyou’re telling yourself and then change that story-line.

Your new story-line should be grounded in an understanding that you can pursue your passion.

Fear equal procrastination and procrastination leads to death.

Our fears will always come. How you manage your fear is what matters the most. Do all you can to avoid the temptation to procrastinate things the way they are until you have more experience, more time, and more influence. This is what fear can do.

Fear continues to grow when you give into it.

Keep in mind, it’s not bad to be afraid, it’s bad to allow that fear to stop your efforts. 

12. Life is in constant balance
When you are following your passion, your life is in constant balance. Your work does not feel like a job because you would do it for free and contentment.

13. Fewer regrets for your efforts
The hard fact about life is that most people will not regret the things they did, but things they did not do.

Think about what life would be like if you truly pursued your passions. There’ll be little or no regrets for your efforts.

The most intriguing thing about living your passion is the freedom and ease that comes with it. Yes; plus some positive stress or motivating stress.

Living your passion all begins with a step, no matter how small the step is, you’ll start to see the benefits discussed.

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