10 Ways How To Change Your Mindset For A Happy And Successful Life

I believe you became a better you and had a sweet experience with your significant other last year. This year promises to be better. Keep working on yourself for a better you and be happy each passing day.


Some believe in new years’ resolution while others don’t. What school of thought you belong doesn’t really matter. What matters the most is doing the needful at the right time.


We all aspire to be happy and be successful in every area of our lives including relationships. Virtually everyone when asked “What’s your aim in life,” we most certainly will reply – to be happy and successful.

We sometimes feel this simple and honest reply seems an impossible achievement as a result of many factors like: insecurity, fear of the unknown, inability to take risk, cares of what people will say etc.

It’s a good news to know that the happiness you seek is just a stone throw away or could it be it’s already at your disposal? Yes it is. It’s actually in your power to see or view things / life with a different mindset.

When you see life in a positive way, that you can achieve your hearts desires no matter the storm, you’ll work towards achieving the success and happiness you crave for.

Happiness don’t just walk to your door and knock; “hey Vivian, I’m hear”. You’ll have to do something to be happy and successful.

Here are 10 ways how to change your mindset for a happy and successful life.

1. Be grateful and count your blessings
It’s human to always wanting more and striving to be better. But it doesn’t have to be so always. We sometimes need to be grateful and appreciate what we already have by counting them one after the other. A whole new world filled with opportunities could just popup right in front of you.

Changing your mindset towards gratitude is one of the most powerful eye-openers. Unfortunately, many don’t use it.

You won’t pay attention to little things that upset you and unpleasant situations when you have a heart of gratitude. Instead, you’ll focus on the good things that have happened and the lessons you’ve learned even from unpleasant events or encounters.

With this kind of attitude, you’ll be able to manage depression and anxiety properly.

This is only achievable with constant practice and you can start now by doing this simple exercise every day or evening before going to bed-
{Write down happy things that happened that day either on your way to work, at the office, etc and they should be things you can be grateful for. Note: they don’t have to be gigantic things.

2. Nurture various life interests
The more diverse and important our life areas, the more fulfilled our life will be.
Those who invest time and energy in many different things are much less likely to get depressed than those who have few interests in life.

Some examples of life areas you can nurture effectively includes: quality family time, work, friends, hobbies, traveling, sports, quality time alone, etc.

Once you’ve determined these important life areas for you, make sure you nurture and develop them.

You could dedicate certain amount of time to each of them weekly.

3. Seek out fulfillment
With reference to #2, striving to be happy isn’t enough, you should seek sustained fulfillment by nurturing various life interest and working through them.

Surprisingly, more psychologists and thinkers are stressing that happiness is not a product of getting what you want, but rather the byproduct of the different challenges you’ve overcome and milestones you’ve reached to get there.

In other words, to achieve happiness and life’s fulfillment, you must keep going by pursuing things with a focus, you keep competing with positive attitude and struggling by searching for every opportunity you can grasp.

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4. Love yourself for yourself
Some people place everyone else before themselves and know how to give better than how to receive and it’s all good only if you know how to balance it so you don’t remain permanently at the negative receiving end.

If you’re one of them, it’s time you start thinking more about yourself in a more positive way by loving yourself without causing a stir.
Actually, it’s all about balancing.

These tips will help you start loving yourself more:
  • Do what you love.
  • Learn to say no when it’s not convenient.
  • What does your body say? Listen to your body. If you feel too tired to do something, skip it if you can and don’t feel bad about it.
  • Play the scare game. Let people know you need some alone time.
5. Find your purpose
With reference to #4, in loving yourself, you must find your purpose. What do you really want to do or be in life?

You might need to spend some quality time to ask and answer this honest question.
What you want to achieve in this life. If you’ve decided or already know what you want, what or how do you plan on achieving this goal that seems like a mission impossible?

You’ll sure need a road map to get to your desired destination. You’ll have to start somewhere and with plenty of patience.

Note that setting and actualizing goals requires lots of patience. You can start by laying down goals for yourself. You can set up with light goals like spending more time with your family and friends, set a promotion goal etc. to help better, you can set specific time frame for achieving your set goals.

Being upset is one of the happiness thieves in life. Being offended steals the valuable and happy moments we could be spending together with our loved ones.

Offensive moments might not be avoidable, but how you manage them is what matters the most.

7. Have you tried a new profession/vocation?
We all get caught up in everyday life with work and family chores etc. It might be difficult to imagine living differently if you’ve been used to what you have been doing for several years.

The good news is that there’re people who are hustling and trying new things while finding their passion even when they already have stable jobs and families. Even if their stable job brings them steady income, they still search for their passion. Something they are proud of. 

A career or project they can talk about for several hours.
In most cases, this side-project is the one that brings fulfillment, extra income, happiness and fulfillment.

You can do that too! It’s better late than never. You can try a new occupation, career or even a pet project. You can start by doing something little, like a side business if you love business. Note that it doesn’t have to be business. You think of what you truly love.

There are countless jobs you can access online; there are also online jobs or sit at home jobs and even businesses you can start from your smart phone.

If you don’t have any of the above interest, try a new hobby like playing soccer, professional trainings to upgrade your career/profession, painting etc.
Note that it’s never too late to try something new.

8. Change your view about your partner
If you truly want to be happy and enjoy fulfillment while married, you must look at your partner with a different look each time and not with the over familiar look – you know what I mean right?

Many have challenges accepting that they have grown too used to their significant other. It’s normal to be over familiarized with someone you’ve being with for a long while.

But the good news is that it’s in your power to change it and bring some spark into your relationship.

Here are some ideas for bringing the spark back:
  • Do something adventurous together. Something new, different from your daily routine. If you don’t go on dates together, try one, and then fix another. Just do something together you ordinarily won’t do together. It will make both hearts pant with excitement. You can make it a surprise for your partner or plan it together.
  • How often do you touch your significant other? If you’re not the touchy type, you might need to have a change of heart. Warm pecks, hugging and regular touching plays an important role in nurturing relationships
  • Buy gifts for your partner no matter how little.
  • Show gratitude for every kindness by your significant other.
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9. Control your expectations
Having high standards or values is not a bad thing basically. But overdoing it at the expense of your family/relationship could be terrible.

If you are too demanding towards yourself, either of you can experience depression or general burnout.

Take note also that if you are expecting too much of other people, they can get tired or avoid you at all cost.

10. Be a giver and a contributor
Fulfillment / satisfaction in life comes largely from a sense of giving/contribution.
It’s that feeling that your life and work matters to others.

Doing something valuable for people around you and this heart of a giver / contributor can give you a feeling of mission, purpose or a cause to run with.

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