Top 10 Domestic Violence NGOs In Nigeria And How To Reach Them

Domestic violence is on the rise especially in developing nations or third world as it is commonly called among developed countries. Though domestic violence is not peculiar to developing countries, it is happening all over the world.

Top 10 NGOs that help fight against domestic violence in Nigeria

Research has shown that women and children are the major victims of domestic violence all over the world.

The Coronavirus pandemic gave a very strong eye-opener on the realities of domestic violence all over the world, Nigeria inclusive.

Most people think domestic violence has to do with only physical abuses and maybe other offenses that may result to physical injury, on the other hand, research has it that domestic violence is far beyond just physical violence, especially in our modern world with fast internet, etc.

Domestic violence manifests in several forms or ways besides physical abuse. Other form of domestic violence includes the following: sexual, emotional and mental abuses. In the past women were the major victims of domestic violence followed by children. However, recent research and statistics has it that men also suffer from domestic abuses at home and even at work from female bosses or colleagues.

Note that domestic violence is not typical to the poor but it cut across all financial class.

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In Nigeria, 1 in 3 women is said to have suffered from one form of domestic violence or the other during their lifetime. Most popular among domestic violence include rape, assault, murder, battery, verbal and blackmail.

However, sexually related violence happens to be the most prominent form of domestic violence faced by most women.

It is sad to know that across Nigeria, domestic violence is really high. Yet only about 25 % of domestic violence is reported to law enforcement agencies. This might be attributed to fear of stigmatization or ignorance of what to do or where to look for help.

Due to this disturbing trend, several NGOs have come up to give legal support, create awareness and care to victims of domestic violence. Since most victims of domestic violence may not have the willingness or resources to pursue justice, these Non-Governmental Organizations stand in the gap for a lot of families.

The following are some of the top domestic violence NGOs in Nigeria and their functioning address/contact.

1. International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA).

Federacion Internationalé De Abogadas (FIDA) was formally established in Mexico in 1944. The name translates to the International Federation of Women Lawyers. In 1964 Ambassador Aduke Alakija established the Nigerian branch of the organization, FIDA Nigeria.

FIDA Nigeria is a non-profit, non-political, voluntary association of women called to the practice of law in Nigeria. FIDA Nigeria’s primary role is to protect, promote and preserve the rights of women and children in Nigeria. Its core values are transparency, accountability, teamwork, integrity, mutual respect, commitment, service and they are non-partisan. Its main objectives are to: promote the principles and aims of the United Nations in its legal and social aspects; establish friendly international relations on a basis of equality and mutual respect for all peoples; promote the study of comparative law; proffer advice to Government in cases relating to women and children.

FIDA Nigeria actualizes its objectives through free legal representation for indigent women and children, advocacy and policy campaigns, education and training, mediation and counseling services, and publishing information resources. FIDA Nigeria has formally inaugurated branches in 36 states of the federation as well as the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. These branches are headed by duly elected State Officers and overseen by the National Executive Officers and staff of the National Secretariat.

Address: Block 1, Flat 1, Ankpa Close Ogun Street Area 2, Garki, Abuja

FIDA has branches in the 36 states of the federation.

Phone: +234 708 849 6115



2. The Cleen Foundation.

The Cleen Foundation is one of the most popular foundations in Nigeria. Their works and research in the area of domestic violence has served as an eye-opener to many people about the rise in the cases of domestic violence across the nation. With its headquarters in Abuja, and branches in Edo, Lagos, and Ibadan, the Cleen foundation is surely one of the champions of women and children’s rights in the country.

Address: 26, Bamenda Crescent, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja, Nigeria.

Phone number: +234-7067899368

3. ACTS Generation.

ACTS is one of Nigeria’s few NGOs that is fully devoted to fighting against domestic violence and abuse in Nigeria. Apart from domestic violence issues, this foundation is also engaged in support for those with mental-related issues.

Phone: +2348033951460



4. Crime Victims Foundation Nigeria (CRIVIFON).

This is an NGO that was formed by well-meaning individuals to support victims of domestic violence to fight for justice. They are also engaged in other gender-related issues.

Phone Number: 08050314317


5. Rayuwa Sexual Assault Referral Centre.

This is one of the most popular sexual assault referral centers in North-central Nigeria. Located in a city that has witnessed a wide range of sexual abuses and other related crimes. The Rayuwa Sexual Assault Referral Centre is doing exceptionally well in protecting the right of women and children.

Address: Behind Police Clinic, Minna, Niger State.

6. BAOBAB for Women’s Human Rights.

The BAOBAB Women’s Human Rights is a popular women and children advocacy group located in Nigeria’s center of commerce, Lagos. You can contact them to report issues that pertain to domestic violence, gender-based assaults, and other gender-related issues.

Address: Agbonyi Road, Lagoon Estate, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone: +2348023330981; 014747931; 018980834.


7. Centre for the Protection of the Abused (CEPA).

The Centre for the Protection of the Abused (CEPA) is a gender-based Non-Governmental Organization with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. The NGO is engaged in gender-based advocacy as well as the fight against gender-based violence.

Address: Flat 1, 6 Kunmi Adebiyi Close, Okota, Lagos.

Phone: 08039570653

8. Project Alert on Violence Against Women.

The Project Alert on Violence Against Women is a project aimed at reporting and escalating justice delivery through strong legal representations in matters that concern violence against women in Nigeria.

Address: 21 Akinsanya Street, Off Isheri Road, Ojodu-Berger, Lagos.

Phone number: 08180091072


9. Women Empowerment and Legal Aid (WELA).

Women Empowerment And Legal Aid, is an organization based in Nigeria, it aims to break down barriers that hinder gender equality and to put an end to the abuse and violence against women and girls in Nigeria. Since 2009, the organization has provided legal aid, training and advocacy to end discrimination against women and promote their empowerment. The organization is a strong advocate of women’s rights in Nigeria.


10. Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF).

With an objective to create awareness and tackle the high rate of sexual violence towards women and young girls in Nigeria, the Women At Risk International Foundation (WARIF) has taken various steps to achieve its goals.

Based in Nigeria, the foundation established the WARIF Center in Lagos as a free service facility that provides guidance and care for the survivors of sexual violence to help them overcome the trauma of their experiences. The organization recently launched the “GateKeepers Initiative” in partnership with the Aspire Coronation Trust Foundation, a corporate philanthropy affiliated with Access Bank. As part of the initiative, about 500 traditional birth attendants were trained on how to give support to survivors of gender-based violence.


Several individuals and organizations are sacrificing their time and resources to see that victims of domestic violence are supported and taken away from their abusers. While there are hundreds of other foundations that are also doing well in this issue, the 10 NGOs listed above have distinguished themselves. Kindly reach out to them and get help for you and someone who needs help too.

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