How to Handle Non-Handy Husband for Healthy Relationship

Having a healthy relationship is paramount to everyone. When your relationship is healthy, there will be peace on every side. There is a void between a handy and non-handy husband as perceived by most people.

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 The school of thought that some husbands are not handy could be totally wrong. There is no husband that is not handy in some way.
Though there are specific things a man does at home that make him seen as a handy man. Things like fixing the sink, treat a burn, split firewood, change a diaper, sharpen a knife, unclog a toilet, iron clothes / laundry for the family, do the dishes sometimes, change your cars oil, shovel snow, give a good massage, calm a crying baby, know how to use the hammer properly and so on.

Please note that not all men / husbands are born to be handy around the house. Some men don’t have the creativity power for DIY. Having a non - handy husband could be misleading. Probably you have not taking time out to see some other things he does around the house that are helpful in some way.

Here are the ways to handle a non-handy husband for healthy relationship

1- Be Patient

Peradventure you have been through this with your husband time after time and he doesn’t seem to be willing to do anything about been handy, you could lose patient. But the best will be for you to be patient with him if you truly deserve a healthy relationship. Like earlier said, not every man is born to be handy. Some people feel it is time consuming and don’t have any fun fixing things themselves at home. Though this might not be true but use it as excuse to hide their inability to be creative.

2- Don’t Disrespect

Men love their Ego. You disrespect a man, you kill his ego. Accept who your husband is and love him that way. When you disrespect your husband because he is not handy could lead to several other problems in the relationship and I know you wouldn’t want that. For instance, you call a professional to help fix some things around the house does not mean you should disrespect your husband by getting too friendly with the handy man by paying more attention to him than your husband. This kind of attitude could lead to relationship anxiety or even depression by allowing so many imaginations run through his mind.

3- Don’t Tease Him

Teasing your husband time after time is okay but not when he fail to complete a task. This will make him withdraw and probably make him feel less of a man.

4- Improvise

Improvising is a good idea if you can. Let your husband know about the problem first and ask if he could help. If not go ahead and improvise if you can. This might stir him up to fix what needs to be fixed. Some husbands can fix just anything but all they need is just a push. Their push could be you improvising and fixing the problem maybe temporary and they will want to fix it properly.

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5- Timing

Many husbands want to do it themselves but the right time has always been the problem. Imagine your husband works about 58 - 80 hours a week. Then he might have challenge with time to give to fixing things around the house and this will lead us to the next point.

6- Learn to do it yourself

Your husband might not just have the time to fix things in the house. Will you let everything keep deteriorating?
Learn to do what so ever you can in fixing the little things you can in the house. This could also save up some money for the family. Learning has been made easy. There are tons of online DIY videos that will put you through almost anything step after step. This will also make him want to create time to fix things around the house and be a father figure to the kids.

7- Stir up his Creativity

Some men / husbands not been handy could as well be traced to laziness on their part and their inability to be creative. They really want to fix things around the house but are either lazy about it or they are not creative. Whichever is the case, you could stir him up in several ways. You could promise him you will do this or that for him if he fixes this.
It could be a good massage or preferred dinner and ensure to keep to your promise.

8- Suggest a Do It Yourself Class or Books

If he shows interest in been handy when he observed points number (4) and (6), then the time is right to suggest a do it yourself class or books for two. But my most preferred will be Do it yourself class for two. This will make him have firsthand teaching / training on DIY tips starting with the best little ones. This will also give room for more interactions (questions and answers). The bond between you two will get stronger thereby leading to a more healthy relationship through togetherness.

Being handy is cool and I will advise everyone both male and female do something about it so you could save up some money for the raining day and enjoy a healthy relationship.

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