The Red Flags To Look Out For In Your Relationship

The first phase of dating could be fun filled, thrilling, invigorating, and mind blowing. At the same time, it could be terrifying if you are not mindful of the very little things that matters the most.

The red flags of dating

These little things are red flags or warning signs of imminent hazard in your relationship. You might want to consider looking elsewhere if these flags are choking every single breath out of you.

The red flags are listed below

1. They are insolent

This is the biggest dating red flag of all time. If your date is insolent to people around you like the ushers, servers, maids and so on for no just course is a clear indicator they will treat you that way soon. Your date cannot keep the smiles all through because it is not true. The smiles for you are just to impress you and will drop it soon since it is not a true smile. This also shows how he/she treats people generally. This attitude could also point to a proud person, who feels others are second to them. Also take note of their comments about others.

2. Financial recklessness

You notice they spend without control, buy things they will never need leaving the important things for you alone. Or they want to keep their money and expect you to do all the buying. They could be so reckless financially that they expect you to always pay their debt without considering you have your own expenses. If your significant other does not value money the way you do could be detrimental and too much of money consciousness on both side is bad too. 

3. They always test your limits

As relationships have boundaries or limits, so also individuals in the relationship. We have boundaries for various things as they relate to us. Love should not mean being uncomfortable and doing things you don’t feel or want to do. Yes: compromises are inevitable in relationships but not when it is always over the board.
When your partner is found of convincing you to do things you are not ready for or interested in yet is a red flag you want to consider especially if it is always for their own gain. It could also popup when they are asked to stop but keep going or demanding. One of the prominent methods used in testing our limits is disapprovals and sometimes silence so you could agree with what they want. This is also one of the methods defiant children use against their parents.
4. Narcissistic behavior
Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a psychological feeling of too much self-worth. Narcissists lack empathy for others, they have hidden low self-esteem and yet have need for admiration. All they care for is themselves. You might not notice this at first because they also know how to play into people accepting them before showing what they truly represent.
Here are quick ways to know a narcissist when you see one
Very charming: A narcissist will shower you with attention and make you feel incredibly special like Jose Mourinho. They will keep tabs on you like there is no tomorrow without you at the early stage of your relationship. They want to be your all in all.
Obsessed with power: They can go all out to get power without considering your feelings or if the power will affect their relationship and when they eventually acquire the power and status, they will sound it repeatedly how important they are.
They chose their partner like prey: Seduction is one of the great virtues of a narcissist. They have strong chemistry with the women they target. You might feel they are the one for you but keep your eyes wide open until you have no more doubt.
5. They are disrespectful

Playful insult and not frequent please could be fun but watch it when it becomes too regular playfully or not. Disrespect could come in different forms and for different purposes. It is possible your significant other want to use it to break your self-esteem and gain upper hand. This method is also used by partners who are jealous of their other half. Disrespect could lead to a toxic relationship if not promptly checked.
Disrespect could also be communicated via body language so don’t just listen to what someone is saying, but how they say it and their body moves.

6. Parental control

Your parents will always be your parents. Their unending love for their children is so real. But in relationship, you must set up boundaries for them else they will keep dictating what happens in your relationship. If your other half cannot set up important boundaries for his / her parents could be a serious red flag you don’t want to joke with. This does not mean you should cut your parents off your life, but they should give you and your relationship some space so you could have a healthy relationship.

7. Technology gap
This may sound funny but it is so true. In a relationship with someone who is technologically way backward could be a red flag. He / she have not heard or used any of the various messaging apps could have negative effect on your relationship. Yes you could teach them but how long will it take them to get use to chatting online? Moreover this is totally based on their willingness to learn. So you might want to watch it if you have someone who does not have interest in getting acquainted with the basic technology gadgets around.
8. Liars
Lying is deceptive. It is manipulative, it is tricking someone to believe in what is not true either about yourself or about an event. This leads to mistrust in relationship.
9. They don’t care about your interests

Relationship is partnership. You should know each other’s likes and dislikes, but that can’t happen if your partner only talks, thinks, and cares about themselves. They don’t care about their partners career, so much they careless about anything other than themselves.

However, red flags are there to caution you. They help you shape your relationship at the early stage so you don’t make costly mistake. The red flag noticed might not really be red or might realize they have so many good qualities that make up for their flaws. Red flags could also be product of nervousness or circumstance so you could give your partner a chance to relax and get comfortable being themselves around you.

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