12 Male Insecurities That Women Don’t Realize

You are strongly advised to consider the feelings of your guy first when next you want to tease him about his pot belly, his eye or his baby face. Women are often unaware of men’s insecurities because of what has been planted in their minds “Man up”.

male insecurities and how to deal with it

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Men bottle up their feelings because they feel it is a man’s world, real men don’t cry. Men cry secretly and this shouldn’t the case. You should express your feelings anytime. Unfortunately, men keep their insecurities to themselves.

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Guys will hardly ever admit to suffering from body image issues. They won’t disclose their anxiety when first having sex with a new partner. They’re not usually in the habit of wanting to talk about it, but you never know when you might be hurting your guy when you bring up these issues especially when you ignorantly compare his performance with that of an exe.

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In spite of the fact that men hardly talk about what makes them feel insecure about themselves, most of them truly wish women would be a bit more thoughtful of their issues.

Here are some of the insecurities guys deal with that girls often don’t realize.

1. Finances/investments.

Most of the guys can be really insecure when it comes to their finances and how much money they make. Men are traditionally assumed to be the sole provider for the family. Even though this is an old-fashioned macho mentality, men still feel the pressure to measure up to other men financially and some women don’t help matters, rather they increase the pressure on men.

Some guys believe that girls will stick with someone who is more financially secure, and thus worry about losing their girlfriend to someone who makes more money than they do.

2. His car.

With reference to #1, guys take pride in their cars because it feels like an extension of themselves. His type or class of car is someway a definition of his finances. If a guy drives a noisy old car, he may be exceptionally insecure of what other guys and girls think of him. Having a nice car, even if it is not the recent model of the car is often part of the package of a confident guy. From history, it is told that a guys ego gets some boost if he has a mob. Mob is slang used to describe a car in some part of the world. The stronger your car, the more the mob resounds.

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3. His living condition.

It is a known fact that women generally have a preference for men who have their own place. But if he still lives at home with his parents and has no responsibilities inside the house, chances are, and he’ll feel insecure to an extent. A guy will usually aspire to live on his own and will feel incredibly insecure if his living situation ruins his image.

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4. His job/career.

It’s a known fact that some guys pride themselves on the level they are in their job or career. Guys who are still at minimum wage jobs are constantly insecure of how they measure up in society, whereas guys in higher positions in their careers feel a sense of pride, accomplishment, and self-confidence.

5. Body image.

Why do you think so many guys are at the gym, vigorously working on their arms and abs? Guys have struggles with their body image the same way that girls do. A guy might worry about being too skinny or question if a girl will be turned off by his pot belly.

Guys can also be insecure about their height, especially if they are shorter or significantly taller than the one they are dating.

6. Face and hairy body.

So many guys go through similar hair removal efforts as women do in order to minimize their body hair and feel more attractive. Other guys are obsessed with their lack of ability to grow full facial hair and are therefore insecure that they look young or less “manly.”

Other guys shave regularly to avoid looking unkempt because they are too hairy.

The hair on a man’s head is another cause for insecurity. Is he’s bald? He might hide behind hats or even shave it off completely in order to avoid being ridiculed.

7. His hands and feet.

Guys can be super insecure if they have feminine-looking or small hands because it can seem less macho and masculine to a girl. Some even feel like they’ll be judged for having delicate hands because it makes them look like they don’t know how to work with their hands. Having small feet is another sensitive subject for guys because of the myth that small feet equate to having a small package.

8. Their natural scent.

Ever wonder why some guys seem drenched in perfume when you first meet them? It’s because secretly, they wonder if you’ll like their natural scent. Guys can actually be insecure about whether or not they smell good on their own or if their natural scent can be off-putting to women.

9. Sense of style and clothing.

Women aren’t the only ones who obsess over their sense of fashion, especially when trying to attract the opposite sex.

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A lot of guys wonder what others think of their personal style and clothing choices. Men are also guilty of trying on a few different outfits before settling for a style that they feel comfortable with.

10. His teeth and smile.

Guys can be insecure about their smile and their teeth just as much as women do. Whether they have super small nice teeth, gaps or crooked teeth which might interpret they look unattractive or having poor hygiene.

11. How he measures down there.

When it comes to a guy’s pleasure pistol, he will wonder incessantly about how he measures up to other guys his age. Guys will compare their member to other guys in order to feel like they aren’t abnormal or lacking in some way.

Guys can be insecure about whether or not the way their penis looks and is shaped makes it any less normal. They will obsess about the length, girth, color, or texture of their penis, how their balls look and whether or not they should trim or shave their hair down there.

12. Sexual performance.

All guys want to believe that they are the best you’ve ever had in bed. However, unless they’re incredibly conceited, they will generally feel insecure about one thing or another when it comes to having sex for the first time.

He’s wondering what you’re thinking when he takes off his shirt and how you think he looks while he’s getting into it. Guys can be incredibly self-conscious of how they sweat during sex, how fast or slow they orgasm, in addition to the noises and facial expressions they make.

He will also be insecure about whether or not you’re faking your orgasm, and so comes the epic question that almost every guy asks after sex, “was it good for you?”

Women are often all too quick to forget that guys need approval and security the same way that girls do. If you’re in a relationship, remember to go easy on your man, now that you know he’s also facing a war against his own insecurities, compliment him and make sure he knows exactly what you like about him. It doesn’t hurt to tell him when he’s doing a good job in bed either. When he feels secure and confident, you’ll definitely have a happy man on your hands.

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