11 Ways To Understanding Your Man Better

Men are the simplest specie ever. They’re the easiest to handle in all humanity. No man is actually difficult to manage.  Ignorance is what makes men look difficult. Men actually don’t have stony hearts.


Generally, if you desire men to fall in love with you over and over again, including your fiancé/husband and want them to treat you like the greatest treasure on earth, you must understand what makes a MAN a MAN, it is important to know how to click and when to click the right/green buttons so you could to enjoy a sweet and peaceful relationship with him.

Here is how to understanding your man

1. Men are deeply moved by what they see.
It's really astonishing so many ladies are overwhelmingly ignorant of this natural fact. It has nothing to do with your religious belief or height attained in life. A man is a man. I don’t support men becoming unfaithful in their relationships. But if you don't want that guy to have sex with you, then COVER UP whenever you are with him.


In marriage, you must make deliberate effort to make your husband chase you around for sex. Some wives are really funny, just one look at them, all the sexual desire their husband has flies right through the window – like steam fizzling. They have stinking mouth, bushy armpit, tattered underwear, ragged pant, smelling wrapper, un-kept hair, un-kept nails, dirty room/house, etc.

Yet the man is surrounded by tantalizing, sweet smelling, well dressed, well organized, head swooning babes at work.

You must keep packaging and re-packaging for your man. Go get those transparent bra that pushes the central focus forward – you know what I mean.., get those jaw dropping lingerie – his color is preferred, sex triggering perfumes – his type too and blow his imagination off as often as you can by putting on those suggestive wears and making those moves as you move around the house. (Strictly for the married) – wink!!

2. Men want peace in their relationships.
Nagging, criticizing, shouting, yelling, abusing and cursing can destabilize a man for a whole year. It can make him forget he has a serious relationship or even married. You should minimize it as much as possible in fact, you need to stop habit.


Some men hate coming home early because the troublesome wife will nag life out of them till late in the night! Once he wakes up, she repeats the cycle till he leaves home like a Tv series. Most men in such relationship usually end up cheating on their significant other and if they don’t want to do that, they go get themselves second wife.

Men run towards women who give them peace not shatter them to pieces. They’ve got enough stress from work already. From nasty bosses, etc. what he deeply crave is peace in the house and not another troubler of Israel.

Troublesome partner is one of the reasons men have side-chics because they are pampered by them.

3. Men love to be pampered just like you.
With reference to #2, men love to be pampered just the way you love it. Men are actually big babies and nothing is going to change that. Not even their ego, age or life attainment. Though men are made to believe they shouldn’t show their emotions “man up” - WRONG.


If you want to enjoy your man, just let him express his emotions and spoil him a little. Moreover he’s your man.

Note: as he expresses his emotions, be kind enough to reciprocate it. Tell those good things about how much you love and adore him. Tell him how much you missed him, etc.

4. Men have first love they are passionate about. Unfortunately, it’s his work and not you.
Don’t get me wrong, it simply mean he has to succeed at his job/work. Not making progress in life is like being helpless. You must understand this and give him space and support to succeed. This requires time, efforts, focus, and sleepless nights.

To demand your significant other spend all his waking hours watching romantic movie with you or staring at your beautiful face all day is to turn him to a perpetual failure. Idle ladies who have nothing sensible doing with their lives except disturb their fiancé at work per minute, per second to fill their empty life are a big turn off.

5. Men love to be praised/adored.


If you are a man-praise, you’ve hit jackpot. You’ll never lack a man's love all your life. Your significant other will so be pamper, love and cherish you.

Note: I've never met a man who does not respond to praise - GIVE IT A TRY.

Stingy, selfish, bitter women who see nothing good in their men don’t enjoy their relationships. Praise your partner silly!

Appreciate his little efforts in your life. Look out for his good qualities and point at them genuinely while singing his song in his ears daily.

Men deserve praises from their partner and they sure enjoy listening to it.

6. Men sure have ego.
Women wonder what the relationship between men and ego. Most don’t realize that they (women) have ego too. Men actually need their ego to be the head of his home and succeed at it.

There’s a clear difference between ego and pride. One is a healthy one while the other is not. A man with healthy ego will listen to you but firmly and lovingly let you know his final decision after all you’ve said. His final decision might include what you’ve told me. But a man with pride (unhealthy ego) won't listen to you at all. He’ll snob you and treat you like stinking trash.

A man with a healthy ego is not a dummy please. Some women expect their significant other to take all their advice and follow all their instruction. It’s really not possible for your man to take all your advice and follow through. Except he really need your help 100%. That means he is probably in a very tight corner, physically or emotionally down and can’t help it. He can't take everything. He will take the ones that makes sense and put aside the ones that will probably land you in some serious trouble.

Note: He is the head. You can't force your ideas on him, you can only advice, and the final decision lies in his hand – though you can help come to conclusion or decision making but don’t force your ideas on him else he might seek advice ease where when next he needs one.

7. Support your man.
Men want women who can support them whenever they need help. That is why lots of men are having affairs with colleagues at work or random people who are eager to help when he needs it most because they value him more than you do. While you left him to handle his problems all by himself, why then is he in a relationship with you? What is your role in his life?


Sometimes, women are at the receiving end too when their man don’t give them support.

8. Men like food – quality food – treat him like a king.


Except he likes it concoction rice with grinded pepper or fresh sliced one, onions, palm oil and magi, is an insult to him. Watery stew that drops to his elbow while eating is like hand grenade thrown at him. Egusi/melon soup that looks as if garri (cassava flour) is sprinkled over a pot of boiling water is a big slap on his face.

Note: Maximize what you have and treat him like a king. He’s actually the king while you’re the queen.

9. Respect your man.


Have you noticed that some ladies who shout at their fiancé, order him around like a maid and disgrace him in public because she has a Masters degree in International Relation will stay a long time as single before she eventually finds an old man to marry or she decides to marry just anyone available?

You must be humble if you want to be under any man's roof – it’s a standard. Respect is the food of every man and respect to a man means you love him.

Learn to respect your man, honour him. Saying "yes sir", “yes my lord”, “yes prince”, “yes your majesty”, etc, when appropriate will not make you less of a woman.

Learn how to talk to a man. Some women don't know how to talk to their man. They send them on errand and talk to them rudely in public places – wrong. Never correct him in public, don't send him on errand in front of his friends, stop making jest of him in front of the children, it's terribly bad.

You can ask for his help by sending him on errand at home. But in public, let him volunteer to go rather send him like he is your maid. Except situation warrants it.

10. Submit to him.
With reference to #9, Sarah, the Bible character did not allow her exceptional beauty make her proud with wings everywhere. Instead, she was a very submissive, respectful wife who called her husband "Lord."

11. Men go through seasons and phases.
Sure we all go through seasons and phases as we journey in life. There’s the season of little, the season of managing and the season of abundance. No man wants a gold digger who runs away when he has challenges/nothing only to show up like mobile network signal when he has made it and has millions flowing in his account.

Dear, men are really not difficult at all. They only need your attention, care, support, understanding and some respect for their ego so that they’ll be proud of you and treat you the best way possible.

Men tend to listen to any woman that can give him the above and at same time, love and value such woman.

These and more are what makes a man tick, thrive and enjoy the woman he has vowed to spend the rest of his life with. Can you be that kind of woman?

Do you have what it takes to make your significant other happy and fulfilled? Think about it dear.


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