Sweet Words To Tell Your Man Over Text

To successfully deal with your boyfriend for a smooth relationship, you need confidence and you’ll have to be the master of appropriate body language signs. You have to master body languages and know the one easily understood by your partner. Don’t feel embarrassed if they don’t get your message and ask if you need anything.


A woman who is brave enough to express herself with sexy words can provoke romantic feelings in a man’s heart like lightning.

Adorable words will make your man want to explore more of you and he will open up to you in greater ways better imagined. He will be delighted if you are open to him. It is something that boosts his confidence, gives him a sense of belonging, and definitely builds TRUST.

Note that proper communication builds trust. Trust doesn’t develop from the blue.

Whisper those romantic words and watch as magic takes its course. Men love to hear you say and read those romantic words from your heart. You can say these cute and sweet things to your boyfriend whether you are having dinner with him or over text. You can be assured that you will make him blush with excitement. You will make him feel more loved, respected, cared for and really appreciated.

He will also get more energy to continue doing the good things he has been doing for you if you keep reminding him how much you love and adore him via words of affirmation and texting. Try these phrases and you will be on your way to adding more romance to your affair.

Don’t expect your partner to know you value them if you don’t express it some way and its either over words/voice or text.

1. Let him know what you are wearing.
Men are visual being. His imaginations will run wild like a beast if you describe how you’re dressed, where you are, and what you’re up to. Start by asking him what he is up to so he can ask you same question.

Make him go crazy by telling him that you just arrived home, feeling hot and you’re about to take a cold shower. Describe every cloth you are wearing as you take them off and tell him you wish he was there with you – It’s like volcanic eruption only him can feel.

2. Tell him romantic things you want to do to him.
This is a surefire way to arouse your significant other. He can’t help but imagine the actions you describe. He won’t stop thinking about you till you show up. Start with something like: “I want to see you today, give you a warm welcome hug, give you a quality homemade meal and lead you to the other room. “ OR “I wish you were here with me. I would …………” (Include something dirty). Men love been naughty – wink!!

3. Some of the dirty and naughty things men love to hear include the following; you can try any and see his eye glow…

Though the list of sweet things you can say to your boyfriend is endless. This is just to help you express how you actually feel. If you can’t explain or tell your boyfriend how you actually feel, or don’t know those flirty words to use over phone/texts, our tips will really help you.

Here are some sexy messages to test your man in your life:

A. I have been daydreaming about you the whole day.
B. You look wow today.
C. I could invite you at my place but I’m afraid my hands will trouble you.
D. My friends get annoyed because I talk too much about you.

E. I want to feel your body on me.
F. Good morning! I’m staying topless the entire day.

G. I can’t wait to see the magic you’ll perform tonight for me.
H. I feel aroused every time you walk into the room.
I. My lips, my hands, my hips, your body,… it’s a date night.
J. You are my favorite thing in this world.
K. It feels so hot watching you sleep.
L. Quit imagining me nak**.
M. I like your body.
N. I get hot just thinking about you.
O. I love it when you get angry – some people really do love it. It’s wired right?
P. I feel weak at my knees every time we make eye contact.
Q. I wish you hold me a little long.
R. My body shivers when you play with my hair.
S. It feels like electric shock when you eat me out.
T. I feel like a baby when you cuddle.
U. You hand is the softest ever.
V. I love your smell.
W. I can’t forget how you sniff my body.
X. I melt inside when you run your tongue on my body.
Y. I feel like holding you all day.
Z. Your touch is so sweet. I’d like to lick you like lollipop.

Here are more sexy messages for your man:

- I have no words to portray what I feel when you dominate me – you can give him a little snapshot of what is coming.

- You can try some verbal foreplay by describing the sexy moves you have in store for him. Make the texts as intimate and hot as possible.

- Don’t forget to tell him what turns you on and how you would want him to touch you. That is if you are planning to make out.

A simple way to dirty talk when hooking up is to direct him what to do to you. Be aggressive and confident and you will surely make him desire you. Show him that you can take charge of things.

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